Advantages Of The Design-Build Method

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In our previous article, we discussed what the design-build method is. In this article, we will discuss what the advantages are of using the design-build method.

The design-build method is a project delivery system that houses planning, design, and construction under a single contract.

This methodology is about partnering with the right construction team, from start to finish, to complete a project successfully and provide the highest satisfaction to the project owner.

The design-build process has an obvious, undeniable advantage compared to using the traditional delivery method.

The traditional delivery methods have a construction manager with no contractual relationship between the design team and the builder.

Today design-build construction accounts for over 40% of all non-residential construction, and there's a good reason for that.

In the article below, we will discuss the advantages of the design-build method.

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Design-Bid-Build vs. Design-Build

The design-bid-build approach is much more complicated than design-build project delivery.

With design-bid-build, the client has to work with two separate contracts, one for design and one for construction.

This can create problems throughout the entire construction process because there isn't a single source of accountability.

That's the fundamental difference between design-bid-build and design-build.

When problems arise, the architect and contractor could end up blaming one another rather than working together to find a solution.

With the design-build approach, everyone is on the same team with the same responsibility if a problem arises.   


What Are The Characteristics Of Design-Build

The design-build approach has three distinct characteristics.

They are:

  • Instant communication: Efficient communication speeds the construction process, which improves your project timeline.

  • Business without boundaries: With design-build, no physical or geographical boundaries can get in the way of your timeline.

  • Customized products: Design-build gives you the ability to produce products that are custom and not prototypical replications.

Design-Build teams are made up of people who have worked together before.

This means they know each other's strengths and weaknesses and can use that knowledge to make the process more streamlined and successful.  


Teamwork Is Key For The Design-Build Method

The first significant advantage of design-build is teamwork.

The design-build team and the owner work together toward the same goal.

That goal is to complete a successful project that meets or exceeds the owner's expectations.

The team of designers is established at the beginning of the design process.

When a project encounters challenges, the design-build team is solely accountable.

So when challenges occur with design, budget, or construction issues, everyone works together to find solutions.


Single Source Of Accountability

The design-build approach provides a single source for the entire project.

With the design-bid-build method, the owner must choose an architect/designer, finalize the design, bid the project, select a contractor, and act as an intermediary.  

That's a lot of moving parts.

The design-build method simplifies everything under one contract and fosters teamwork, and encourages cooperation.  

Relationships built during the design phase ensure the stage is set for faster project delivery and a successful construction project.


Continuity In Workflow

Since the same people are involved in the project from start to finish, the process has increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Tasks and construction schedules are planned more effectively since the contractor knows the skill level of his construction professionals.

Workers who already know each other can work together harmoniously, adding to productivity in the workplace.


Reduced Project Costs

The unified approach with design and construction that comes with the design-build method can save the project owner a lot of money in the long run.

The design-build team has a strong incentive to reduce the number of design changes during the project.

Disputes over additional design features can be avoided, and there shouldn't be any delays due to lack of communication or misunderstandings.

The owner can also save by ordering materials early.


Custom Projects

Design-Build offers a customizable approach to construction.

Project owners work closely with design and construction teams to produce custom constructions.

Industries that require highly customized structures are much better off using the design-build method. 

Take a hospital, for example.

Hospitals need specific layouts that can accommodate all of the functions the building will serve.

And one hospital will have different needs than the next.

A design-build company can create a tailored strategy to help each staff maximize efficiency much better than the traditional method.



Working with a design-build firm with an established in-house team and design-build partners allows your design-builder to think like a designer and a builder.

A qualified design-builder brings a wealth of construction experience to building projects.

They understand how early design decisions can impact the budget or construction schedule.

They are also experts in general construction and building systems with strong partnerships with reliable and pre-qualified subcontractors.


Faster Project Completion

Design-Build projects can be completed in a shorter amount of time for several reasons, including:

  • Bid time is reduced
  • Scheduling for the project can begin before the design is finalized
  • Potential construction problems are uncovered early
  • Enhanced communication keeps everything moving


Internal Conflict Resolution

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is personality differences between designers and contractors, designers and sub-consultants, or contractors and subcontractors.

When you use the design-build delivery method, conflict resolution is the sole responsibility of the design-build entity.

Issues that arise are resolved in-house, and the customer receives the best work the entity can give, drama-free.


Use The Design-Build Method With CDMG

Using the design-build method isn't enough. You also need to work with a skilled design-build company.

When you choose CDMG as your design-build partner, you'll enjoy a more efficient project with lower costs, faster delivery, and less overall risk.

Whatever the required approach, CDMG is adept at managing the project in coordination with its contractor partners, improving the constructability and operability of the facility in the earliest stages of the design process.

Contact CDMG today for more information about our capabilities and discuss your upcoming project with one of our design-build experts.


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