Why choose a pre-engineered metal building for your sports complex?

There are several reasons steel is the optimal choice for an indoor athletic facility.  

Clear-span capabilities are one of the main reasons steel outperforms traditional building materials like concrete or wood. With its strength-to-weight ratio, steel can allow for up to 300ft of clear space for a recreational facility.  

For design purposes, clear-span is ideal as rec centers, multi-purpose athletic buildings, and community centers require open space. With wood and concrete, there would be a need for support columns that would break up space and make it challenging to design an unencumbered space.  

With a Steel Building Sports Complex, you’ll have more room for activities. 


How durable are prefabricated recreational sports facilities?

Another reason prefab rec centers are ideal is the durability of a metal building.  

Wood is susceptible to rot and infestations like termites that can weaken the structure, and they don't stand up as well in adverse weather conditions. Concrete is less susceptible to rot and infestations, but the maintenance required when it buckles or cracks is time-consuming and expensive.  

A steel building sports complex won't rot, warp, buckle, or be susceptible to termites and other pests' infestation. Additionally, pre-engineered metal buildings can stand strong against Mother Nature.  

In addition to being more durable, prefab metal sports complexes are much more low maintenance. Less rot, less warping, less buckling or cracking means more time spent running your facility and creating events that your community or customers can enjoy.  

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Are Ideal For Indoor Basketball Facilities

How can I save money with a metal sports complex?

You will save time and money with a durable, low-maintenance metal sports facility, but it's not the only way pre-engineered metal building kits can help you save money.

You will also keep your recreational steel building cost down during your construction project. Prefabricated metal building kits arrive on-site and, with the help of a steel erection company, can be erected much quicker than traditional building materials.  

You won't have to wait for concrete to cure or for specific pieces of lumber to be delivered. This shorter construction period allows you to save money during the initial construction phase and when you need to expand your prefabricated metal sports facility.  

Is A Pre-engineered Metal Sports Facility Eco-friendly?

In addition to being durable and allowing you to save money, prefabricated metal buildings are much more environmentally friendly than other building materials. Steel is 100% recyclable.  

At CDMG, we partner with Nucor Building Systems, which means our pre-engineered metal building kits are made from 90% recycled steel providing you with an environmentally friendly sports facility. And if there is ever any reason your metal building needs to be torn down, the environmental impact will be minimal.  

Instead of building materials sitting in a landfill, they can be recycled and used in another prefabricated steel building.   

But your building won't just be environmentally friendly; it'll be community-friendly as well, thanks to our customizable options.

An increasing number of farm and ranch buildings are constructed with poor-quality steel.
Nucor Authorized Metal Builder for Metal Recreational Buildings
The quality of steel varies from company to company and can remain undisclosed in the buying process. CDMG is a certified builder with Nucor Building Systems and exclusively uses Nucor steel.
Nucor is an American-owned company that operates and manufactures durable, high-quality steel in the USA. 
Nucor steel meets and exceeds all certification requirements for metal buildings for raw materials, design specifications, software, building code compliance, and quality control procedures.
Nucor steel buildings are ideal for metal recreational facilities or pre-engineered metal sports complexes. 
With CDMG, you will never receive unreliable foreign steel.
We guarantee quality, durable, American-made steel in every project we take on. 
As a certified builder of Nucor steel, CDMG has also come to adopt Nucor’s commitment to F.O.C.U.S.
This means you can expect the following from our company and our steel: Fits - On-time Delivery - Competitive Pricing - Unbeatable Service - Solutions that Work.

How Customizable Are Steel Indoor Sports Facilities?

Building a sports facility with prefab metal buildings may seem like it would be limited with not only the design but aesthetics as well. However, when you select CDMG to help with the design and erection of your prefab metal indoor sports complex, it won't just be a metal building to play basketball in. It'll be much more than that.

With CDMG, you can design a sports facility that can house any of the following:

  • Yoga studios
  • Martial arts centers
  • Dance studios
  • Bowling alleys
  • Natatoriums
  • Arenas
  • Gymnasium
  • Ice skating or a roller rink
  • Indoor sports courts
  • Indoor fields for soccer, lacrosse, or field hockey
  • Weightlifting Gym
  • Fitness Centers
  • Batting Cages
  • Track 

The only limitation in what a prefab metal sports complex can be is within your imagination. With the clear-span capabilities, if you need to change the layout down the road, you'll be able to add walls, doors, or mezzanines if you need to.  

Our metal building kits can come in various sizes and layouts that can accommodate what you need your sports facility to be.  

And the days of your rec center looking like a metal barn or something that belongs in a field are long gone. You'll be able to choose an exterior finish that will impress and give your prefabricated metal recreational building the modern look that you want. 

Besides all these benefits that you'll get when you choose a pre-engineered metal building, you need a partner who can help you make your sports complex a reality.

Why Choose CDMG's Metal Building Kits For Your Indoor Sports Facility?

As one of the top metal builders, we have the experience and knowledge to design your perfect metal building.  

Regardless of which type of prefabricated metal recreational sports facility you want, you can expect a high-quality building with American-made steel and a dedicated project manager when you partner with CDMG.

CDMG is flexible for your needs. We can provide supplies, design, or full construction services for your project.

To get a personalized quote for a prefab metal sports complex, click on the link below. 

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