Why Metal Buildings Make Good Investments

Posted by CDMG Team on Oct 26, 2020 11:12:24 AM

Whether it's a 500 square foot garage, a 200,000 square foot business complex, or anything in between, a steel building can be an excellent investment.

Metal buildings are a great option if you're looking to add to your property or build or expand your business. Metal buildings are ideal for manufacturing facilities, crane buildings, and many other businesses. 

The numerous benefits of a custom-designed metal building make it a wise investment if you are looking for a new building or adding on to your current commercial metal building.

Pre-engineered steel buildings can better serve you than traditional wooden structures.

If you've never considered using steel, we discuss several reasons why steel is a good investment in the article below.



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Metal Buildings Are Easy to Maintain 

Steel is universally considered an ageless material in many ways.

Steel can hold its looks and function over time with little maintenance. 

Unlike other traditional building materials, such as wood, steel won't rot or decay from exposure. 

So if you have a pre-engineered steel building, you won't need to replace or do any repairs after years of regular use. 

Steel structures are also resistant to mold or mildew, unlike many of its counterparts.

Metal buildings also won't attract critters like termites, so you won't have to worry about finding any surprises or a costly repair to your structure due to the damage termites can cause.

Steel can also stand strong against severe weather, reducing the potential for storm damage and repairs.



Steel is an Energy Efficient Material

Another benefit that makes metal buildings a wise investment is that steel is energy efficient in various ways.

From integrated ventilation systems to double-layered insulation, you can design a building that fits your needs aesthetically and helps you save on energy costs. 

In addition to the building itself, steel roof coatings can contain unique cooling pigments.

These pigments help reflect the sun's heat and, in turn, reduce the energy needed to run the air conditioning.  

Many metal roofing systems qualify for EnergyStar tax credits, which will increase savings on your energy and insurance bills from day one.

Steel is also 100% recyclable, making it a very green product to use.


Metal Building Kits Are Completely Customizable

Many commercial and industrial developers like the options available for metal building kits.  

Companies like CDMG offer metal building systems that include many design choices.

Doors and windows, overhead doors, skylights and wall lights, gutters and downspouts, canopies, mezzanines, insulation packages, vents, and steel exterior and interiors panels can all be customized meet your needs.

And, you don't have to worry about your metal building looking like an old horse barn.

Metal building exteriors can be finished with sturdy steel panels and brick, stucco, stone, concrete, wood, or any other standard building material.


Metal Buildings Can Accommodate a Variety of Industries

You may be surprised to discover the types of businesses that are actually pre-engineered metal buildings. 

CDMG can build restaurants, churches, schools, and industrial manufacturing facilities. 

No matter what type of business you have, CDMG can accommodate you with a steel structure that will fit your needs. 

 Pre-fabricated metal buildings can be erected in a fraction of the time it would take using other materials. 

That means you can get down to business in no time, or if you're renting the space, you can fill the occupancy quickly.

Steel Buildings Can Increase Your Property Value 

A widespread addition to any property is a detached, metal building like a steel garage. 

Many real estate investors believe that adding a two-car garage will return the investment two to two-and-a-half times.

Whether it's a one-car, two-car, RV garage, or something bigger, a garage adds value to your property by adding function to your home or business.  

Garages are a quick and cost-effective way to create room for your cars, boats, or whatever else you may need to store.  

Steel garages can also help protect what's inside from bad weather or thieves.  

Just like with any other metal building, you can complete your garage with stucco, block, or glass to complement the appearance of your home or business.

Prefab Metal Buildings Attract Tenants

An attractive metal building draws quality renters to the right location, usually at a higher return than other real estate investments.

Business owners need to house their operations in a stronger, safer, more energy-efficient structure. 

A steel building fits that bill.

Investors often find steel building tenants will sign more extended contracts than other building rentals.

The adaptability of steel buildings keeps commercial and industrial space rented and lucrative. 

Most new tenants need to make floor plan changes to fit their operation, but the open floor plans of steel buildings make remodeling simple for each new renter. 

Dividing a larger space between several tenants offers even more flexibility.



Your interior can be completely customized

Steel Buildings Provide Maximum Interior Flexibility 

Many steel buildings are erected without any load-bearing walls inside.

That means there's practically no limit to what you can do with your floor plan. 

If you need a restaurant space, you can build your dream kitchen. 

If you're opening a gym, you can design the perfect weight room. 

With steel buildings, you have the flexibility to create a floor plan that fits your needs exactly. 

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