Avoid These 7 Mistakes When Constructing Your Metal Building

Posted by CDMG Team on Aug 21, 2020 5:15:39 PM

Prefab metal buildings are becoming increasingly popular largely due to their durability, and longevity.

Most garages are now constructed using prefab metal buildings and an increasing number of workshops and commercial constructions are made with metal buildings.

The versatility and customization options of metal building kits are two other factors that attract people to them.

Businesses are finding that steel buildings are giving them the space they need to develop their business as well as the opportunity for growth into the future at a reduced cost.

Often times when having to add on to a traditional timber structure, the cost and maintenance can hold a business back from expanding. With prefab metal building kits that you've helped customize, the ability to add on can be worked into the original design so that when it's time to expand it can be done easily.

One thing everyone in the metal building industry agrees on is that steel buildings are best constructed by experts of the trade.

It's not just about welding one metal piece to another or cutting away sections of the sheet to create openings for doors and windows. Putting together metal building kits requires skill and expertise.

There are many mistakes that should be avoided during the construction of a metal building.

Below we'll go over 7 mistakes to avoid in constructing metal building kits.


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1. Get Prior Approval

Steel building kits should never be constructed before you obtain a building permit.

You have to know all current local building codes before getting started on your steel building.

If you build without a permit, and your metal building violates local regulations, zoning, or easements, it could cost you thousands of dollars in fines.

You could also be forced to take the metal building down.

You will also need to know and mark the locations of any buried utilities. Digging without knowing where they are located could result in injury and damage that could shut down your steel building project.

You'll need to contact your local building department before you order your metal building.

They will be able to give you complete information on all of the local codes you'll need to comply with.


Make sure you understand all of your financing options before you decide on one

2. Understand Your Financing Options

There are plenty of ways to finance your metal building, but most people are unaware of all of them.

If you only need to finance the building, you might be able to finance through the metal building manufacturer.

Research various interest rate options to determine whether a credit card, a new line of credit, or direct manufacturer financing is the smartest long-term option for you and your custom metal building.

If you are buying the land and purchasing the steel building, do your homework ahead of time as lot and construction loans can be more complicated.


3. Make Sure You Build The Right Steel Building

Another mistake steel builders often make is designing and constructing the wrong metal building. It's not a matter of just getting the size right. You need to make sure that your prefab metal building is designed properly for your business.

If you're building a workshop, make sure you know the features of a workshop. Likewise, if it's a storage garage, or housing a pump building it needs to be designed for that specific purpose.

When you're designing your custom metal building you want to take into account not only what your current business needs are, but what they will be in the next 3, 5, or 10 years. The benefit of metal building kits is their versatility. The custom metal buildings designed by CDMG can help you take your business to the next level.

There are a few questions you should ask yourself before you start the metal building design and construction process:

  • What will the metal building contain? A workshop? A storage garage? Will it be used in the making or manufacturing of food, and needs to be compliant with the FDA regulations?
  • How big does it need to be?
  • How many doors and windows does it need?
  • How many stories are needed?
  • Does it need insulation?

These questions are important and will help you design the right metal building for your business.

Check out our article, 5 of The Most Popular Steel Buildings, as it can help you decide which metal building is right for you. 


4. Hire The Same Company To Do The Entire Job

When you try to get several different companies to handle different parts of the metal building construction it can lead to trouble.

Those companies can even subcontract out parts of their job, bringing in even more people who aren't familiar with the overall goal/plan/vision of your steel building.

This often plays out with the location of the anchor bolts. Your concrete guy says they're in the right position, but the plans say otherwise.

When you use multiple companies, you are sometimes left paying even more people to come to fix the mistakes that were made.

Find a company that can do every part of the job. With one company designing the metal building, delivering, and constructing it, you will have a better overall experience.


5. Adhere To All Instructions And Safety Measures

This is an issue found commonly among the do-it-yourself crowd.

Enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers sometimes tend to jump into a project too quickly. They are confident, sometimes overly, about their ability to just figure it out as they go. With a custom metal building kit, they feel that it's something they should be able to handle.

However, the mistakes that can be made by a lack of care and planning can be dangerous.

Read the directions carefully. Do your research, and talk to someone who has erected a steel building before.

Pay extra close attention to all the safety procedures in the manual. Cutting corners or "good enough" doesn't work when erecting your steel building kit. This could lead to serious issues in the future if your building isn't done correctly.

Everyone on the job site should wear hard hats and all the other recommended safety gear.

Following instructions and adhering to safety procedures will protect both the builder and the metal building.


6. Choose The Best Building Site

The long-term viability and functionality of your new custom metal building kit is largely dependant on the building site.

If your building is under constant stress from prevailing winds or other harsh elements, maintaining interior comfort, reasonable utility costs, and preventing extreme wear and tear can be challenging.

If you struggle with water drainage, your steel building could suffer severe problems with the foundation or moisture down the road.

Put your building on a site that makes sense for year-round comfort, energy efficiency, and minimal wear and tear.

Your architect or design team can help you pick out an optimal location for your metal building.


When planning your metal building, make sure you budget for everything

7. Budget For Everything

Steel buildings typically come with windows, doors, skylights, etc.

A common mistake builders make is forgetting about the costs of these additional parts when drawing up the budget.

When it's all said and done, you have a budget that you think will cover everything, but could end up being several hundred or thousands of dollars short of what you need.

If you don't pick up on these oversights and fix it early on in the project, you can easily end up recording double transportation expenses.


Take Your Time And Do The Job Right With CDMG

It's possible to complete some metal building projects by yourself.

However, you should be relatively experienced in construction and you should be sure to avoid all of the mistakes talked about above.

To ensure you get the job done right and avoid these seven mistakes, you should hire a reputable company to do the project for you.

The team at CDMG has decades of experience in the metal building industry, and they can help you choose and construct the custom metal building kit that is right for you.



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