Is CDMG the Right Choice for Your Crane Building?

CDMG is the right choice for your crane building because we are Nucor’s largest authorized builder, which allows us to offer the best prices in the industry.

You can rest easy knowing you will be teaming up with experience, commitment, and quality in metal crane building planning and management.

No matter what the project, CDMG’s full-service portfolio, project management experience, and building resources will meet your needs.

Crane Equipped Metal Building Kits

In addition to this, CDMG provides experienced construction management resources, serving as our clients’ trusted on-site representatives. We pride ourselves in taking a personal approach to construction management services while maintaining responsibility for coordinating specific activities on the job site.

With CDMG as your construction management partner, your project will be supervised and coordinated expertly to uphold our commitment to quality work, job-site procedures, on-time completion, and adherence to your budgetary requirements.

Another special service offered by CDMG that allows us to reduce costs by 15-20% is a complete range of competencies working together. We are not just another company selling you a crane building that you need to find your own contractor to complete.

Rather, we take out the middle man and offer all of these services to you under one roof to guarantee the job is done right the first time.

We pride ourselves on working with our clients every step of the way to design functional and customized crane buildings that are tailored to your exact needs.

Some types of metal crane buildings we offer include:

  • 1-Ton Monorail Cranes

  • 100-Ton Bridge Cranes

    • Underhung Bridge Cranes

    • Top-Running Bridge Cranes


About Nucor Building Systems

Nucor Authorized Metal Builder of Crane Buildings

Nucor has been an industry leader for more than 25 years.

As one of the largest steel-making companies in North America, it is also impressive to find out they are one of the biggest recyclers.

Nucor steel is not only top quality and made in America but also sustainable, used responsibly, and focused on conservation.

In fact, out of the 4,000 buildings that Nucor provides steel to build each year, approximately 90% is recycled.

Nucor follows their FOCUS principles, which CDMG has also adopted into their policy. FOCUS stands for:

Fits, On-time Delivery, Competitive Pricing, Unbeatable Services, Solutions that Work

When you choose to partner with CDMG for your new crane building, you are also gaining a partnership with Nucor, and as Nucor’s largest authorized builder, CDMG is able to offer you an affordable metal crane building.

If you want your steel building to stand the test of time, in addition to being environmentally friendly, choose CDMG and Nucor Building Systems as your partners.

Our high-quality steel crane buildings are tailor-made for your unique specifications and needs.

As an added benefit, when you select a Nucor Crane Building, CDMG will be able to provide you with top-of-the-line 3D technology to design and plan your space.

This BIM software can save you time and money in the long run, which is just another bonus of working with a great company like ours.  

Understanding BIM and How CDMG Utilizes it for their Clients?

BIM is a 3D digital Building Information Modeling software utilized by the professionals at CDMG to create a virtual representation of your new crane building project.

This advanced technology allows our clients to get a realistic visual before the erection of their new building even begins.

This virtual representation software is invaluable and can save stress and money by allowing the planning, design, and layout of a new crane building prior to actual construction.

The advanced features provide our clients the ability to see how their machinery and other equipment will fit into their new structure, and adjustments can be made as needed before a final building is in place.

By utilizing this 3D software, CDMG will be able to manufacture your new crane building with specific influences and spatial relations within the building's interior.

Our designers will be able to ensure that there will be enough room for your machinery, equipment, and inventory so you will be able to function under proper working conditions.

The BIM software also allows our builders to predict and foresee any problems with the design structure and correct them before any time, money, effort, or materials go to waste in the construction phase.

There are so many benefits when utilizing the BIM digital technology that choosing a steel building kit provider without it would be a huge mistake.

With BIM, CDMG can work more efficiently and complete your metal crane building project within your budget and projected timeline.


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CDMG, along with our Nucor partner, will provide you with a custom-designed steel crane building of the best quality and value.

We can even help you with construction and save you up to 20% by cutting out the middle man and being your engineer, designer, supplier, and building contractor.

Trust CDMG with your steel crane building from conception to erection, and you will get the high-quality, long-lasting metal crane building you need to get the job done.  

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