Why Choose CDMG For Your Metal Building Kit?

Posted by Ben Sparhawk on Oct 8, 2021 12:13:32 PM

If you're considering starting a new construction project, hopefully, you've decided to build with steel.

There are many advantages of building with steel building kits.

Whether you're in the market for an aircraft hangar, warehouse, recreational building, storage sheds, using a pre-engineered metal building kit is an excellent investment.

The first step in a full-scale manufacturing building project is finding the right metal building erection company.

Finding the steel building erector company for your project is an important decision and shouldn't be made lightly. There are a lot of benefits to consider when you're using a metal building kit.

Fortunately, CDMG is an excellent choice for your next building project.

As a leading metal building kit supplier, we have the experience and knowledge to design and supply pre-engineered metal building kits that are the ideal solution for your business.

In the article below, we will discover why CDMG is an excellent choice for your prefab metal building supplier.

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Why Choose Prefab Metal Building Kits?

There are two main reasons to use metal building kits; cost and flexibility.

Pre-engineered metal buildings are designed and manufactured off-site in a climate-controlled factory.

Once manufactured, they are sent to the construction site ready for assembly by your steel building erector.

While the building is being manufactured, you can complete construction preparation, like demolition, foundation arrangement, utility work, and pavement work.

This streamlines the process for your pre-engineered building and minimizes delays.

Shortened construction timelines translate into decreased labor costs and allow for a much faster turnaround on their investment.

This type of construction also allows for maximum flexibility.

There are many ways to use the clearspan space allowed by a metal building.

Prefab steel buildings don't rely on support beams or columns like traditional construction, so you can integrate large open spans into the space to accommodate the needs of any business or industry.

There are plenty of turnkey solutions to choose from, but you can fully customize any design to meet the demands of your business.

A high-quality metal structure can serve countless industries, from warehouses to churches.

In addition to their versatility and efficiency, pre-engineered buildings are well-insulated and watertight, making them ideal for just about any type of structure.


CDMG For Your Prefabricated Steel Building Project

A metal building or facility is an investment in your business.

That's why it's essential to do your research and understand what kind of building material you need and which company you can trust with the project.

If your business needs a custom metal building that can be erected fast, efficiently, and completely customizable, CDMG is the company for you.

CDMG is a subsidiary of the STEVENS family, one of the largest private construction firms in the industry.

Combined, we have the expertise, experienced contractors, workforce, and resources to design your project, handle project management, and construct your project.

At CDMG, we believe that our clients deserve pre-engineered steel buildings built to last with only the best, high-quality, and American-made metal.

You need to work with a steel building supplier that uses various state-of-the-art software materials and technology to construct commercial buildings in an efficient and timely manner.


Why CDMG Metal Building Systems Process Is Best

So, what makes CDMG's process the best in the metal building industry?

First and foremost, it's cost-effective.

CDMG uses BIM software to simplify the construction process and decrease construction time.

CDMG also has a working partnership with Nucor Building Systems.

Being an authorized Nucor building partner allows them to cut out the middle man and reduce costs.

CDMG also constructs aesthetically pleasing and durable designs. 

Your steel building doesn't have to look like a horse barn.

Our steel buildings are durable and can withstand torrential downpours, high winds, and sheets of snow, and many natural disasters.

BIM software makes pre-engineered metal building kits much easier to erect compared to conventional materials, allowing for quick and efficient construction.

There is a significant emphasis on green construction these days, and when you build with our metal building kits, 90% of the material is recycled steel.

CDMG's steel structures are also energy efficient and quickly adapt to different energy-efficient insulation systems, reducing cooling and heating costs.

Our steel building kits are also incredibly versatile, so you can get the exact building you need for your business.

And if your business grows, your building can grow with it because it is simple to remove end pieces and expand.


BIM Technology and CDMG

BIM, or Building Information Modeling, is 3D modeling digital software CDMG utilizes to design and customize their advanced metal building kits.

Our metal building experts use BIM design technology to build a virtual model of what your metal building will look like once it is finished.

This ensures that we are providing you with the optimal solution.

Using this design process, you can rest assured knowing your steel building kit will meet all industry codes building codes.

Your building will be designed to maximize the space and functionality your business needs.

BIM can also identify potential hazards in the building's design structure to prevent problems before the construction phase, minimizing costly downtime.

Start Your Pre-Engineered Metal Building Project With CDMG

If you're ready to build a prefabricated metal building, there's no better time to start than now.

CDMG, along with their parent company STEVENS, supplies pre-engineered steel buildings to clients in various industries throughout the United States.

They also engineer and install a wide range of commercial and industrial building applications. 

CDMG offers the full spectrum from pre-engineered and hybrid to fully custom-designed buildings.

CDMG is your best source for high-quality, cost-effective building kits tailored to your unique needs.

To get started on your metal building kit with CDMG, click below.


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