What Are Industrial Metal Buildings Used For?

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An industrial steel building is engineered for safety and endurance so it can accommodate the heavy industrial businesses that need a durable and economical solution for their business.

One of the benefits of metal buildings is the higher level of strength and stability they can provide.

There are many uses that a prefabricated steel structure can offer, such as superior design flexibility and improved functionality.

You can construct energy-efficient, maintenance-free, and environmentally friendly industrial buildings with steel.

In the article below, we will discuss a few of the uses of industrial metal buildings.

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What Is an Industrial Building?

Industrial buildings are quickly becoming one of the more popular choices for a number of businesses like the automotive industry.

Industrial buildings are used for factories or larger structures like a manufacturing plant used for automobile manufacturing or storing raw materials, goods, or services for economic purposes.

The rise of industrial metal buildings started in the United States back in 1790 when Samuel Slater opened the first American textile mill.

This is often considered the start of the American Industrial Revolution.

Today, industrial buildings have completely transformed the American way of life.

Below are just a few of the industrial businesses that use these buildings.


What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Prefab Buildings?

There are a number of benefits when it comes to industrial metal building kits.

If you're looking for a brand-new building, you can select the building features that you specifically need for your business.  This means it will meet the industry-specific building code and will be designed to give you the most efficient operation possible. 

Your metal structure will also provide a benefit in the construction process.  Since metal buildings are prefabricated, the pieces will arrive at your site ready to be installed.  This is a benefit over traditional building materials where the pieces arrive separately, and there is usually some work that has to be done, like cutting to length that doesn't make it an efficient construction process.

Not to mention that it leads to a lot of waste, whereas steel is environmentally friendly and can be recycled.  The construction processes for an industrial metal building produce less waste, and any waste that may arise can be recycled. 


Lower construction costs

Another benefit of metal buildings is that they often have a lower building cost than lumber or concrete.  Your prefab steel building package will usually be starting with a lower cost than traditional building materials.

Additionally, with an efficient construction process, you can help minimize labor costs and shorten the construction timeline for your business.  

Whether you need an industrial metal building kit for community centers, a 60-foot long building with ample storage space for your warehouse, or if it's for a manufacturing facility, it's easy to see why steel buildings are the best choice for you. 

Let's take a look at some of the industries that get the biggest steel building benefits. 



Steel Manufacturing Facility

Industrial steel frame buildings are one of the best choices for a manufacturing facility.

A prefabricated building can easily support conveyors, catwalks, and bay openings and use special coatings on steel mainframes if handling corrosive components.

There are many benefits of steel buildings for manufacturing operations because they can have heights of 50′ and above and clearspan widths up to 200′, so they provide an open floor plan that allows for an optimal workflow that can keep your business running. 


Service Industry

Metal industrial buildings are low maintenance, open concept, and easy to customize.

That means they are ideal in any number of service industry applications.

They make great agricultural buildings and are ideal for cold storage warehouses, distribution centers, service garages, auto detailing, towing companies, and storage and shipping companies.

Almost any industrial service can benefit from the durability of a pre-engineered steel building that can stand up to harsh weather conditions.

These metal building systems are durable, and with customization options, your metal building package can be designed to match exactly what your business needs. 



Warehouse Buildings & Crane Buildings

You can design and fabricate steel structures with 150 tons or more crane capacities and various crane systems that will function concurrently without jeopardizing building stability.

Whether it is a bridge, monorail, gantry crane, or jib, your steel structure will be able to integrate each component. 

You can customize your structure to hold the rails, crane, and the maximum weight of its load capacity.


Industrial Utility Buildings

Utility buildings often call for specific functions or needs like insulated panels, fire-rated walls, or noise and sound control.

Metal industrial structures are perfect for wastewater treatment facilities, electrical control rooms, guardhouses, generator buildings, pump stations, well covers, pump shelters, and utility buildings.


Recreational Facilities 

Metal buildings offer large, indoor spaces with minimal obstruction, perfect for recreational facilities.

Steel industrial buildings for rec centers are easy to configure with environmental control, making them ideal for facilities like skating rinks and swimming pools.

Their customization allows them to serve as paintball arenas, sporting arenas/courts, gyms, bowling alleys, and rock climbing facilities, to name a few. And thanks to their ability to offer clear span options, the building footprint can easily accommodate these types of businesses. 


Commercial Storage

Metal buildings are great for commercial storage because they have a lot of usable space and are durable and easily customized.

You can add any number of garage-style doors for large equipment, and you won't have to worry about damage to the structure.

Your floor plan can be a totally open concept, or you can opt for a modular plan with minimal effort.

This makes metal buildings ideal for commercial storage units, equipment storage, and warehouses.

They can even be used as aircraft hangers, terminals, or boat and RV storage. 


Choose Metal For Your Next Industrial Construction Project

As you can see, there are a variety of uses for industrial metal buildings.

If you are planning a construction project, especially a new building, you should consider using metal to construct it.

Your industrial building will be stronger, cheaper, more versatile, and the most eco-friendly option available.

With metal, you can build exactly what you want, much quicker and much cheaper than if you were to use traditional building materials.

To get started on your industrial metal building project, contact the team at CDMG by clicking the button below.


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