Why Is Industrial Project Management Important?

Posted by Ben Sparhawk on Oct 26, 2021 10:02:40 AM

Industrial project management should be in the DNA of any industrial company you work with.

Expertise in industrial project management comes from years of experience developing and managing ambitious projects.

Industrial project managers put themselves in situations requiring them to face all types of challenges, whether technological, environmental, regulatory, etc.

Industrial project management in these complex environments requires managing projects with perfect cost control, deadline management, and risk aversion by a project manager.

An industrial project manager is critical to every project team.

Industrial project management is at the forefront of innovation.

Its contribution is key to designing sustainable, efficient, cost-effective, and scalable industrial steel buildings CDMG is known for.

So why is project management so important?

We'll take a look at this in the article below.

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What's Industrial Project Management?

A project manager is essential to any construction team, especially industrial construction.

No matter what project management method is utilized, having an experienced project manager leading your team is often crucial to the success of a project.

Project management is defined as applying knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.

The project management lifecycle covers four primary stages:

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Closure

Project management aims to plan and manage a project to complete its listed goals and deliverables successfully and on time.

Project management involves identifying and managing risks, managing resources, smart budgeting, and clear communication.


Stay On Budget And Schedule

Effective project managers will plan accordingly so their projects are completed on time and within budget.

With proper project management methods, traditional project managers can map a project's journey from the outset.

They'll know where the deadlines and project spend will fall ahead of time so you can efficiently allocate your resources.

This will help avoid delays and project overspending.


Strategic Alignment

Project management matters because it ensures what is being delivered is needed and that projects deliver real value against the business opportunity.

Every business has strategic goals and the projects that industrial construction companies take on help them advance their goals.

Effective project managers are essential because part of their duties is to ensure projects fit well within the broader context of our client's strategic frameworks.

Proper project planning by effective project managers ensures that the clients' needs are met and that the project aligns with the business's strategic goals.

As the steel building project progresses, risks may emerge that turn into issues, changing the course of the entire project.

A project manager will positively impact the project and make sure everything comes back together and stays on course.

Project management matters here because projects that veer off course often become expensive, setting back the business.


Maintain Clear Focus and Objectives

A lack of focus and clearly defined goals is a common reason for a project to fail.

Project planning by a project manager will help an industrial construction project maintain its focus and have clearly defined project objectives.

If project planning and management are left to the team to handle, it is very easy for the scope and objectives to get muddled.

Without focus, you can encounter scope creep, missed deadlines, and end up way over budget.

High-value projects need a project manager to oversee the project plans and task breakdown, so potential risk factors are caught as they arise.

If project risks aren't identified and addressed, the construction team could prioritize the wrong tasks.

Traditional project managers will keep an eye on these factors to ensure the team focuses on the right tasks at the right time and adapt as needed.


Iterate On Your Successes

One of the functions of project management is to help you scale high performance and build on your team's best practices.

Using the data from previous high-value projects, you can see where your team excels and where there could be an improvement.

Measuring classic project management KPIs will allow you to create and track personalized benchmarks to understand how your team performs on each project.


Quality Control

Quality control is an essential aspect of project management.

Even if your project meets all parameters for time and budget, you still have to meet quality standards.

No one wants a subpar project that's finished months ahead of time.

Unfortunately, many industrial construction teams fall into this trap.

Crews are typically under pressure to finish projects on time and within budget, but that can sometimes lead to rushed work and poor execution.

That's where traditional project managers come in.

A project manager will manage deadlines and objectives, but they will also make certain tasks and jobs are executed properly.

One of the biggest catastrophes of projects is finishing on time but delivering something you aren't proud of.

A project manager will outline deliverables and define quality standards, so everyone knows exactly what to aim for.   



One of the most important functions of project management is leadership.

Project management brings leadership and direction to projects.

Without a leader, complex projects can quickly go off the rails.

Leadership enables a team to do its best work by providing vision, motivation, removing roadblocks, coaching, and inspiring the team to do their best work.

A project manager is there to serve the team, but they also ensure there are clear lines of accountability.

A dedicated project manager will ensure there is no confusion about who's in charge of each aspect of a project, especially if they use an appropriate project management tool.


Work With CDMG On Your Next Industrial Project

Without an industrial project manager, teams and crews may have to deal with chaotic management, unclear objectives, unrealistic planning, and projects going over budget and delivered late.

Industrial project management and continuous project oversight matters because it delivers success.

If you're ready to work with an industrial construction team that utilizes project management, contact CDMG today.

The experts at CDMG are well known throughout our industry for their proven track record of success on industrial projects.

CDMG serves clients nationwide as a link between our clients, equipment suppliers, engineering service providers, and other stakeholders.

CDMG believes that the success of a project can only be achieved when everyone involved is communicating clearly and working together toward common goals.

Our project managers take responsibility for overseeing projects from concept to completion.

To get started with CDMG, click the button below.



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