Why Are Metal Buildings Great For Airplane Hangars?

Posted by CDMG Team on Jun 23, 2021 8:59:20 AM

If your building a new aircraft hangar, building with steel is your best option.

With an expensive asset like an airplane to take care of, you need something that can be easily constructed to stand the test of time against nature and the elements.

A prefab steel building with CDMG is an excellent choice for your next aircraft hangar.

We understand that protecting your aircraft is your top priority. A prefabricated metal building offers the strength and design flexibility to ensure your aircraft's safety and proper maintenance.

A steel structure with CDMG offers clear span framing and column-free interiors to maximize your space, and metal buildings can help with reducing energy savings.

In the article below, we will discuss why metal buildings are great for airplane hangars.

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Metal Aircraft Hangars Are Customizable

Whatever you can imagine for your aircraft hangar can be designed with a prefab steel building.

When designing a steel airplane hangar, you can customize your design exactly the way you want it.

A prefab metal building kit can be designed for any aircraft, from a private jet to a crop duster, thanks in part to the wide range of door options, including bi-fold doors.

You can even incorporate living quarters in the hangar or build it as a part of another building type.

And if you have a large collection of hangars, you can look into steel building companies like CDMG who offer building kits for multi-aircraft hangars.

You can design metal aircraft storage for personal aircraft fleets, military aircraft, airport operations, farm aviation, and more.

With the customizable door options and adaptable floor plans, aircraft hangar designs can meet requirements for any building type.


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Prefabricated Metal Buildings Are Affordable

So, how much does it cost to build a metal airplane hangar?

More than any other available building materials, a metal building project is a very cost-efficient way to build.

First, when you construct your aircraft hangar or any other industrial buildings with steel, the construction is fast and easy.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are shipped with pre-drilled holes, a variety of fastenings for roof and wall panels, and clear construction plans.

If you work with the metal building manufacturer, your building will be customized to your needs, saving you even more in potential rebuilding or redesigning costs.

Metal aircraft hangars are also nearly maintenance-free.

If your hangar has proper ventilation and a fastening system, there should be no raw edges to rust, and mold shouldn’t be a problem.

You can also choose from a variety of coatings to help avoid these issues.

And since metal buildings are resistant to rust and mold, you save even more money in the long run.


Protect Against the Elements

Another reason steel is a popular choice for aircraft hangars is because it will keep your aircraft safe from the elements.

A quality metal building can meet and exceed local building codes with the strength to withstand any number of environmental challenges.

Your metal hangar will stand up against high winds, heavy rain, seismic activity, heavy snow, ice, or summertime heat waves.

If 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts tear through your area, you know the damage it can do to an exposed aircraft tethered outside. It can twist wings, struts, props, and fuselages. 

But if your aircraft is stored in a metal hangar, you know that it is safe and secure.

When you invest in strong, cost-efficient steel aircraft hangars, you don't have to worry about the weather.



Metal Buildings Are Energy Efficient

Metal building systems are very energy efficient, and many of them come with leading-edge panel coatings that are Energy Star approved.

Energy star qualified metal roofs are more reflective of the sun’s rays much better than traditional roofing.

This reduces the amount of heat transferred into your hangar, which in turn reduces the amount of energy you need to air-condition the hangar.

Energy Star qualified roofs can reduce your hangar's peak cooling demand by 10-15 percent.

Reducing your use of peak-hour energy can translate to an annual energy cost savings of up to 40%.

You're saving a lot of money and lowering your carbon footprint.


Work with CDMG on Your Steel Aircraft Hangar

CDMG can design an affordable, durable, and energy-efficient steel plane hangar that fits your needs. 

And our metal aircraft hangars and metal buildings can meet or exceed all your current local building codes for the structure's lifetime.

Your aircraft deserves the best protection available, and CDMG can provide you with the peace of mind you need when you store your aircraft.

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