Why Steel Buildings Are Safer Than You Think

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 9, 2020 11:59:18 AM
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There are many reasons why steel buildings and metal building components are becoming the number one choice for commercial construction.


They are affordable, durable, and sustainable. But, most importantly, they are incredibly safe.


Metal buildings meet the highest standards when it comes to protection from the elements, natural disasters, intruders, and pest infestations. 


Pre-engineered and professionally constructed metal buildings are designed to meet customer's personal and professional safety and environmental needs while providing flexible plans and looks.


Steel buildings do not need to look like giant boxes. 


There's a good chance you drive by structures every day that you would never guess were made of steel. 


Metal can be shaped, texturized, and colored any way you want. 


Additional coating can be added to steel to make it look like wood, concrete, brick, or any other material while maintaining its safety.


Let's take a look at why steel is the safest material for your construction project.



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Steel is a Proven Durable Material

Steel has been the preferred material for commercial buildings since the late 1800s when its durability and safety were recognized as an upgrade to cast iron. 


According to the Steel Recycling Institute, steel is the leading framing material for buildings and infrastructure in North America.


Steel nearly has a 50% market share for non-residential and multi-story residential construction.


People are starting to realize how safe steel is.


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Protection From The Elements

If you wanted a safe building, wouldn't you choose a building material so durable that municipalities around the country are using it to build storm shelters to protect their citizens? 


Steel is so durable that top aircraft industry professionals trust it to house their most valuable assets. 


That's the type of security and protection that metal buildings offer.


Metal buildings also work well to protect a building's interior contents from day-to-day combatants such as pest infestations, mold, mildew, and rot. 


Steel building components ensure that the building's interior possessions are safeguarded while exterior elements are kept where they belong.


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Fire Resistance

No building material is genuinely fireproof, meaning any building is vulnerable to a destructive blaze. 


However, steel is fire resistant. That means a fire would spread at a slower rate through a steel building than a wood building such as a pole barn, for example. 


That extra time could be the difference between life and death. 


The relationship between steel and fire has been rigorously tested for decades, and those tests ensure steel structures are designed and constructed to the strictest standards.


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Protection From Intruders

There are many reasons you may need protection from intruders.


Maybe you need to construct an industrial building in an unsafe area, or you're looking for an airplane hangar or warehouse that will be protected from break-ins.


If you have valuable property or sensitive information and you need to know your assets are housed in a highly secure building, steel is your best option. 


Metal buildings can be designed to meet exacting design and security specifications to provide maximum protection from vandals, thieves, and unwanted intruders.


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Less Maintenance

The fact that steel structures require less maintenance is usually seen as a way to save time and reduce the stress of maintaining a facility. 


But it also makes your facility safer. Every building has natural wear and tear, but a less durable material such as wood, will deteriorate at a much faster rate than steel. 


When a facility deteriorates, maintenance is less likely to keep pace, contributing to less structural integrity and increasing the chances of permanent and dangerous damage, making it unsafe.


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Protection From Wear and Tear

Steel roofing and panels are designed to withstand the daily wear and tear that can wreak havoc on traditional building materials. 


Routine maintenance expenses for re-roofing, siding repair, and exterior painting can cost building owners thousands of dollars each year.


That's without mentioning the hassle caused by unnoticed water damage or invading four, six, and eight-legged critters. 


Metal roof and side panels come with warranties of up to 40 years, which ensure that the low-maintenance structure will remain weather resistant and retain its aesthetic appeal for the next generation.


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Steel buildings can stand up to the wind

Wind Resistance

Some sports complexes constructed with exterior fabric and fabric liner have been severely damaged like the Metrodome and a Dallas Cowboys practice facility. 


If the Cowboys opted for a durable steel structure, their bubble likely wouldn't have burst. 


Durable steel structures perform well under high winds due to their ductility, which is the ability to bend without breaking.


Steel can absorb more energy than its less sturdy counterparts, so your steel facility is safe under the most extreme conditions.


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Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any material used in construction. 


That means that steel components are stronger without adding much weight. 


The versatility of steel frame structures makes construction easier and gives engineers and architects more flexibility to design a building to maximize its safety features.


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Build With Steel

Homeowners, businesses, and municipalities looking for a cost-effective way to create a custom building that is safe and will stand the test of time are finding metal buildings meet all of their needs.


From their durability to their low-maintenance construction and long-term protection from wear and tear, metal buildings are a safe construction alternative that offers unrivaled protection decade after decade.


To get started with your metal building project, contact the experts at CDMG.


Established in 1991, CDMG is one of the nation's foremost engineering companies serving industrial markets and customers.


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