Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Your New Metal Building

Posted by Ben Sparhawk on Jan 22, 2020 2:14:09 PM

Making large purchases come with many risks. Without doing the proper research, several things can go wrong.

One of the most significant purchases you can make is the purchase of a brand new prefab metal building.

So, with that, comes many risks.

Of course, the best way to eliminate the risks that come with purchasing a metal building is to work with an experienced company like CDMG.

But, some people still like to start their journey on their own.

If you're one of those people, there are three mistakes that many people seem to make when they go out on their own.

In the article below, we will discuss those three mistakes so you can avoid them when you purchase your metal building.

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Scheduling The Delivery Of Your Building Before You Have Your Permits

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they buy their metal building is neglecting to pull all the appropriate permits.

People have their building designed, and they give the OK to the company they're working with to get started on the project.

The building is eventually delivered, and it's then that they finally decide to get their permit.

But, when they try to pull the permit they need, they find out their area isn't zoned for their structure.

Now they're stuck. They have a metal building that they can't do anything with.


If you're working with a project manager, they usually help you with the permits. Still, it is ultimately the responsibility of the buyer.

When a massive steel building arrives at your doorstep or job site, you want to be able to do what you planned with it.

Each steel building is engineered for the specific job and location that was originally planned, so it's hard to take it somewhere else and build it there.

This is why it is absolutely necessary to pull all of your permits before you even think of buying your building.

You also want to pull your permits with professional drawings.

It's significantly less expensive to make changes that will pass the permitting process at the drawing stage.


Pouring The Foundation Before You Receive The Plans

Many customers feel like they can speed up the buying and building process by pouring their foundation before they receive their drawings.

In reality, though, this is one of the most useless things you can do.

Your metal building isn't just a box that's going to sit on top of your foundation.

Your building is going to be dealing with elements like wind, rain, snow, and maybe even natural disasters.

The engineers take your specific geographical area into account when they finalize your foundation and building designs.

You should always wait to pour your foundation until you have your building plans.


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Buying From A Company Without In House Engineering or Detailing

Maybe you have decided to consult with a company about your metal building.

You did your research, and the company you work with seems to be professional, and they present themselves well.

But, maybe their engineering or detailing is done overseas. That means you likely won't ever get the chance to speak with them, and they may be people your salesmen have never met.

It seems far-fetched, but it happens all the time.

There are several benefits to working with a company with an in-house detailing and engineering team.

It allows you to make changes to your plan and adjustments to your plan for whatever reason.

And, you can make those changes in hours instead of days or even weeks.

In the construction process, time is of the essence.

Steel prices change, seasons change that will affect your building schedule, and contractors can even change their quotes depending on how long it takes to complete your project.

Also, you want to be able to speak with someone whenever you have a question or a problem.

And not just anyone, you want to be able to speak with the person who actually engineered the building because no one will know it better.

Overseas engineers are very inaccessible and rarely have any real accountability.

Being able to communicate with the people who designed your building is a benefit that shouldn't be overlooked.

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If you're ready to purchase a brand new steel building, and you want to avoid the common mistakes, contact CDMG today.

Using the latest technology and centuries of combined experience, CDMG will design and manage your project from start to finish. They will deliver quality, safety, and reliable completion on time and within budget.

The steel building process is relatively easy when it's done the right way.

Working with CDMG ensures that everything is done the right way.

To contact CDMG and get started on your project right away, click the button below.


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