Building Your Ideal Mining Complex

When planning your mining complex, there are many things to consider. After working with a number of project managers, our team has found safety is one of the main concerns, and getting all of the necessary buildings in a given area can be challenging.

Let CDMG help you layout the footprint of your complex.


Trying to figure out where to put your office building, prep plant, maintenance building, vehicle garage, bulk storage, warehouse storage, equipment storage, foreman's room, or employee locker room can be customized to your needs and space with our experienced engineers.

When working with us, you can completely customize your plans from function to aesthetics. Our buildings are energy efficient, well ventilated, can easily adapt to soil conditions, and are built with high-quality materials that can withstand the toughness of your industry's needs.

Our team tailors your needs by providing project and construction management, civil engineering, facility planning, HVAC, lighting, structural engineering, building erection, and foundation construction.

You may be thinking we can get this from any steel building company but let's look at why CDMG is unique compared to other companies.


CDMG is the Best Steel Building Provider for Mining Complexes

First and foremost, CDMG meets local building codes as well as the requirements of MBMA and ISA. Providing quality buildings that last is what we pride ourselves on. 

Even more importantly, we care about meeting deadlines and budget while maintaining safety for those working on the buildings.  

CDMG can do as little or as much of the project needed since we provide a full-service portfolio, project management, engineering, and installation of your next pre-engineered steel building projects. We follow the Nucor FOCUS ( Fits, On-time, Competitive pricing, Unbeatable service, Solutions that work) model.

When choosing CDMG for your mining complex steel buildings, you are selecting a team that will cater to your needs from budget to timeline to quality.


Our Professional Services include:

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Project Management

  • Construction Management

  • Scheduling

  • Procurement and expediting

  • Start-Up/ Commissioning/ Operator Training

  • Building Supplies

  • Design/ Build Capabilities with Stevens


Our Engineering Services include:

  • Facility Planning and Site Development

  • Civil Engineering

  • Piping and HVAC Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Machine Design

  • Material Handling

  • Automotive and Control Systems


CDMG metal mining buildings can be engineered to meet any municipal and regional building requirements, and these structures can withstand balanced and unbalanced loads, as well as hurricane-level winds.

Why Nucor Building Supplies?

They have two and a half decades of experience manufacturing custom-engineered buildings.  It is an American-owned company that proudly designs, details, and fabricates every building in America. Only American-made steel and crafted at American quality standards.

Nucor Authorized Metal Builder for Mining


As members of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) and Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute (CSSBI) and one of the first in the industry to earn IAS AC 472 accreditation for all four of our plants in the USA.


Collaboration and Software For Your Needs

Having great engineers, materials, and workers is excellent, but as you make a substantial investment for your company, you want to know every corner, safety precaution, layout, and how it will work with the environment it will be built on, and we have a solution for that.

Tekla BIM ( Building Information Modeling) Software bridges the communication gaps between buildings, contractors, architects, engineers, and owners. It utilizes an Integrated Project Delivery System that leverages the power of collaborative decision making, providing you with the best building possible for your business's unique needs.

Tekla BIM software gives Nucor Builders, general contractors, engineers, and architects an edge over the competitors in the metal and steel building markets.

BIM software creates 2D and 3D designs, modeling your mining building in the exact environment that it will be built-in. These 3D models are completely to scale, ensuring necessary equipment will fit in your facility. As a project manager or company owner, you will receive a digital copy of your project model to use for decades for the operation and maintenance of your building.

There are so many benefits to using BIM software for your mining complex preparation. 

This software can help foresee any potential problems early on during the design phase of the project. By having a visual representation of the potential issues, architectural, structural, and MEP system conflicts can be spotted before the building process and resolved to ensure tight deadlines will be kept.  

When working with NUCOR authorized builders such as CDMG, your mining company will not pay an extra dime for this top-of-the-line software. It is a part of our high-quality standards and customer service.


An overview of why you want to use BIM software when planning your New Mining Complex:

  • Allows for easier coordination of various software and personnel through IPD systems

  • Serves as a Significant resource for erectors

  • Produces a working model that is usable for fabrication

  • Leads to increased productivity

  • Enables improved communication across team members

  • Reduce errors and costs

  • Enhances quality control

  • Detects clashing designs

  • Provides comprehensive life-cycle management


Benefits to a Prefab Customized Metal Building for Mining Applications

 Steel Buildings for Mining Applications


As mentioned above, you can completely customize your metal building. They are low maintenance and durable allowing you more time to focus your time, money, and energy on mining than building upkeep. 

Metal buildings are cost-efficient, almost 20% less than a conventional building and 50% less than stick building. They are also energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

CDMG and Nucor are both quality companies that work together to provide you with the best mining complex in the US.



Hire the Best Metal Building Company for your Mining Complex


At CDMG, we deliver the best mining complexes that not only look good but get the job done for your team. 

In an industry as tough as mining, you need a sturdy building that will last and provide your employees the space they need to perform their best work. 

Working with us on your mining complex will set you apart from all the others. We will carefully tailor your building's specs to provide you with the necessary modern features and quality that will last. 

For a turnkey prefabricated steel building for mining applications, there is no better solution than CDMG. Lets' start planning today!