Why Use CDMG Steel Buildings For Your Athletic Complex Needs.

When you partner with CDMG for the construction of your Athletic Complex building, you are never alone on your project.

Stumbling and missing deadlines during the construction phase on your Fitness Complex could be detrimental. Every day deadlines are pushed back is another day of labor wages and another day further from collected profit from the complex.

CDMG's Experienced Contractors work quickly and always use your timeframe, budget, and desires as the main factors that push the project forward.

The result for every CDMG Metal Building is a high-quality, durable metal facility that will be cost-effective and fully customized the exact size and dimensions you envisioned when you imagined the best Athletic Complex you could construct.

The durability and low maintenance of CDMG's metal buildings promote exceptional and longlasting value with minimal wear and tear.

Our repertoire includes all types of facilities, such as metal shops, caster buildings, industrial offices, warehouses, compressor stations, canopies, crane buildings, process enclosures, and many others.

CDMG is dedicated to being the ultimate supply, engineering, and construction partner.

There are two main routes you can take when you partner with CDMG on your Athletic Complex.

1. CDMG can simply provide the excellent, Pre-Fabricated Metal Building and your team of project managers and construct it.

2. CDMG offers a full-service for those that prefer. CDMG is subsidiary under STEVENS. Combined, we will provide project management, engineering, and installation. We highly recommend this full encapsulation of CDMG's services.

In addition to these benefits, CDMG's full-service also includes:

Professional Services:

  • Construction management
  • Procurement and Expediting
  • Scheduling
  • Commissioning, start-up, and operator training
  • Design/Build Capabilities with Stevens

Engineering Services:

  • Process Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Site Development and Facility Planning
  • Handling of Materials
  • Machine Design
  • Automation and Control Systems

CDMG is efficient at meeting all local codes and the requirements of MBMA and IAS. 

While other companies may offer you one or two standard options for your athletic complex, CDMG can fully customize our Metal Buildings to fit exactly the type of athletic facility you need. From fields to courts, to ranges, and weight-centers, CDMG will meet the dimensions necessary.

If you envision it, CDMG will turn it into a reality.

Why Does a Metal Building Work For Me?

Athletic Center Metal Building Construction

We understand you must consider all options for your fitness and athletics building. 

Each and every building is a significant investment.

Let's discuss the benefits of a Metal Building from CDMG.

  1. Sustainability: Our metal buildings require less maintenance and energy consumption, which, in turn, increases overall longevity.
  2. Significant Durability: From football, to CrossFit, to basketball, to Olympic training, sports and fitness don't wait on the weather. Having a building that can withstand mother nature is critical. 
  3. Less Repair work: In comparison to other conventional building materials, metal structures require fewer repairs.
  4. Multiple Uses: With a wide, open spacious metal frame, there is more space so you can transform the interior of your Athletic Complex to whatever use you need.
  5. Speed and Cost-Effectiveness: Without taking a hit in the quality category, a metal building will be constructed quickly and save you money at the same time.

What is BIM?

How exciting would it be to tour your Athletic Complex before a single construction process has taken place?

With the assistance of Building Information Modeling (BIM), this is entirely possible. CDMG's uses this 3D digital modeling tool to provide our experienced contractors, engineers, Nucor builders, and architects a massive edge over our competitors.

The software can efficiently design, detail, manufacture, and construct steel buildings. The metal building data is generated and collected during the life cycle of the Athletic Complex project.

The Building Information Model Software takes the following into consideration:

  1. Geographic Info
  2. General Geometry
  3. Spatial relationships
  4. Properties and quantities of building components to develop an accurate conceptual model of your athletic complex

The replication of your Metal Fitness Center that the BIM provides is critical to every project manager's peace of mind.

Why is this the case?

Essentially, the BIM is able to detect any potential conflicts and clashes that your building may have during the design phase.

Whether these conflicts be architectural or structural, the BIM will be able to avoid these catastrophes and save you significant time and money.

This ingenuity and accuracy lead to increased productivity, reduced construction time, and a powerful working model for fabrication.

Finally, each customer of CDMG is provided a free digital copy of their completed Athletic Complex project model, which is useful for future operation and maintenance purposes.

About Nucor

As a Nucor Authorized Builder, CDMG utilizes the Nucor FOCUS for every project. That acronym stands for Fits, On-time delivery, Competitive pricing, Unbeatable services, Solutions that work.

Nucor Authorized Metal Builder for Athletic Facilities

Nucor Building Systems has been a leader in manufacturing American Made pre-engineered steel buildings for nearly 30 years.

Based on integrity and open communication, Nucor has three core commitments when it comes to sustainability:

  1. People: More than 25,000 dedicated Nucor teammates are dedicated to providing the most reliable service.
  2. Places: Our standards for using recycled materials in our metal buildings are environmentally aware and second to none.
  3. Partnerships: Our ultimate goal is to continue to grow long-term and successful partnerships with our customers.

We work with the steel industry and our valued customers as a team to drive innovation into our Athletic Complexes. With CDMG and Nucor, you can be an environmental leader in the Athletic Industry and feel proud about your designs and construction on a global level.

We make steel from recycled scrap on a much larger scale than has ever been attempted before.

Contact Your Athletic Complex Metal Building Partner Today

CDMG strives to provide you with an exceptional Pre-Fabricated Metal Athletic Complex for all your fitness needs.

The benefits of choosing CDMG to construct your Sports Facility Metal Building include:

  • Contractors with years of experience
  • Decreased cost for a durable steel building
  • BIM 3D Software advantages
  • A full-service company that includes project design, management, and construction

Our team will carefully assess your athletic complex goals and desires and turn them into a reality.

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