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Posted by CDMG Team on Oct 5, 2020 12:38:50 PM

CDMG Building Systems was featured in the Metal Construction News article, Lean-To Installation

metal buildings are an economical choice for a lean-to

A lean-to is formed by "leaning" the rafters against the structure's wall to create the roof. Typically, lean-to's are open, but it is not always the case. They can be enclosed to provide additional indoor space for your business. 

"The most economical solution for adding a lean-to structure is to utilize a metal building system that can provide clear span properties at approximately one half the weight of a conventionally designed structure," says Thomas M. Corry, division manager, CDMG Building Systems, Canonsburg, Pa. "[It] will provide the serviceability of a conventionally designed steel structure. Lean-to structures have a single-slope roof sloping away from a higher structure, but in certain instances, lean-to structures can be constructed with gable roofs depending on the process-use requirements for which the lean-to is being constructed."

One of the benefits to a metal lean-to is that the initial portion of the installation process is very similar to installing a metal building.

Corry says at the project's start, "Establish the location of the rafter tie in and drill the rafter connecting holes in the existing building column flanges. Place shim packs on the foundation under the base plates directly below where the column flanges will be. All the shim packs need to be shot to elevation so that when the columns are set, they are level and at the proper elevation. All column base plates should be Transform an open space alongside a building with metal grouted after installation to ensure that the entire column base plate is in bearing on the foundation."

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Trust CDMG's Experienced Metal Builders

A lean-to will give you more space for storage or to expand your business. CDMG Building Systems is one of the nation's foremost metal building companies. Since 1991, CDMG has delivered pre-engineered building projects on time, within budget, and to the highest quality level.

Whether you need a lean-to to add to your business's square footage or to utilize for storage or you need to expand your structure, metal buildings offer the versatility that you need.

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