How to Ensure Quality While Building Commercial Construction Projects

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 25, 2019 12:22:48 PM

Quality Assurance for Commercial Construction Buildings

Constructing a new commercial metal building for your business is a significant investment.

We understand the concerns you may have about taking on a project of this magnitude, but we want to ease your mind by providing ways in which we ensure quality while building commercial construction projects.

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The Secrets Behind Construction Company Prices and Why You Don't Need a Middleman

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 25, 2019 12:21:27 PM

Insight on Construction Company Costs and Why a Middleman Isn't Necessary

Construction company prices can vary depending on who you know, but this doesn’t mean you need to work with a middleman on your metal building project.

The only thing a middleman does is charge a markup to make a profit off of you.

Why go to a firm that doesn’t do any of the work themselves? With a little time, effort, and research you can do all of the work of a middleman on your own.

While we understand you can’t engineer, manufacture, and construct your new metal building all by yourself, you can find a company that does all three of these jobs for you, eliminating the need for a middleman for your construction project.

This will ultimately reduce the total overall cost you end up paying for your new construction project.

Save yourself the money and find your own reputable company to take on the job for your next metal building kit project.

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5 Must-Have Features for Your Airplane Hangar Design

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 25, 2019 10:57:45 AM

5 Features to Include in Your Airplane Hangar 

Whether you operate a crop duster, glider, helicopter, biplane or military aircraft, your airplane hangar can be much more than a storage space.

Some airplane owners transform their hangar into the ultimate hangout space for entertaining friends while admiring their aircraft.

Other pilots take advantage of working-from-hangar and incorporate a fully functional office space into their aircraft storage.

Others go all out and incorporate hangar and house designs into one and live full-time with their planes. 

As a pilot, you’ll want to make sure adequate space is set aside for the actual needs of your plane and aircraft maintenance, but the extra square footage doesn’t need to be wasted.

To keep your aircraft out of the elements and create a unique entertainment space on your property, consider incorporating these must-have design features to your hangar.

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Are Steel Buildings Helping the Recreational Industry Grow?

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 25, 2019 10:38:08 AM

How Metal Buildings Encourage Recreational Activity

What do commercial steel buildings and recreation have in common?

More than you think!

Both of these industries are expanding in the United States, and in many ways, they are benefiting from one another in their rising popularity.

Keep reading to learn how these sectors merge to encourage business growth and healthy habits.

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Why Using Cheap Steel (Chinese Steel) May Be Unsafe for Your Metal Building Project

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 25, 2019 10:20:54 AM

Chinese Steel is Unsafe and Should Not Be Used for Your Metal Building

Chinese-made steel is a massive problem in the steel industry because people are unaware of the quality of the steel they are purchasing.

Many individuals and businesses do not realize that Chinese steel firms are buying and partnering with American companies behind the scenes.

In fact, according to CNN Money, in 2015 alone 10,258 L-series visas were issued to Chinese workers, and that number is undoubtedly much higher now.

Chinese steel companies are sending workers to America and moving their production to the states.

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Feasibility Studies for Construction Projects

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 25, 2019 10:18:22 AM

Introduction to Feasibility Studies for Construction Projects

To determine if your preliminary plans can be constructed according to your specifications, your project may require a feasibility study, also known as a feasibility analysis or viability study.

Feasibility studies are preliminary studies that are undertaken in the earliest stages of a project to address and clear up doubts and address difficulties related to the proposed plans.

A well-designed and well-planned project feasibility study should determine:

  1. Whether or not the project is viable
  2. What site remediations need to be made in order to complete the project
  3. If another location would be better suited
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What is Building Information Modeling (BIM) and How Does it Work?

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 25, 2019 10:14:36 AM

What is BIM or Building Information Modeling?

BIM, or Building Information Modeling, is a three-dimensional software used by professional engineers to virtually map out your new metal building before construction begins.

This technology is now capable of transforming the way buildings and infrastructures are engineered and constructed.

Professional architects and engineers now have the tools necessary to more efficiently plan, design, and manage the construction of a building from the initial stages of conception.

From conceptualization to completion, this design software delivers new forms of freedom in the possibilities that were not previously imaginable.

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How Steel Buildings are Leading the Way in Green Construction

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 25, 2019 10:11:08 AM

How Metal Buildings are Environmentally-Friendly

There are many ways in which metal buildings are sustainable and the most environmentally-friendly.

The construction industry is moving in the direction of sustainability.

These sustainability efforts are now being implemented at every stage of the design and building process, from fabrication to construction, pre-engineered metal buildings are truly leading the way in “green” endeavors.

Keep reading below to learn all of the ways in which a pre-engineered metal building is the best choice for you if you are looking for the ultimate “green” structure for your next building project.

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Commercial Building Design Tips

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 25, 2019 10:07:36 AM

Helpful Advice for Designing a Commercial Building

Are you constructing your first commercial building?

There is a multitude of options out there when it comes to building material, size, and structure. How do you know what design option is best for a commercial building?

Weighing your options and picking the right design for you can be a challenge, so we have compiled a list of design tips to consider before officially deciding what type of building will be best for your new project.

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Best Foundation for My Metal Building

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 25, 2019 10:03:03 AM

Best-suited Foundation for your Pre-Engineered Steel Building

A high-quality foundation is crucial for any building.

The foundation receives very little attention compared to a building’s architecture, interior design, and facade, but without a firm foundation, these elements wouldn’t exist.

A well-designed foundation will secure a building’s longevity and functionality. Flooding, leaks, tilting walls, and shifting floors are all detrimental issues that originate from foundation issues.

No matter how beautifully designed a structure is, if it is secured to a failing foundation it won’t last long.

To protect your building from rapid deterioration, owners must consider the soil quality, building load, wind uplift, and frost lines.

It is particularly important that metal buildings are secured to a strong foundation because of their risk of wind uplift.

The type of foundation used for a metal building will influence the rest of the building design and construction, so it is vital for owners to research and plan the foundation well ahead of time.

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