The Difference In Prefabricated Metal Buildings For Residential and Industrial Buildings

Posted by CDMG Team on Feb 16, 2021 10:12:52 AM

A pre-engineered metal building is a structure built using a structural steel framing system engineered to fit your project requirements.

The predetermined components of the structure are manufactured off-site in a factory.

Components are pre-cut, pre-punched, and prefabricated per your design specifications.

When the building is finished, it is delivered directly to the project site, where they may be assembled by a qualified metal building company like CDMG.

Prefabricated metal buildings are a cost-effective, more durable alternative to the more expensive and less durable traditional building methods.

You also aren't giving up any style, comfort, or safety.

The days when steel structures were ugly and reminded you of a horse barn are long gone.

Prefab metal buildings made with steel are both elegant and durable. 

From industrial facilities and warehouses to restaurants, medical offices, and residences, custom metal buildings are a proven solution for various projects, and the metal building will have utilities that can support a number of different businesses. 

Residential and industrial prefabricated steel buildings are remarkably low maintenance, and you'll spend less time and money owning your new structure and more time doing business or making memories.

In the article below, we will take a look at pre-engineered steel buildings for residential and commercial use.

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prefab metal building kits can be used for residential buildings

Why Use Metal Buildings For Residential Homes?

There are several building styles available for a homemade with a pre-engineered metal building.

Unlike traditional stick-built construction or pole barn homes, steel buildings don't have nearly the design restrictions.

Clear-span construction with steel eliminates the need for interior load-bearing walls.

This results in a truly open interior space for you to customize and finish based on your needs and desires.

Steel buildings are also very energy efficient, and steel is the most recycled building material on the planet, so you are not harming the environment when you build your home.

And since no one loves maintaining their homes, a residential steel building is virtually maintenance-free.

You don't have to worry about pests or the elements damaging your home, and it will be more likely to stand firm during a natural disaster.

The cost of a steel home will vary depending on several factors, but your home's long-term costs will be much lower when you build with steel.


Why Use CDMG Pre-engineered Metal Buildings For Your Industrial Building?

Pre-engineered metal buildings really shine in the commercial and industrial sectors.

The long lifespan and the virtually maintenance-free aspects of pre-engineered manufactured buildings make them an ideal choice for your industrial or commercial buildings.

CDMG can design your building using the latest in BIM 3D technology.

This gives you the most efficient use of every square inch of your building.

It also allows your building's design to be adapted to support your unique requirements while still delivering a practical, cost-effective building solution.

Design elements like cranes and door systems, mezzanines, skylights, and maintenance and office spaces can be easily incorporated into industrial steel structures.

Your metal building can be designed to just about any desired dimension, allowing you to have an optimal design solution.

CDMG can produce a wide range of structural systems, and they are all available in standard or long-span options.

Also, custom-engineered metal buildings can be designed for the exact location where it will be installed.

That means site-specific factors, like snow, wind, natural disasters, and seismic activity will be taken into account during the design phase for your building.

Choose CDMG for your industrial pre-engineered metal building

Why Choose CDMG for Industrial Building Construction? 

At CDMG, we have extensive experience with prefabricated metal building design, project management, construction management, and more.

We have built many different types of pre-engineered metal buildings, and no matter what specifications you need, CDMG is your complete supply, engineering, and construction partner.

If you choose CDMG for your industrial facility you’ll be teaming up with experience, commitment, and quality in total metal building planning and management.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Stevens company, one of the largest privately-held construction firms in the construction industry, we have the resources to take on your project.

To find out how CDMG can help with your next industrial pre-engineered metal building project, click the button below.


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