Why Is Steel the Best Choice for your Storage Facility or Warehouse? 

Your facility requires sufficient workspace, low overhead costs, and the means to expand as business grows.

Quality steel buildings provide the durability and spatial allotments you need for your building. Heavy exterior panels in metal buildings provide the strength and longevity that the storage and warehouse industries depend on.

Some of the benefits of a pre-engineered metal building warehouse  include: 

  • Ease of Construction
  • Fewer Interior Columns
  • Higher clearances
  • Little or no maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly - we use 90% recycled steel that is 100% recyclable
  • Custom design

If you are looking for a reliable, long-lasting building for your warehouse, a prefabricated metal building is the best choice for you. 


Steel Storage Facility


Why Choose CDMG As Your Pre-engineered Metal Building Partner? 


At CDMG, we can design and supply your metal warehouse. You can choose to assemble it yourself, or CDMG can help you. Our parent company, STEVENS, can erect your building, help eliminate more middlemen, and reduce communication breakdowns. 

We have extensive and diverse experience with building design, project management, construction management, and more. No matter what type of building you need, CDMG is your building design and supply partner.

Our capabilities include a complete range of engineering services.

  • civil and structural

  • electrical

  • process

  • piping/HVAC

  • mechanical

  • automation and controls

  • material handling

  • machine design and beyond

No matter what equipment or systems our warehouse and storage facility clients need constructed, designed, installed, or expanded, CDMG will ensure the very best outcome.

CDMG clients receive three unique benefits that set us apart from other building kit suppliers.

Steel quality can vary from company to company. The quality of steel used by contractors is often undisclosed in the buying process. 

With CDMG, you never have to worry about steel quality. We are proud to use steel from Nucor Building Systems.

Nucor Authorized Metal Builder for Warehouse and Storage Facilities

Nucor is an American-owned company that operates and manufactures durable, high-quality steel in the USA.

Nucor is certified in the metal building industry for raw materials, design specifications, software, and quality control procedures. These certifications are issued by ISO, LEED, OSHA, and VPP. Their steel is safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly. All Nucor steel is:

  • 90% recycled steel and

  • 100% recyclable

We exclusively use this quality, durable, American-made steel in every project we take on.

As Nucor's largest authorized builder, we can offer the best prices in the industry. You can save up to 20% of total building costs when you partner with CDMG for complete project design and construction.

We have also adopted Nucor's commitment to FOCUS. This means you can expect the following from our company and our steel: Fits - On-time Delivery - Competitive Pricing - Unbeatable Service - Solutions that Work.

When you partner with CDMG, you can include a 3D model of your building in your construction package.

We utilize BIM technology to create an accurate 3D model of your prefabricated warehouse as it will be when fully constructed. With this technology, you will see and experience your floor plan and final layout before construction begins.

BIM technology also allows you to include your equipment, machines, inventory structures, and other unique features in your 3D model. You can tour your building before construction and adjust your plans accordingly.

CDMG offers experienced construction management resources that can serve as your trusted on-site representative. We take a personal approach to construction management services while maintaining responsibility for managing and coordinating specific activities on the job site.



If you choose CDMG for your warehouse or storage facility, you'll be teaming up with experience, commitment, and quality in total building planning and management. This means you'll get a high-quality steel building, the best the market offers. Your metal warehouse will last a long time and have minimal upkeep costs, which means you can focus more on growing your business. 

Whether you need supplies, design, or full construction services, we will work with you to determine your needs according to your plan and budget. 

At CDMG, we want to take the difficulty out of designing and constructing your Pre-engineered Metal Warehouse. You do the dreaming; we'll do the work.

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