Are Metal Buildings Actually Cheaper Than Wood Buildings?

Posted by CDMG Team on Aug 28, 2019 9:29:58 AM
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There are many benefits of choosing a metal building over a traditional wood building, but is cost one of them?

Many people see the initial sticker price, and assume that a wood building is the most cost effective way to build.

If you just look at the upfront costs, maybe a wood building will be cheaper to build.

However, there are many more factors that come in to play over the lifetime of steel and wood buildings that make steel buildings much cheaper than wood.

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In the article below, we will examine several of those factors, and show you why a steel building is actually cheaper than a wood building.

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Metal Buildings Are Very Affordable

You are likely to save money from the first step of your project to your last when you build a metal building.

Steel is one of the most available materials on the planet. Even with all the steel currently in use, there is still incredible reserves of iron that can be used if necessary.

However, steel is the most recycled material on the planet, so it gets used over and over again without the need of creating new steel.

The cost-effectiveness of steel is hard to match by other materials, and even if if it could, steel provides many advantages over the other building materials.

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You won't waste an inch of space when you build a metal building

Steel Buildings Make The Most Out Of Your Available Space

With steel beams, you can build up or out without any major issues.

You can build shapes for pennies on the dollar with steel that would cost you a fortune with wood.

This allows you to take full advantage of the land you've picked out for your building project.

And, because you don't need interior supports, you can put more of your square footage to use inside.

That's the man reason steel buildings are used for equestrian and athletic facilities.

The ability to enjoy a wide-open space inside of a metal building gives it a leg up on its competition, automatically increasing its value above what you paid to have it constructed.

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Hire Fewer People

Due to the simplicity of steel construction, you don't need to hire as many workers, rent as much equipment, or use as many support materials.

Those savings will add up really fast since labor is one of the biggest expenses in any construction project.

Using building supplies and materials that can be pieced together by even the most barebones crew, you don't need to hire nearly as many people as you would with a wood building.

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Save On Insurance

Insurance companies appreciate the differences between a wood-framed and steel-framed building, so you don't have to pay as much for insurance.

Steel buildings are very resistant to fire damage and natural disasters, and steel construction sites suffer the least number of accidents.

Most of the construction for a steel structure takes place in a controlled factory environment, and only a small portion of the work is done on the job site.

All of these factors result in lower insurance rates, saving you money in the long-term.

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Your metal building can be built in no time

Speed Of Construction

When you first think about it, finishing the job faster doesn't seem to be too significant.

The most obvious reason this saves you money is that the sooner your building is done, the sooner you can start turning a profit.

That's only one advantage, though.

It also means you spend less on labor, have fewer liabilities, and you end up paying less interest in your construction loan.

And that's just the beginning. The benefits of a quick build can cut 5% or more of your total costs.

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Superior Durability

Steel can withstand much more wear and tear than wood, and we still have wooden-framed houses lasting well over a century.

What does that tell you about the durability of steel?

The kicker with the wooden-framed building is that they require a significant amount of maintenance to get them to last that long.

Steel doesn't. Steel can withstand rot, mold, pest infestations, fired, and even some natural disasters.

A metal building will last for generations, well beyond the original intent of the building.

You are sure to get your money's worth.

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Metal Buildings Are Easily Modified

If your building has outlived its purpose, which is likely to happen due to its durability, don't worry about finding a new buyer.

Even if the building isn't what they want right now, metal buildings can be easily modified to take on a new life for a new owner.

This also allows the building to grow right along with your business with little to no interruptions.

Wood buildings, on the other hand, usually require significant demolition and lengthy, expensive additions and modifications to expand even a little bit.

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Metal Buildings are the obvious choice

Metal Buildings Are The Obvious Choice

The next time someone tells you that metal buildings are just too expensive, you will be able to rattle off a few facts to let them know that metal buildings are actually cheaper than wood buildings.

And over the long run, it's not even close.

A metal building you construct today has the potential to be handed down to your great grandkids.

And, it'll require the absolute minimum amount of maintenance.

With a wooden building, you better hope that termites don't get a hold of it.

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