Can My Metal Building Have Utilities?

Posted by CDMG Team on Mar 2, 2021 11:38:48 AM

If you've been looking into purchasing a custom metal building, you likely know about many of their benefits.


You know, among other things, that prefab metal buildings are customizable, durable, and eco-friendly. Metal buildings are also easy to expand with you as your business grows. 


Some people, though, aren't aware of all of the benefits that come with a metal building kit, and when thinking about metal buildings, they still picture an old horse barn.


One of the first questions people who aren't aware of the benefits of metal buildings ask is if they can have utilities in their metal building?


The answer to that question is a resounding yes!


In the article below, we will talk about utilities for your commercial metal building, as well as a few other helpful tips.



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Can Your Metal Building Have Utilities?

Running a power line and plumbing to your new metal building is a great way to make it more useful as metal garages, storage buildings, agricultural buildings, or a manufacturing facility. 

People who use their metal buildings as recreational facilities, office buildings, aviation hangers, churches, and the like all need to have utilities in their custom steel buildings.


If you need utilities in your metal building, plan to run the underground utility connections before pouring a concrete foundation or having the metal building assembled. 


Luckily underground utilities are weather resistant and don't clutter up your view.


However, these lines are much easier to install first to avoid the need to cut into the metal siding or concrete to accommodate the equipment later.


Unless you are skilled in this area yourself, make sure you have an electrician or plumber visit the site before the installation if you need electricity or water for your metal building. 


Again, it is best to have all electrical lines or pipes installed before pouring the foundation. This is one reason why it is important to use a Metal Building Systems Company like CDMG.  Their metal building contractors will make sure these steps are taken care of before construction begins. 



Always have your site prepared for your metal building

Quick Tips To Prepare Your Metal Building Site

Aside from getting your steel building site ready for utilities, there are a few other things you should do before your metal building is shipped to you.


You want to be sure your building site is 100% ready to go before your metal building arrives ready for construction.


Here are a few key things you should do to prepare your site.




Select a Site

The first thing you need to do before even considering a metal building is to select your build site.


When selecting your site, you should consider several aspects. One of the aspects you should consider is drainage.


You should see how water will drain from your site, ensuring that water will drain away from the steel building without any hindrance. 


Also, make sure the buildings around the site won't interfere with the drainage system.


You also need to understand how wind, rain, sun, snow, and the surroundings will affect your completed steel building.

While pouring your foundation and preparing your site, you need to be sure you don't interfere with any existing utility lines, ensuring that your metal building will be meet the building codes in that area. 

You should find out which places on the site will require permanent paving after the steel building is erected.

Once you find a site where everything will meet the building codes, and the site is planned properly, you can streamline the construction process, you're ready to move on to the next step.

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Grade the Land

After selecting the right site, you have to prepare the land to erect your steel building.


The first thing you should do is demolish any existing structure on the land and clear the site thoroughly. 


Grading and soil leveling is necessary so your steel buildings are constructed smoothly and stand tall for decades without any structural or foundational issues. 


Grade the soil before moving on to the next step because there are a lot of challenges when making sure your steel building is stable on an uneven surface.


If there are any big stones and debris on the surface, get rid of them and break them into fine soil. 


Most pre-engineered metal buildings require a deep base, but larger or more complex prefab steel building may require a more significant base.


Your pre-engineered steel building contractor will suggest the necessary base for your building.


It's a good idea to keep some of the excavated soil on-site to fill any remaining holes or help keep the ground level after the foundation work is complete.


You should smooth out the area to create a firm and level pad for the foundation because the foundation bed must be compacted before foundation work can begin.



Get Ready for Construction

Now you're almost ready for construction.


Once your foundation is in place, you're ready to prepare for the actual metal building construction process. 


Your preparations will differ based on the type of construction you have decided on for this building. 


For example, if you have decided to use a prefabricated steel building kit, you need to get the components of the steel structure ready.


If you've gone with the traditional building methods, you will have to prepare the materials now.


Your prefabricated metal building manufacturer will be able to estimate the required quantity of materials to make sure you get them on time.


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Now that you know your metal building can have utilities, you can get started on your project.

There isn't much a traditional building can do that a metal building can't.

Custom metal buildings actually do more.

Steel buildings are less expensive and the most durable building material.

They are highly customizable, eco-friendly, and extremely hazard resistant.

Your quality metal building will be useful for decades and allow your business to grow and expand as needed.

Even if your steel building needs to be taken down for whatever reason, the steel will be recycled and used in a new project.

Talk to our experts today to get your affordable metal building and benefit from all the advantages that a pre-engineered metal building offers you.

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