How Steel Buildings are Leading the Way in Green Construction

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How Metal Buildings are Environmentally-Friendly

There are many ways in which metal buildings are sustainable and the most environmentally friendly.

The construction industry is moving in the direction of sustainability.

These sustainability efforts are now being implemented at every stage of the design and building process, from fabrication to construction, pre-engineered metal buildings are truly leading the way in “green” endeavors.

Keep reading below to learn all of the ways in which a pre-engineered metal building is the best choice for you if you are looking for the ultimate “green” structure for your next building project.

The Ultimate Green Material

Most metal buildings are constructed of steel, which happens to be one of the most “green” materials available.

From conception to erection throughout its entire life cycle, metal buildings prove time and time again why they are leading the industry in sustainability.

Engineers, designers, and contractors alike are working together to create buildings that are more environmentally friendly, economical, and sustainable throughout their lifespan.

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This is not only a fundamental part of well-designed buildings in today’s world, but building owners are now expecting this level of quality and savings in their new “green” structures.

There are two ways in which a building can be considered “green.

The first is how the materials help with operating costs, and the second is how the materials used reduced environmental impact.

It is one of the only building materials that can be repeatedly recycled when at the end of its use and not lose any of its strength.

This helps protect the environment because recycling steel reduces the need to leave more waste in a landfill and decreases the need to mine for metal.

However, it is essential to note that not all “steel” is created equal. Foreign-made steel, often from China, is made cheaply and lacks the same quality as American-made steel. 

Using this type of steel is extremely dangerous due to its threat of collapse.

And while it may be cheaper upfront, it is not quality, nor is it made to be environmentally friendly.

Green Construction | Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings Reduce Energy Usage and Costs

Metal buildings are constructed using steel framing. This type of building frame is easy to insulate and can be easily modified to withstand temperature changes.

Additionally, metal roofing, when compared to a traditional dark-colored roof, remains cooler and reduces the “heat island effect” surrounding the building.

This means your building will remain substantially cooler in the summer months, reducing cooling efforts.

These two facts alone will save owners tremendously on energy and lower utility costs across the board.

Metal buildings with sloped roofs can also support solar panels.

While this requires an initial investment, it will provide a source of renewable energy that the building owner will be able to capitalize on throughout the lifespan of the building.

The metal roofs on these types of buildings can also contribute to reducing site impacts by recycling rainwater.

Rainwater can easily be collected and used for landscaping and plumbing water, saving water and reducing money spent on water bills.

Metal Building Construction Has A Smaller Carbon Footprint

Also, because most steel buildings are pre-engineered, it is proven that this type of construction is much faster than other types of traditional building projects.

When you reduce the time spent on the construction phase costs are also cut down.

Owners will save money on paying construction workers, project managers, and renting expensive equipment.

Not to mention, business and production will be back up and running faster, decreasing downtime and allowing money to start being made more rapidly.

Lastly, when the construction phase of the project is accelerated, it provides the opportunity for equipment running times to be reduced, which lowers fuel costs and produces a smaller carbon footprint.

Are Steel Buildings Eco-friendly?

Metal Buildings are Durable and Last a Lifetime

The durability of metal buildings saves people money on building upkeep and repairs.

Every time a natural disaster strikes, fierce winds, or heavy rains and flooding, you don’t have to worry about constantly rebuilding your metal structure. It is more impervious to damage than any other type of building material, especially wood.

Wood not only kills trees, but it is susceptible to damage from weather, terminates, mold and mildew, and rot from old age. ‘

Other vulnerable materials can not only be costly in the long run, but year after year throwing out old material and buying new is the opposite of sustainability.

What are the Benefits of Using Sustainable Steel?

When you choose an engineering and construction firm, it is essential to know exactly where they source their steel from.

Be sure it is a reputable company and not cheap foreign steel.

A great example of a quality steelmaker is Nucor.

Nucor Building Systems is truly raising the bar in sustainability and recycling. When it comes to being environmentally-friendly, they are leading the industry.

As North America’s largest recycler, most of their steel is recycled.

Despite this fact, you can rest assured that the steel does not lack strength or durability.

It has also been proven to last a lifetime without the need for much upkeep or repair.

One great example of Nucor’s dedication to sustainability efforts is their production of 72.6% recycled steel. That’s right, for the entire year of 2017, over 70% of the steel they produced was made from recycled material.

Additionally, they are committed to developing new technologies that reduce emissions and increase overall energy efficiency.

Nucor has also found ways to recycle more water and use 100% recycled processed water.

Why Choose CDMG to Build Your New “Green” Building?

CDMG works hard to be sustainable.

Working with Nucor, CDMG prides itself on having the best materials, engineers, and builders, providing their clients with the highest quality full-service experience available.

We take sustainability very seriously and try to implement green processes every step of the way.

To learn more about CDMG and how our engineers can help you design a high-quality and sustainable metal building, click on the button below now!

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