What Size Metal Building Do I Need?

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 13, 2021 10:57:08 AM

Before you start thinking about what size metal building you need, there are a few things you should know about steel buildings.

First, many people think there are prescribed sizes for pre-engineered steel buildings. That's not true. Metal buildings are versatile and are ideal for medical facilities, churches, sports complexes, and warehouses, just to name a few. 

There are no standard sizes or models when it comes to metal building kits.

All steel structures are designed to your exact needs and to meet local codes.

Many people also expect to make floor plan selections like when building a house.

But that's not the way a steel building system works.

Pre-engineered metal buildings are a self-supporting structure.

You have complete interior design freedom when you build with a  pre-engineered metal building.

You design your own interior layout so you aren't stuck with a pre-conceived floor plan that doesn't fit your needs or can adapt as your business grows.

With that said, you can design a metal structure to fit the exact size and specifications you need.

In the article below, we will discuss some things to consider when deciding what size metal building you need.

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Comparing Square Footage

It's important not to think of measuring a pre-engineered metal building the same way you would a house.

Designers calculate a home’s square footage by the inside space, while steel buildings base square footage on the outside dimensions of the steel.

So if you have a steel structure with a 40-foot by 60-foot interior, the steel package will show a slightly larger square footage.


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Determining The Size You Need

To properly determine what size metal building you will need, you have to know what you will be using it for.

Do you need a storage facility, workshop, or industrial warehouse?

Do you need a small addition to an existing space, a few garages, or a large retail center?

Knowing what the building will be used for will help you design a structure with the right amount of space.

Making a list of what your building will need to do is also helpful.

Ask yourself things like, What is this building going to do for me? What needs will it meet?

This should help you determine the proper size for your requirements.

Steel Building Widths

Metal building kits are typically used for larger buildings.

But, no matter what type of building you need or what size it has to be, you can always build with steel.

Common metal building sizes are usually around 40-foot by 60-foot, depending on the application.

You can even get an unobstructed clear span width of 300 feet.

Modular frames that have limited interior supports can reach up to 480 feet in width.

Modular framing is the more economical choice for your project over clear span framing at 80-foot to 100-foot widths or more.


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Steel Building Heights

Many steel buildings are low-rise, typically one or two stories.

Think of a large fulfillment warehouse. Massive, but only one story.

The height of a steel building is measured at the top of the eave, not the ceiling's peak.

Building heights up to 40 feet are possible, and taller structures can even be customized to fit your needs.



How Long Can A Steel Building Be?

Steel buildings have unlimited length constrictions.

Whatever your land, budget, and imagination allow, steel buildings can do.

More importantly, steel buildings make future length expansion quick and inexpensive.

All you have to do is design the expansion and order more framing bays to attach to one or both ends of your building.

If you anticipate needing to expand in the future, let your manufacturer know.

Having load-bearing end walls on your original structure makes expansion simple and easy.

Our Pre-engineered Metal buildings have unlimited design possibilities


Are Metal Buildings Expandable?

Let's talk a little more about expanding metal buildings.

If you're ever in a position where business picks up, and you need more room than you had originally planned, you can easily increase your space.

It's never a bad idea to work the expansion potential into your metal building design.

Several components make up your metal building.

First is your main frame, which consists of your rafters and columns that provide your main support for all additional framing.

Next is the expandable frame.

The expandable frame supports any future expansions.

As long as everything is the same width and height, your structure will easily expand.

You need to be sure that you use these frames if you might need to expand.

If you don't plan on ever-expanding, you can use a non-expandable frame.



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No matter what size metal building you need, metal structures are easier and faster to construct than traditional structures.

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