5 Questions To Ask If You're Considering A Metal Building

Posted by CDMG Team on Nov 8, 2019 11:04:20 AM

Are you in the market for a new Pre-engineered Metal Building

Maybe your business has grown and you need a bigger location, or maybe you just want a new location.

Maybe you're building a new house or opening a new business.

Or, maybe you want to add a new location to an existing business.

Whatever the reason, more and more business owners are choosing to use steel buildings for their business needs due to their flexibility, durability, and value that metal buildings offer.

More and more business owners are interested in being eco-friendly now as well, making a metal building your best option.

Before you get started on your new project, you should ask yourself the following questions about steel buildings.

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What Are My Zoning Requirements?

Every locality will have its own unique building codes.

It's vital to be up-to-date with these codes, especially if you live in areas prone to natural disasters like earthquakes, tornados, or hurricanes.

Local building codes do change frequently, so it's very important to stay on top of them.

Most pre-engineered metal buildings will be designed to meet and even exceed your local zoning requirements.

However, it's still important for your building manufacturer to provide you with detailed blueprints ahead of time so that delays can be avoided when trying to gain the necessary permits.

Ask your manufacturer how long it will take to receive the blueprints for your building, and what they will do if your local planning and zoning department requests changes to the design.

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Should I Hire An Architect?

Your metal building manufacturer will be able to provide you with the blueprints you need to gain the necessary permits for a standard building.

Those blueprints will be good enough to get you the metal building you need for your business.

If necessary, if you'd like to have a more complex design, you can take the blueprints you got from your manufacturer and take them to an architect.

Doing it this way, instead of having an architect design it from the ground up, saves you both time and money.

Who Makes The Pieces For My Building?

Every piece of your metal building should be manufactured in the same facility.

The company that designs your building will have its own unique design style, as well as technical verbiage and manufacturing specifications.

Some companies do use multiple manufacturing facilities, but that tends to complicate things.

Problems can occur during the construction phase if components don't match, and delivery trucks carrying necessary components can arrive days apart, stalling the progress of the job.

When this happens, it's not always obvious which factory to call for support, and those construction delays can be expensive.


How Long Will It Take My Building To Be Produced?

Your building could be produced in four to six weeks.

Or, it could take four to six months.

It all depends on the complexity of your design.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete your metal building project, allowing for the time it takes to get permits as well as the time it will take to produce your building.

Your manufacturer will help you expedite the planning and permitting process by providing you with blueprints as soon as possible.

Look for a manufacturer with a reputation for on-time deliveries that also has on-call customer support.

Your building needs to start making you money as soon as possible, and delivery and construction delays can cost you a lot of money in lost revenue as well as accrued mortgage interest.

What Do I Do Once The Materials Are Delivered?

Once the building materials are delivered, it's time to construct your building.

Many building owners will hire a crew to erect their building so they don't have to worry about getting everything put together the right way.

You can choose to erect the building yourself, and if you do, be sure that you are working with a manufacturer who completely pre-engineers the building so you don't have to worry about any welding or cutting.

Service after the sale is important. You are still their customer even after your manufacturer has delivered your building.

Make sure your manufacturer has a strong customer service network with field representatives and technicians that will be able to read your blueprints and help you through the erection process if necessary.


Metal Buildings Are An Excellent Choice For Any Type of Business

Metal Buildings Are An Excellent Choice

No matter why you're building, or what you're building for, metal buildings are an excellent choice.

Pre-engineered buildings offer tremendous value for business owners seeking to expand their operations and increase profits.

Before you get started on your project, be sure to ask yourself these five questions.

Doing so will ensure that your new building is going to war as hard as you do from the moment you order your new metal building. 

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