Why Aluminum Manufacturing Facilities Use Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

Posted by Ben Sparhawk on Aug 10, 2022 4:11:07 PM

Pre-engineered metal building systems have evolved from standard designs and sizes into diverse and unique systems.

The systems are built upon the flexibility of structural elements that work together to create something efficient and highly customizable.

Using pre-engineered buildings allows building owners to reduce the number of unknown conditions and variables during the construction process.

This reduces the cost, materials, and time involved in bringing a building to life. This is one of the reasons there's been a rise in metal buildings being the choice for logistics buildings.

In the article below, we will discuss why aluminum manufacturing facilities use pre-engineered metal buildings.

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What's A Pre-Engineered Metal Building?

A PEMB is a structure built using a structural steel framing system specifically engineered to meet the requirements of your aluminum manufacturing facility.

All predetermined components of your structure are fabricated off-site in factory conditions to meet your exact project requirements.

The components of your facility are pre-cut, pre-punched, and prefabricated according to your design specifications.

When the construction is complete, your building is delivered directly to the project site to be assembled on-site by a qualified metal building construction company.

Benefits Of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Cost Efficiency – With prefabricated steel buildings, construction time and material costs are more predictable than conventional construction. PEMB components are manufactured and shipped from a controlled site, so there is less labor, human error, and unpredictable weather to consider.

Design Flexibility – Your aluminum manufacturing facility can be designed using standardized components that work together efficiently to allow greater flexibility and customization.

Decreased Construction Time – PEMB building materials arrive prefabricated, so no welding or cutting is required. Your custom steel building manufacturer can immediately begin erecting the structure.

Structural Strength – Structural steel is the strongest building material available. In addition, specialty coating can be applied to components, so they are resistant to corrosion and dirt. As a result, the longevity and sustainability of a PEMB save time and money during the lifespan of manufacturing buildings.

Easily Expandable – Successful businesses often outgrow their facilities and need to expand their operations. Metal building kits allow for easy expansion of your existing facilities, so you don't have to move to a new location.

Energy Efficient -Pre-engineered steel buildings use building energy-efficient materials. These thermal and insulating properties decrease the need for more energy to maintain heating or cooling needs.


Why Prefab Metal Buildings Are Perfect For Manufacturing

The fundamentals are the same for every aluminum manufacturer. 

Prefabricated steel buildings provide enormous benefits for aluminum manufacturing operations. 

Some of these advantages are:

  1. Cost-effective pricing
  2. Lower utility costs
  3. Towering ceilings for large product production or mezzanine floor systems
  4. Superior protection from earthquakes, fire, mold, storm damage, termites, and aging
  5. Perfect for future expansion
  6. Increased worker comfort
  7. Unlimited lengths, which are perfect for lengthy production lines 
  8. Factory-friendly options like overhead cranes and overhead doors
  9. Exceptional insulation packages
  10. Simple bolt-together framing parts
  11. Faster construction
  12. Extremely low maintenance
  13. Extra-wide, clear spans for greater freedom of movement and design
  14. Durable and long-lasting buildings
  15. Low insurance costs

Because of these advantages, prefabricated metal buildings dominate the manufacturing market. 

It's estimated that steel now frames 95% of all low-rise industrial buildings, including factories and warehouses.


The Stages Of A Pre-Engineered Building

Design And Manufacturing

The design of pre-engineered buildings is functional and based on the project's needs.

Designs for your aluminum manufacturing facility will be configured to consider building codes, load considerations, and environmental concerns.

An architect may or may not be involved in the design of a pre-engineered building.

Sometimes a metal building manufacturer may specify the design requirements.


Once designed, the components of your aluminum manufacturing building are fabricated in a climate-controlled facility.

Each component is cut individually so it can be assembled quickly and correctly when installed.


Metal warehouse project components are delivered to the project site so they can be assembled quickly using bolted connections.

Why You Should Use A Prefabricated Metal Building For Your Aluminum Manufacturing Facility

Your aluminum manufacturing business can include these processes of smelting and reduction, and casting aluminum ingots, or it might focus only on processing and shaping aluminum alloys for the end products.

Whatever configuration your manufacturing plant is focused on, you will benefit significantly from the advantageous characteristics of prefabricated metal buildings. 



CDMG Is The Right Choice for Your Pre-Engineered Metal Manufacturing Facility

Depending on the scope and scale of the aluminum manufacturing business, the buildings and facilities needed can come in a variety of configurations.

You can have a compact single-layer facility or a large, sprawling multi-layered complex structure.

Whatever your needs are, CDMG can provide steel building kits perfect for your aluminum manufacturing business.

CDMG has the experience, technical expertise, and resources required in the prefabricated metal building industry.

We have partnered with Nucor Building Systems for their high-quality steel buildings. 

The aluminum manufacturing industry is an exciting business vertical that will continue to grow in the coming years.

Our metal building team is ready to share its expertise, technical prowess, and great attention to detail to ensure that you have the perfect prefabricated metal building for your aluminum manufacturing business.

We are dedicated to working with you from start to finish to provide you with a pre-engineered metal building that fits your aluminum manufacturing needs.

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