Why Choose Metal For Your Logistics Building?

Posted by Ben Sparhawk on Jun 23, 2022 3:05:50 PM

Logistics distribution centers are different from ordinary warehouses.

Not only do they function as a warehouse, but they are also a modern logistics base or circulation facility.

Think of an Amazon distribution center.

The functions of logistic buildings include procurement, storage, circulation processing, loading and unloading, order processing, sorting, and distribution.

Building a new circulation method that combines agency, distribution, and supply chain improve circulation efficiency and provides faster and more convenient services.

Like many other industrial buildings, logistics warehouse buildings need wide-open bays with minimal sufficient column spacing for packaging.

They also need large bay doors for truck pick-ups and shipment.

These requirements make Prefabricated Metal Buildings the perfect fit for your next logistics building.


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What Are Logistics Buildings?

Logistics buildings require a wide-open area for storage, order picking, and distribution of goods.

All logistics structures tend to have a similar layout but differ in use.

Logistics properties are similar to warehouses, but they differ in size.

Warehouses tend to be less than 5,000 m2.

On the other hand, logistics properties are larger than 10,000 m2, often larger than 40,000 m2, and occasionally larger than 200,000 m2.

Logistics buildings are often divided into five types, including:

  • Distribution halls
  • Warehouses
  • Transshipment halls
  • High-rack warehouses
  • Special warehouses

This is why Industrial Metal Buildings are an excellent choice for logistic building.



Why Do Metal Buildings Work For the Logistics Industry?

Warehouse distribution & logistics buildings, like many other commercial projects, are a natural for metal building systems.

Wide-open spaces on the inside and an attractive and low-maintenance exterior are possible with a steel structure.

And it can be done at an affordable cost.

Here are just three reasons why you should choose metal for your logistics building:


Maximize Space

One of the best features of steel buildings is that they can be constructed without interior columns.

This is ideal for your logistics business because interior columns take up valuable floor space that can interfere with interior operations.

Keeping machines and laborers from maneuvering around massive interior columns can save countless hours of work and payroll.

It also is imperative in maximizing space for storage.


Strong And Durable

The superior strength and durability steel has over other building materials make it ideal for your logistics building.

Logistics warehouses often contain heavy objects or heavy machinery that, if mishandled, can cause significant structural damage.

Steel buildings can withstand this type of impact damage better than other building types.


Energy Efficient

No business owner enjoys paying energy costs.

Steel is one of the most energy-efficient options out there.

You want to make sure that the building is affordable as possible as you move into the future.

It's essential to insulate your steel building for proper temperature control.

Nothing hurts the operational efficiency and affordability of a building or business worse than high heating or cooling bills.

Fortunately, metal is reflective and can reflect heat, making buildings less warm in the hot, sunny months.

And the addition of chemicals designed to reflect infrared wavelengths, which can be added to the metal building paint, will keep your metal logistics building cool in the summer.


Contact Your Logistics Metal Building Team and Constructor Today

The CDMG metal building team is dedicated to providing project managers with an impressive pre-engineered steel building for all your logistics needs.

The benefits of choosing steel logistics building from CDMG include the following:

  • Years of experience managing, engineering, and constructing a metal building can save you time and money
  • Decreased cost for a durable steel building
  • BIM 3D Software advantages
  • A facility customized to your exact needs

Our team will carefully assess your logistics goals, such as, dock requirements and designing ease of loading and unloading trucks, and will help turn that vision into a reality.

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