Top 5 Advantages of Having A Metal Building In The Winter

Posted by Ben Sparhawk on Oct 21, 2020 3:23:18 PM

If you live in a cold climate, you know all too well the challenges that come when wintertime rolls around.

The cold season can make even the most mundane difficult. Walking outside can be painful.

The harsh winter elements can damage your property and belongings if you don't take the proper precautions.

Your cars can get buried under feet of snow, and the BBQ grill you used just a few months ago will become unrecognizable under a pile of snow.

And if you own a business, you have to take care of your business assets in the winter as well.

Prefabricated steel buildings are a great way to combat the harsh realities that the winter months can bring.

Whether you are thinking of expanding your current location or moving your business to a new location, building with metal will help safeguard your assets and your business from the bitter cold. It's one of the reasons that metal buildings make good investments.

And steel structures are beneficial no matter what time of year it is.

In the article below, we will look at the five benefits of having a steel building in the winter.

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1. Pest Proof

With traditional wooden structures, you have to worry about attracting termites and carpenter ants to feed on your structure.

And in the winter, several animals, like rodents and birds, will look for a warm spot to stay.

As a result, the birds and rodents can cause a great deal of damage to your building in the winter weather.

Fortunately, when you build with steel, you don't have to worry about unwanted pests taking up residence in your building.

Metal buildings are resistant to pests, no matter what season it is.

That means you can rest easy knowing that your building and its contents are safe from pests seeking to escape the cold.

2. Easy Relocation

Prefabricated metal buildings are one of the few types of structures that is can be moved.

If you've finally grown tired of the cold and you want to move somewhere where the sun shines all year, no problem.

Your steel structure can be moved and protect all of your valuables in your new location as well.

Pre-engineered metal buildings are made of components that are attached to the installation site with fasteners.

These fasteners can be easily removed and reinstalled at your new site, wherever that may be.

That means no matter where you choose to live, you only have to invest in a metal building one time.


Metal buildings will save you money on heating

3. Save Money On Heating

If you build using traditional wooden materials, you will likely have higher power bills during the harsh weather.

But if you choose to build with steel, you won't have to worry about power bills that will break the bank.

Metal buildings won't allow heat exchange with the outside climate.

Due to less heat transfer, you will need less energy to heat the inside of your metal building, leading to lower energy bills.

And metal roofs keep buildings cool during the summer, but they can also keep your building warm during the winter.

By forming a barrier between the outside air and your building, metal roofing keeps your structure warm, and your metal roof can also reduce condensation build-up.

In addition to lower energy costs, you will also save money on maintenance.


4. Design Options

If you live in a cold climate and worry about the high costs of heating your metal building, you can also design a building that is easier to cool.

A metal building with a low ceiling will be easiest to cool.

Since heat rises, a vaulted ceiling will accumulate the warm, comfortable air, where no one can feel it.

But if you have a low ceiling, you don't have as much space that needs to be heated, thereby reducing your energy costs.

It may also be easier to heat one large area than several enclosed spaces in the same place.

But there are numerous ways to improve your energy efficiency no matter what design you use.

And with steel buildings, you have complete freedom to design the building you want, without the limitations you would have with wooden structures.


5. Superior Insulation

Insulation in your steel building will control the heat flow, prevent condensation, and control exterior noise.

In the wintertime, proper insulation controls the heat transfer rate in your metal building. It will slow the movement of heat and keep it inside your building.

Some insulation can increase light fixtures' efficiency and effectiveness, saving you more money on energy costs.

Aside from keeping your steel building warm, the vapor retarder of blanket insulation will prevent the formation of condensation.

It can also dampen the noise from the outside by absorbing the reverberations inside.

That means those winter ice storms won't be as noisy.


Let CDMG Help You With Your Metal Building Project

Just because you live in an icy winter climate doesn't mean you should compromise on your next steel building construction project.

When you build a metal structure designed by CDMG, you can get everything you want out of your building and be highly protected against the harsh winter elements.

With CDMG, you won't have to choose from a cookie-cutter design. You can get a fully customizable steel building to fit your exact needs.

The benefits we talked about above are just the benefits you will experience in the winter.

But owning a steel building will reward you all year long.

CDMG Metal Building Systems come with a long list of standard features to match what you need.

CDMG is an excellent choice for high-quality, customizable Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings at industry-low prices.

Our partnership with Nucor ensures you get a durable building that can withstand anything winter throws at it.

If you're ready to start your pre-engineered metal building construction project with CDMG, click the button below.


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