Food and Beverage Steel Building Kits

When it comes to food and beverage distribution, the manufacturer plays a key role in the business which is why metal steel building is an ideal building to house this type of service.

You need a clean energy efficient building that will last and keep up with the industry standards to house food and beverages.

Maintaining a building that ensures perspective retail, restaurant, and foodservice operators that products are made and housed in a clean, eco-friendly building will go along way landing you more deals.  

If you are in the market for a clean, green building to manufacture your food and beverage supplies, then you need CDMG to engineer the perfect building for your needs.

At CDMG our engineers can make a steel building kit that is completely customized to your needs. We also can team with our sister business Stevens who can do the building erection.

Our steel building kits are made with the best steel supplier, Nucor.

Our Metal Kits are entirely customizable. They are low maintenance and durable allowing you more time to focus your energy on supplying food and beverages to your clients than on building upkeep.

Metal buildings are cost-efficient, almost 20% less than conventional construction and 50% less than stick buildings. They are also energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

CDMG and Nucor are both quality companies that work together to provide you with the best food and beverage manufacturer and distributor in the US.

Learn more about why metal building kits are the best buildings when dealing with food service providers and meeting health standards.


Get to know CDMG

CDMG is a is a company with a full-service portfolio, project management experience, and design building resource that can meet your needs for food and beverage manufacturing.

Steel Building Materials

Our company is experienced, committed, and quality in total building planning and management.

Specializing in Building Packages Supply and Industry Crane Buildings.


Our Professional Services include:

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Project Management

  • Construction Management

  • Scheduling

  • Procurement and expediting

  • Start-Up/ Commissioning/ Operator Training

  • Building Supplies

  • Design/ Build Capabilities with Stevens

Our Engineering Services:

  • Facility Planning and Site Development

  • Civil Engineering

  • Piping and HVAC Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Machine Design

  • Material Handling

  • Automotive and Control Systems

Working with CDMG for your next pre-engineered steel food and beverage building project, you ensure your needs and budget will drive all aspects of the process.

Typical Markets Served:

  • Industrial Manufacturing Facilities

  • Warehouses

  • Distribution Centers

  • Fieldhouse Complexes

  • Transpiration Buildings

You are experts at food and beverage distributions, but we are experts at buildings.

So expanding your business physically may be your toughest job but it is our specialty!  Let us make your biggest project seem like a fun little project that will take your business to success.

Since metal buildings are easy to maintain and regulate temperature, storing food or beverages will be no problem. These buildings are also easy to keep clean and neat so all health codes will be easy to upkeep.

Our buildings are made with durable, lightweight materials that will last and outstand some of the toughest climates — making less likely to experience rot and rust that will allow unwanted guests in your building causing you much wasted money.

CDMG is a reputable company that meets local building codes and meets the requirements of the MBMA and IAS. By doing so, it is your assurance that your new food and beverage building can take the wear and tear that every building faces.

We tailor to your needs by providing:

  • Project and Construction Management

  • Civil Engineering

  • Facility Engineering

  • HVAC and Lighting

  • Structural Engineering

  • Building Erection

  • Foundation Construction

We are also partnered with Nucor and follow the Nucor FOCUS plan: Fits, On-time delivery, Competitive Pricing, Unbeatable Service, Solutions that work!

Nucor Authorized Metal Builder

The Advantage of Nucor Building Systems

Nucor was once known as Nuclear Corporation of America and has grown into the Western Hemisphere's most sustainable steelmaker and the largest recycler. Nucor alone recycles one ton of steel every two seconds.

They value safety and address all safety issues when it comes to creating precise steel pieces for pre-engineered buildings. With safety performance leading as number one, it creates a strong business performance.

Strong business performance equals top-quality materials and steel kits that fit perfectly when erected.

Nucor not only provide quality steel but they are American owned and made. They have four full-service plants in the United States in Swansea, South Carolina; Waterloo, Indiana; Terrell, Texas; and Brigham Utah.

Nucor also brings collaboration and software that is top of its class with  Tekla Building Information Modeling (BIM) Software that bridges the gaps between buildings, contractors, architects, engineers, and owners.

This eliminates many errors, delayed timelines, and added expenses.

How does this work?

The software creates a 3D virtual replication of the building that will be engineered for your company's needs. You can take a virtual tour to make sure your equipment will fit and the layout flow properly for your beverage and food plant to run as efficiently as possible.

Not only will you get to do a virtual walkthrough with our engineers and make adjustments as needed before the expensive steel parts are custom made at the Nucor plant but others involved in the building process will get to oversee the plan as well.

Since we are partners with Nucor, this amazing BIM software is completely free, and you get a digital copy that will help with upkeep and additions if needed with future growth.


Key Points on Why BIM Software Will Benefit Your Next Food Manufacturing Building:

  • Allows for more natural coordination of various software and personnel through IPD systems

  • Serves as a Significant resource for erectors

  • Produces a working model that is usable for fabrication

  • Leads to increased productivity

  • Enables improved communication across team members

  • Reduce errors and costs

  • Enhances quality control

  • Detects clashing designs

  • Provides comprehensive life-cycle management

Design Your Next Food and Beverage Building With CDMG

If you are ready to make a smart investment as you expand your food and beverage manufacturing and distribution company, then it’s time you hire CDMG.

We will take your company to the next level with a smart investment that will help grow your business with a building that will not only look good but function to make your job easier.

With well-thought-out layouts that fit your unique process, your company will run faster allowing you to produce more food and beverages than before.

Let’s start planning your new metal building design together!