Top 4 Reasons Prefab Metal Buildings Are The Future

Posted by CDMG Team on Jul 23, 2021 9:43:18 AM

If you've been thinking about building a warehouse, recreational facility, medical facility, aircraft hangar, or any other industrial structure, you are probably aware of the various methods and building materials available to construct them.

The construction industry is constantly evolving, and saving time and money are key drivers in the evolution.

Prefabricated metal buildings offer more benefits than a traditional building made of wood or concrete.

There are various reasons why using prefabricated buildings made of steel makes the most sense for your business, now and into the future.

In the article below, we'll look at the advantages that prefab metal buildings have over traditional construction for your business and why prefabricated steel structures are the way of the future.

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Why Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Are Ideal For The Oil and Gas Industry

Posted by CDMG Team on Jul 14, 2021 10:54:30 AM

Are you looking for a new structure for the oil and gas industry?

Oil and gas structures need to be efficient, economical, durable, and eco-friendly.

There's no other building material that can better meet this industry's criteria than a pre-engineered steel building system. 

Steel oil and gas buildings are rugged and easily erected and will deliver the strength, security, and safety features that the industry demands.

Industries and businesses that use prefab metal buildings in the oil and gas industry will have an economical, sustainable and safer alternative to traditional wood construction.

Steel buildings are the building choice of the future and have fast become the leading choice among oil and gas project managers.

In the article below, we will go over a few reasons why steel buildings are gaining popularity in the oil and gas industry.

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How Do Metal Buildings Help With Energy Savings?

Posted by CDMG Team on Jul 8, 2021 10:03:00 AM

Sustainability is an increasingly important point to consider when designing a new building.

A metal building is a sustainable solution that can be custom-designed to meet your needs. It's one of the reasons why metal buildings are ideal for the oil and gas industry, and many other industrial manufacturing facilities. 

Steel has become the building material of choice for business owners looking to build a new facility that focuses on energy efficiency and slashing energy costs.

Focusing on energy efficiency is a practical strategy for improving the world we live in while also reducing energy costs at the same time.

In the article below, we will discuss how steel frame construction can help make your building more energy-efficient and help slash your energy costs.

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Why Are Metal Buildings Great For Airplane Hangars?

Posted by CDMG Team on Jun 23, 2021 8:59:20 AM

If your building a new aircraft hangar, building with steel is your best option.

With an expensive asset like an airplane to take care of, you need something that can be easily constructed to stand the test of time against nature and the elements.

A prefab steel building with CDMG is an excellent choice for your next aircraft hangar.

We understand that protecting your aircraft is your top priority. A prefabricated metal building offers the strength and design flexibility to ensure your aircraft's safety and proper maintenance.

A steel structure with CDMG offers clear span framing and column-free interiors to maximize your space, and metal buildings can help with reducing energy savings.

In the article below, we will discuss why metal buildings are great for airplane hangars.

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How To Choose The Right Pre-Engineered Metal Building Manufacturer

Posted by CDMG Team on Jun 9, 2021 12:10:39 PM

Pre-engineered metal buildings are some of the sturdiest, most cost-effective structures you can build. It's one of the reasons so many companies choose steel buildings for their aircraft hangars, recreational sports facilities, and distribution warehouses.

But starting a steel building project with an unqualified manufacturer can be problematic.

Working with the right metal building supplier can make all the difference in the world as you design and erect your building.

From engineering expertise during the design process to exceptional customer service, clear instructions, references, and high-quality materials used, working with the right metal building manufacturer will be well worth it in the end.

In the article below, we will discuss how you can choose the right contractor for your steel building.

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What Are The Benefits of Industrial Metal Buildings?

Posted by CDMG Team on Jun 1, 2021 11:09:04 AM

Industrial and commercial businesses have made pre-engineered metal buildings an important part of their business plans.

Prefabricated steel buildings can be used in various applications, like the automotive manufacturing industry, oil and gas facilities, distribution centers, warehouses, recreational sports facilities, and other industrial facilities.

Industrial steel buildings perform well, look good, and they will stand the test of time.

They are built to last and will last much longer than many other traditional buildings.

It's estimated that about 34% of low-rise buildings built in the United States utilize metal building design.

A majority of Fortune 1000 firms use metal building manufacturers for their facilities.

Metal buildings are well suited for many industrial applications.

In the article below, we will discuss just a few benefits of industrial metal buildings.

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How Do You Recycle A Metal Building?

Posted by CDMG Team on May 21, 2021 3:59:07 PM

Did you know that steel is one of the most recycled building materials in the construction industry?

Any steel product, including steel buildings that reach the end of its lifecycle or are no longer needed, is 100% recyclable. It is one of the many benefits of an industrial steel building.

Any steel decks, steel joists, steel beams, or steel doors can be recycled and used again.

And not only can it be recycled, but it can be recycled into a completely different product.

That means parts of your old metal building could be turned into bicycles.

Steel is often chosen as a building material for its strength and durability, but more and more people choose it now because of its sustainability.

More than 60 million tons of steel are recycled every year in the U.S. alone.

Globally that number increases by almost ten times. It's the most recycled material.

In the article below, we will go over the process of recycling your old metal building and a few of the benefits that come with doing so.

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Why Are Metal Buildings The Best Choice For Medical Facilities?

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 19, 2021 10:56:04 AM

Pre-engineered metal buildings are the premier choice for a number of industries. 

Metal buildings are ideal for several applications, including churches, recreational facilities, and warehouses thanks to their durability, affordability, and ability for the metal building to be recycled once the building is done. 

But another industry that stands to benefit from the use of steel buildings is the medical industry.

Many medical buildings are prefabricated hospital buildings, and thanks to the design and customization abilities, it's hard to tell that these facilities are metal buildings. 

But the use of steel in medical facilities hasn't been around forever.

In the past, the medical industry used wood structures that weren't as ideal for their facilities as metal buildings are.

But, what is it that makes steel the ideal construction material for hospitals and other medical facilities?

In the article below, we will go over several benefits of metal structures that make them the best choice for the medical industry.

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What Size Metal Building Do I Need?

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 13, 2021 10:57:08 AM

Before you start thinking about what size metal building you need, there are a few things you should know about steel buildings.

First, many people think there are prescribed sizes for pre-engineered steel buildings. That's not true. Metal buildings are versatile and are ideal for medical facilities, churches, sports complexes, and warehouses, just to name a few. 

There are no standard sizes or models when it comes to metal building kits.

All steel structures are designed to your exact needs and to meet local codes.

Many people also expect to make floor plan selections like when building a house.

But that's not the way a steel building system works.

Pre-engineered metal buildings are a self-supporting structure.

You have complete interior design freedom when you build with a  pre-engineered metal building.

You design your own interior layout so you aren't stuck with a pre-conceived floor plan that doesn't fit your needs or can adapt as your business grows.

With that said, you can design a metal structure to fit the exact size and specifications you need.

In the article below, we will discuss some things to consider when deciding what size metal building you need.

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Why Steel Buildings Are Perfect For Distribution Centers

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 7, 2021 9:45:58 AM

A distribution center is the central part of the entire order fulfillment process.

When you have to distribute goods, the inventory awaiting delivery and distribution is a costly investment.

If you don't have a secure, functional, air-controlled, high-quality distribution center to hold and store your inventory, you are at risk of all of your goods being damaged, stolen, or misplaced.

That's why you should invest in a prefabricated metal building for your next distribution center.

In the article below, we will discuss why pre-engineered steel buildings are perfect for distribution centers.

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