The Benefits of Using a Prefabricated Metal Building For Your Aluminum Manufacturing PLANT

Aluminum manufacturing is a straightforward process. From the mining of bauxites to alumina production and the subsequent aluminum smelting and reduction process, primary aluminum is then cast into ingots, ready for further manufacturing into aluminum alloys and other products.

Aluminum Facilities | Prefabricated Metal Building Kits

Your aluminum manufacturing business can include these primary processes, or it may be focused only on the processing and shaping of aluminum alloys to the end products. Whatever configuration your manufacturing plant is focused on, you will benefit significantly from A pre-engineered metal building for your facility. 

Gone are the days were buildings and facility layouts used to house the equipment and machinery for aluminum manufacturing would limit what you could do. Prefabricated metal buildings change all that as they can give you the design you need so that your plant runs efficiently.


  • Prefabricated Metal Buildings are Custom Designable

There are an extensive variety of products, tools, and components that can be shaped and created from aluminum alloy. The types of machinery and equipment used for these products would likewise vary greatly. These may require facilities that range from compact facilities to large open hangars. Prefabricated metal buildings are customizable enough to allow accommodation of such variety.   

  • Prefabricated Metal Buildings are Versatile and Flexible

Although the metal framework of prefabricated metal buildings is pre-engineered, they are still flexible and versatile enough to accommodate further expansion. With a flexible structure, you can easily add the additional space you need when your business grows. 

  • Prefabricated Metal Buildings are Cost-Effective

The materials used for pre-engineered steel buildings are much more cost-effective compared to conventional construction materials. On top of that, the prefabricated nature of the metal building kits requires less construction and assembly time, hastening the overall completion period of your building project, thus reducing overhead costs and other expenses.  

  • Prefabricated Metal Buildings are Fast and Efficient

Prefabricated metal building kits mean faster delivery and completion times. The use of sophisticated 3D modeling software can also hasten the design process. On top of that, the design, planning, and execution process is much more efficient, accurate, and error-free.

  • Prefabricated Metal Buildings are Energy Efficient

Pre-engineered steel buildings make use of materials that are more energy efficient. The excellent thermal and insulating properties of these materials reduce the need for more energy to maintain heating or cooling needs.

  • Prefabricated Metal Buildings are Environment-Friendly

Just like aluminum is a highly recycled material, CDMG makes use of high-quality, all-American steel that is produced from 90% recycled materials. These steel kits and parts are also 100% recyclable, allowing their reuse while maintaining high intrinsic qualities.

Why is CDMG the Right Choice for Your Aluminum Manufacturing Metal Building Construction and Design?

Depending on the scope and scale of your aluminum manufacturing business, the buildings and facilities needed can come in a variety of configurations: from compact, single-layer facilities to large, sprawling, or multi-layered complex structures. Whatever shape you require, CDMG can provide the steel building kits that will fit your needs.

CDMG's confidence stems from having the experience, technical expertise, and resources needed in the prefabricated metal building industry. It is backed by its parent company STEVENS, one of the largest in the industry, and has partnered with Nucor Building Systems for its high-quality steel building kits. 

Using Nucor Building Systems for Aluminum Manufacturing Metal Buildings and Facilities

Nucor Authorized Metal Building Contractor

CDMG has been closely following the F.O.C.U.S. principles - Fits, On-Time Delivery, Competitive Pricing, Unbeatable Services, and Solutions That Work. This concept came from Nucor Building Systems, and as its largest authorized builder, CDMG has adhered to these principles, whatever size and magnitude of the project they are engaged in.

Nucor supplies high-grade and high-quality all-American steel for the steel building projects CDMG is engaged in. These steel materials are 90% recycled, but all of them can be further recycled or refined after the length of their use.

CDMG has also banked on the 25 years of experience that Nucor has, ensuring that the client is working with the best in the industry to deliver their metal building needs on time and within budget. The more than 4,000 prefabricated steel structures that Nucor completes yearly is a definitive assessment of its capabilities.


Custom-Designed Aluminum Manufacturing Metal Building Using BIM

One of the benefits you'll get with CDMG is the use of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) 3D digital modeling software. This sophisticated imaging tool gives architects, designers, engineers, and project managers a reliable visual guide that can help them properly design, plan, and execute the building project.

Since we utilize BIM, the design process is sped up while maintaining high levels of quality and reliability. The tool also gives the planners and designers a way to check and see potential flaws and other issues, so these can all be addressed even before the actual building work has commenced.

Choose the Right Metal Building for Your Aluminum Manufacturing Facility

The aluminum manufacturing industry is an exciting business vertical that will continue to grow in the coming years. CDMG is excited to work with you in your endeavors, sharing its expertise, technical prowess, and great attention to detail to ensure that you'll have the right prefabricated metal building for your aluminum manufacturing business.

We at CDMG are dedicated to working with you from start to finish to provide you with a metal building facility for your aluminum manufacturing needs. 

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