Pre-engineered Steel Construction For Medical Buildings

When it comes to the medical industry, it is here to stay, much like steel buildings. The medical industry is constantly growing and changing.

A few things that stay the same is the need to have a clean, sanitary place to take care of patients. This can be hard in old buildings where ventilation and structure become a concern.

If you need a new medical facility or addition, then CDMG should be on the top of your list. We are the Best Steel Building Kit provider for Medical Buildings.


Our pre-engineered steel building kits are completely customizable to fit the needs of any medical facility.

Doctor offices vary based on their practice, so not every office will be the same.

Hospitals can house many different departments that each have their own unique needs.

Clinics, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes are all about taking care of patients, but how they do it and the space they need to do it is unique, which is why customized steel building kits can tackle all of the specific concerns of each,  yet still be constructed in a time-efficient manner.

Custom Designed Buildings from our Professional Engineering Services include:

  • Primary Framing: Clearspan, Single Slope, Modular, Lean-to, and Tapered Beam

  • Clear Bay Roof Joist System

  • Long Span Open Web Joists: Long span and Hardwell long span systems

  • Secondary Framing- Roof structurals

  • Wall Structurals

  • Typical Structure Details: Bracing, Fascia, and  Mezzanines

  • Eave/ Rake Extensions and Canopies

  • Insulated Metal Panels

 Nucor Authorized Metal Builder



Our engineers at CDMG take the time to get to know each client and their specific needs so they can design a building kit that will fit the clients' demands. Before the steel is made to order, our engineers, architects, and you, our new client, will review a 3D replica of your future building with Tekla BIM software.

This is one of the most advanced software systems that allow everyone on the project, including the medical business owner, to take a virtual walkthrough and clearly communicate to ensure all plans are aligned before time and money are wasted on errors that have to be corrected after money have been spent.

Having this software will save you money and keep your building on track to be completed by the given deadline. It is also a great resource that you get to keep as a digital copy that can help with any future expansions or maintenance.

This software sounds fancy, which usually means it is expensive, but in this case, it is free because CDMG is a proud partner with Nucor, the leading provider of steel building kits in the U.S.

Nucor, formally known as Nuclear Corporation of America,  is an American-owned and operated steel company that provides steel building kits to over 1000 different buyers like CDMG. They have four plants here in the U.S.; Swansea, South Carolina; Waterloo, Indiana; Terrell, Texas; and Brigham, Utah.

With over 25 years of experience manufacturing custom engineer buildings, Nucor is the largest recycler and most sustainable steelmaker in North America.

CDMG followS the Nucor FOCUS ( Fits, On-time, Competitive pricing, Unbeatable service, Solutions that work) model.

CDMG also meets local building codes as well as the requirements of MBMA and ISA.

We care about meeting deadlines and budget, all while maintaining safety for those working on the buildings.  

What Services Does CDMG Have to Offer the Medical Industry?

CDMG can do as little or as much of your project as you need us to do. We can engineer your medical facility and order the steel building kit from Nucor to be delivered to your new location.

From there, you can either hire a contractor or work with our sister business, Stevens Construction Company. They can take care of the erection of your medical building.

Check out these lists of our full-service portfolio below.


Our Professional Services include:

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Project Management

  • Construction Management

  • Scheduling

  • Procurement and expediting

  • Start-Up/ Commissioning/ Operator Training

  • Building Supplies

  • Design/ Build Capabilities with Stevens

Our Engineering Services:

  • Facility Planning and Site Development

  • Civil Engineering

  • Piping and HVAC Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Machine Design

  • Material Handling

  • Automotive and Control Systems

Why are Steel Buildings Perfect for Medical Facilities?

 Steel Medical Building

First off, they are easy to maintain and keep clean, which is super important in the medical industry. No one wants a dirty hospital or doctor's office.

Steel buildings are energy efficient and last a long time without having to constantly invest more money.

Steel buildings are well ventilated and easy to insulate, which is important to maintain patient confidentiality. It is never good when everyone in the clinic can hear what the doctor is diagnosing you with.

They are fast to build, cutting down on costs and time. Steel materials are durable and recyclable. They are eco-friendly, supporting healthy living!

Steel will not rust, rot, or warp event in extreme weather, so your expensive medical equipment will stay nice, and your staff and patients will be safe in your new steel building.

Metal buildings can take on different appearances, making them aesthetically pleasing and professional-looking.


Are You Ready to Build an Amazing Medical Steel Facility?

It is time to contact our professional team at CDMG about your plans to expand your medical practice with a steel building!

From a simple office to a multilevel floor hospital, we are prepared to turn your challenge into an opportunity.

We carefully tailor your building to your specific necessity to do your job efficiently.

Our buildings provide you with all of the modern features that will last you for years.

Turnkey steel buildings have never been made easier than with CDMG and our partnering companies.

Trust your metal medical building to the best metal building supplier.