Chemical Building Features

Your chemical building must be designed to accommodate a complex combination of chemical processes in daily operations.

Numerous processes specific to the chemical industry must be considered and incorporated when adding a prefabricated metal structure to your chemical plant.

Some of the processes that CDMG can include in your company's building plans include:

  • reaction
  • distillation
  • absorption
  • filtration
  • extraction
  • drying
  • screening
  • fluid systems
  • pipes
  • pumps
  • compressors

CDMG can incorporate these systems and numerous others into your design plans. We can also customize your chemical building for other purposes including: 

  • pollution control
  • waste treatment
  • shipping
  • receiving
  • storage and others
  • electric power
  • water supply

At CDMG, we are thorough in our design process and want to make sure all aspects of your chemical business are taken into consideration.

Everything that is important to you is important to us. We will customize your building based on your needs.


How Steel can catalyze growth for your chemical facility 

At CDMG, we specialize in working with chemical manufacturers and processors throughout the United States.

Our steel building kits are well suited for the demands of the chemical industry for their strength, performance, and flexibility in expansions.

Quality, fortified steel buildings consistently outperform other building types.

They provide features that the chemical industry has come to depend on.

Some of the numerous benefits to choosing steel for your chemical structure include:

  • Fast and easy construction
  • Ability to expand 
  • Attractive Design
  • High clearance
  • Durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly - we use 90% recycled steel that is 100% recyclable
  • Custom design
  • Fire Resistant
  • Explosion Resistant
  • Blast Resistant

CDMG's steel buildings will perform above expectations for your chemical operation. 

Chemical plant metal building kits


Why Choose CDMG?  

The engineering and management experts at CDMG offer full-service design solutions for chemical clients.

We handle your entire project from start to finish to ensure reliable completion on time and within budget.

With decades of experience serving clients in the chemical production and processing industries, CDMG has the knowledge needed for housing your chemical equipment and meeting system requirements.

Our portfolio includes designing process additions for increased quality and production, truck/rail car loading and unloading stations, and more.

Since 1991, CDMG has provided construction engineering and management services to chemical industry clients including

  • BASF
  • Ashland Chemical
  • Indspec Chemical
  • Calgon Carbon and others 

If you choose CDMG to design, supply and manage your next project, your investment will include three features that set CDMG apart from other building kit suppliers.

Without a doubt, the most important aspect of your chemical building is the quality of steel.

Steel quality varies from company to company and can remain undisclosed in the buying process.

With CDMG, you never have to worry about the reliability of your metal building.

We are proud to use steel from Nucor Building Systems - an American owned company that operates and manufactures durable, high-quality steel in the USA. 

Nucor steel meets and exceeds all certification requirements in the metal building industry for raw materials, design specifications, software, building code compliance and quality control procedures.

We guarantee durable, American made steel in every project we take on. 

As a certified builder of Nucor steel, CDMG has also adopted Nucor’s commitment to F.O.C.U.S.

This means you can expect the following of our company and our steel: 

Fits - On-time Delivery - Competitive Pricing - Unbeatable Service - Solutions that Work

Designing a building for a chemical plant requires special considerations. 

CDMG utilizes BIM technology to create an accurate 3D model of your project as it will be fully constructed.

With this technology, you will easily see the floor plan and final layout of your building before construction begins.

BIM technology also allows you to include your chemical equipment, machines, and internal structures in your 3D model.

You can tour your facility before construction begins to ensure that every aspect of your building is suited for your processes.

You will have a personalized experience when you work with a CDMG construction manager.

This construction manager will work listen to your specifications and include all of your requirements in building plans.

Your CDMG construction manager will work with you to customize your chemical building and make your plans for expansion a reality.



The Premier Choice for Prefabricated Metal Buildings in the Chemical Industry


If you choose CDMG for your chemical structure, you’ll be teaming up with experience, commitment, and quality in total building planning and management.


As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Stevens company, one of the largest privately held construction firms in the construction industry, we have the resources to take on your project.

You can expect high quality, American made steel; technology that enables you to see and experience your building before construction begins; and a personalized experience with your construction manager.

Based on your needs, CDMG will provide supplies, design or full construction services for your project.

We will work with you to determine what fits best with your plan and budget. 

Whatever your needs, CDMG will partner with you to expand your chemical plant through a custom metal building.

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