The Benefits of Metal Horse Barns

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 17, 2020 3:42:17 PM
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Ask a group of horse owners which they prefer for their horse barns, and you're likely to find strong opinions on both sides. 


However, metal buildings make excellent horse barns. 


Along with affordability and sustainability, steel-framed metal horse barns provide safe, fire-resistant, pest-free and theft-proof homes for some of your most valuable assets. 


In the article below, we will discuss the benefits of steel horse barns as well as tips on planning the construction of your upcoming horse barns.


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There is little comparison when it comes to the value you get for your money. Wooden barns are significantly more expensive to build and maintain than metal barns. 


On top of that the cost associated with the expansion of a wooden barn can be significantly higher than that of metal barn.


If you're handy, you can save even more by purchasing a metal barn kit to put together yourself.


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Metal barn designs are fully customizable, depending on what you need and your budget.


If you have big horse barn plans down the road, metal horse barns can grow with your horse family in the future with ease. 


Wood structures do not offer the same level of flexibility and are much pricier when you need to expand.


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Metal barns, as well as wooden barns, are intended to withstand the elements.


However, wooden barns are not as durable as metal barns. Harsh weather can cause wood to warp and crack, which will eventually lead to more significant problems like leaking and rotting. 


Galvanized steel used to manufacture metal barns allows the barns to withstand the elements without compromising the integrity of their structure, enabling them to last a lifetime.


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As we stated above, wooden barns are not very weather resistant over time.


It is not unusual for them to rot, mold, warp, crack, get termite damage, or many other issues that will require a good amount of maintenance that can be costly. 


This fact alone usually tips the scales for people considering metal barn designs. 


When making your decision, remember that wooden poles buried in the ground will begin to decay and shift as time goes by, which can be both dangerous and expensive. 


You can also expect to paint and stain your wooden barn every few years. But since a custom color is applied during steel manufacturing, you don't have to worry about painting your steel barn. This will help reduce the time and cost of upkeep on your barn. 


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Keeping your barn clean is also critical for the health of your animals. If you run a stable, the condition of your facility can be a make or break aspect to your customers. 


Metal is a fast, easy clean up using a pressure washer and mild solution.


It dries quickly so you can continue with your busy day without too much of a delay. 


You can do the same for your wooden barn, but the dry time is longer, and as we mentioned above, getting wood wet eventually leads to damage.


You also need to seal the interior walls with waterproofing stain and sealer to prevent mildew and deterioration.


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Whether you are looking at custom horse barns for your horse, your clients' horses, or metal barn kits to house expensive farm equipment, safety is critical.


Metal barns are built to withstand severe weather and protect your animals, along with all your other valuable items.


Making sure that your horses, or your clients' horses, are kept safe is paramount.  Clients are putting their trust in you and metal barns help give them, and you, the confidence that their horses will be kept safe. 


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Location Matters

There's a good chance you'll be spending almost as much time in the barn as your horses, especially during the winter months. 


For this reason alone, it's worth it to take the time to evaluate your lot and determine the best location and orientation for your barn. 


Observing your prospective metal building sites is important.  Knowing how each lot is transformed by the changing seasons and elements helps you make the best decision on where and how to build your metal barn.


A few things to consider for site location are:

  • Access to driveways and roads
  • Access to utilities
  • Site drainage
  • Wind direction


If you take the time to include these factors into your barn, you are more likely to enjoy an interior space that remains well-lit and comfortable year-round. 


To keep your barn from becoming a wind tunnel, you should place your barn at a 45° angle to prevailing winds. 


You should also choose a location where the soil drains adequately, or you should amend the site soil if need be. 


You can also plan to install roof augmentations, gutters, and downspouts to help direct water runoff down and away from your building's foundation and surrounding walkways.


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Light, Air, Bathing, and Grooming

You want your barn to be nearly as comfortable to the human workers as it is for the equine occupants. 


That's why the following items should be a priority when you design your interior.

  • Light - Use windows and skylights wherever possible to enjoy a light, clean, and airy feel. 
  • Utilities - Make sure you run electricity and lights to each of the stalls. Plumbed watering options are a definite bonus.
  • Air Circulation - Air circulation is fundamental to a healthy livestock operation. Vent-style windows that open at 45° angles and ventilation are a must. A roof exhaust fan will help heat to escape during the warmer months.
  • Bathing and Grooming - Including a well-drained, concrete space for bathing and grooming is a worthwhile investment. 

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These are only a few of the main advantages of metal barns and considerations you should take when designing your next horse barn.


Since there is a wide variety of metal barns for sale, be sure to compare the quality of materials to the warranties offered by different companies if you decide to go with a metal barn.


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