How Steel Buildings Save You Money Even After They're Constructed

Posted by CDMG Team on Aug 29, 2019 10:46:14 AM
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In most cases, you will save money during construction if you construct a metal build rather than a traditional wooden building.

This is for several reasons, including the speed of construction, reduced labor costs, and not having to deal with uncontrollable circumstances, like the weather, because the majority of construction is done inside.

But, did you know you will continue to save money even after your building has been constructed?

It's true, your metal building will save you money for years to come, and we'll explain how in the article below.

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Steel buildings can hold up better than wooden buildings, so they have lower insurance rates

Reduced Insurance Rates

Steel structures can withstand damage from high winds, earthquakes, blizzards, torrential downpours, termites, fire, lightning, mold, and much more better than any other construction material.

The traditional wood building next to you is much more likely to take damage during a natural disaster than your metal building is, and the insurance companies know it.

Because of that, most insurance companies will offer a substantial discount on rates for buildings framed with commercial-grade steel.

That means you save money every month on insurance for as long as you own the building.

We also discuss this and similar topics in a recent blog post here.

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Energy Savings

Metal buildings used for aviation, storage, agriculture, warehouses, and garages may not require heating and air conditioning in milder climates.

Not needing an HVAC unit is the ultimate way to save money on your power bill.

However, in many instances, your metal building will still need a climate control system.

Deep wall cavities in a prefabricated metal building allow room for thicker, more energy-efficient insulation.

Choosing optional cool-coated roofing panels reduces energy expenditures in the summer by another 7%-15% in sweltering climates.

You can also paint your roof with reflective paint that deflects the heat, saving you even more money.

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Low Maintenance

No matter what kind of exterior you choose, whether it's steel panels, brick, stone, or a combination of finishes, the exterior of a steel building will require little to no maintenance.

A primary benefit of steel construction is that the exterior won't need as much attention as the exterior of a wooden building will.

$5 billion every year is spent on termite control and the repairs for termite damage in the United States.

Steel, as you know, is termite and rodent resistant, so there is no need to treat your building with harsh chemicals on a regular basis.

And, since you will never have to worry about a termite eating through your metal building, you will never have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on damages caused by termites.

Removing stubborn mold is another expensive building repair you won't have to worry about with a metal building.

Because it's an inorganic material, steel does not support mold, mildew, or the growth of other fungi.

Your steel framing won't rot, warp, split, twist, or creep like wood framing will over the years.

With a wood-framed building, nails back out, sheetrock cracks, roof ridges, and overhead door openings sag, and windows and doors refuse to close properly.

Your pre-engineered steel building will stand just like the day it was built for decades with very little maintenance required.

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Solid Foundation

Your steel building will require much less framing than a wood building will, so there will be less weight on the foundation.

Less weight on the foundation means less settling.

Less settling means there's less of a chance of costly foundation problems in your future.

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Easy Expansion

If your business grows and you ever need to expand, pre-engineered steel buildings make remodeling quick and easy.

The same cannot be said for wooden buildings, which could take years and thousands of dollars to expand.

Enlarging your metal building at either end wall is as easy as ordering more frames to match the original structure.

Adding space on the sidewalls will only require another steel building to adjoin your original building.

And, just as easy as you can expand out, you can expand up and add additional floors.

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Steel Buildings Retain Their Value

Your metal building will retain its value and beauty extremely well.

Steel buildings will look brand new for decades with little to no maintenance required.

That makes them extremely attractive to buyers.

Plus, the connectors used in most steel buildings will not wear out as fast as nails will in traditional wooden buildings.

When someone buys a steel building, they know they are purchasing something that will last a long time without having to worry about much upkeep.

The same can't be said for wooden buildings.

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Steel can be recycled and reused over and over again without losing strength

Recycle The Steel

If your steel building ever reaches needs to be deconstructed for whatever reason, or you just don't need the building anymore, you can sell the metal to be recycled and reused.

Steel is the most recycled material on the planet and can be recycled endlessly without losing any of its strength or original properties.

I've never heard of anyone selling scraps from a wooden building, have you?

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Save Your Money and Build With Steel

The reasons we listed above are proof that you won't just save money during the construction of a steel building, but you will continue to save money throughout the life of the building.

Of course, the money you save is just one of the many benefits you'll receive if you build with steel.

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