Why Choose CDMG For Your Pre-engineered Steel Building?

We provide services for what you need: design/build, building supplies, steel building kits, construction management, engineering, and project management.
If you are a project manager or building owner looking for a full-service steel construction company to carry out a custom-designed textile building, CDMG is the company to choose from.
CDMG is a subsidiary of Stevens, one of the largest privately-held construction firms in the industry.
We have industry-leading resources − in our team members, partnerships, and software technology  and steel materials to produce successful buildings, both large and small.
Our exclusive resources help us complete your retail building for 10-20% less than what you would pay working with any other independent contractor. 
Steeling Building Kit for Textile Building | CDMG
Our completed buildings deliver on our promises for on-time and on-budget and are environmentally-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing in structure.
With a custom steel building for your textile plant, you get a structure tailored to your business needs and personal preferences.
Whether you prefer to partner with CDMG for our American-made steel or our full-service expert contractors overseeing the project from start to finish, there is no better choice for your construction needs.

What Are The Benefits of a Pre-Fabricated Metal Textile Production Building?

Pre-fabricated metal buildings have several pros versus conventional construction methods.

The benefits of choosing a pre-fabricated metal building are:

  • Cost-effective. The utilization of BIM software helps to cut down on time and money spent during the developmental stages of your retail construction.
  • Versatile and flexible. We design our steel buildings with framework structures that are easy to add to for your business's future expansions.
  • Energy-efficient. The metal adapts easily to some different insulation systems that reduce the heating and cooling efforts in the whole building.
  • Customizable. Our steel building kits are easy to add on to depending on specific needs or wants for your unique structure.
  • An aesthetically-pleasing design structure.
  • Environmentally-friendly. We use Nucor steel on every building we design erect. Nucor steel is American-made and is 90% recycled steel, and is 100% recyclable.
  • Fast and efficient. With BIM software to help design a virtual model of your building, we can simplify the construction process and reduce the time from start to finish.

These pros show that choosing to construct your next commercial textile building with pre-fabricated metal is a decision that will result in a long-lasting structure.

It is hard to believe that a steel-structured building can be built so efficiently when you may have a large size in mind.

So, how does CDMG do it? How do we produce successful, well-built metal buildings within clients' budgets and timeframes?

With a trusted partnership with Nucor.

Nucor Authorized Metal Builder | CDMG

What Is Nucor?

Nucor is one of the largest recyclers and most sustainable steelmakers in North America. Nucor Building Systems has been an industry leader for more than 25 years.

At CDMG, we follow the Nucor FOCUS principles: Fits, On-time delivery, Competitive pricing, Unbeatable services, and Solutions that work.

Every year, Nucor supplies steel for more than 4,000 buildings. All the steel Nucor makes is 90% recycled steel, American-made, and proudly environmentally-friendly.

The next steel building you need for your textile business can make the Earth a little greener and will stand the test of time. 

Choosing CDMG to design, manage, and construct your next project is a decision that you will be grateful for over the long haul.

As a benefit of our partnership with Nucor, our designers and engineers have access to the extraordinarily beneficial and time-saving technology software BIM.

With high-quality steel and useful software, CDMG can provide our valued clients and customers with sustainable, safe, and sound steel buildings that are tailor-made for your unique specifications and preferences.

What Is BIM and How Does It Benefit Me As A Textile Producer?

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. 

It is a 3D digital modeling technology software that creates virtual representations of what our steel building projects will look like.

Utilizing this technology allows us to manufacture your new retail building and consider different determining factors in how your building will stand, like general geometry, specific geography influences, and spatial relations within the building's interior.

Our designers can ensure that there will be enough room for your inventory, set-ups, and anything else you will need for proper working conditions.

Since BIM software creates a virtual model of your dream steel building, we can identify and correct any future flaws or problems in the design structure to not waste any time, effort, or materials during the construction phase.

This software's utilization ultimately benefits you as a customer greatly because our team at CDMG can work more effectively and efficiently during every stage of designing, developing, and erecting your metal building.

This means that we can complete the project well within our projected timeframe and within any budget restraints.


Contact CDMG For Your Steel Building Project Today!

Don't hesitate to contact our expert team of designers, developers, contractors, and builders at CDMG today for a personalized quote.

We, along with our partner Nucor (and BIM), can provide you with the custom-designed steel building that you dream of for your commercial textile building, plant, or factory.

When you choose CDMG, you will get a high-quality, long-lasting metal building without the high-quality price tag.

Allow us to coordinate the construction process of your steel building from conception to erection. Contact us today for a detailed quote for your tailor-made structure. 

Nucor Authorized Metal Builder | CDMG