Designing, Planning, & Managing for Success

At CDMG, we recognize that the success of construction projects is dependent on good engineering and design principles, thorough planning and scheduling, and effective teamwork among all project participants. Our team excels in all of these areas, using a precise understanding of the project’s unique requirements and the customer’s needs to deliver fit-for-purpose designs and personalized service.

When it comes to project communications, CDMG provides regular, detailed reporting to ensure your project is running smoothly. By ensuring all project stakeholders are involved in the conversation at every level, we promote collaboration, proactive problem-solving, and successful results. Our high volume of repeat business speaks to the relationships we are able to build with our clients and the level of trust they have in us.

Safe Job Sites, Quality Results

CDMG values the safety of our customers’ job sites and the people working on them. Our safety emphasis is matched only by our dedication to quality at every stage, and both concepts are at the forefront of our approach to designing, planning, scheduling, and managing each project. Aligned with our commitment, we provide all new employees with a one-hour safety orientation upon hiring, and many of our employees have OSHA 10-hour training, with key members having the OSHA 30-hour training. Additionally, on-site staff conduct pre-job planning to review any site-specific safety concerns prior to commencing work.