Why Choose CDMG for Your Steel Mill?

When you are selecting a metal building supplier, there are many reasons to choose CDMG.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing CDMG is the reasonable costs attached to our metal building systems. Because we are the largest authorized builder of Nucor Building Systems, we can offer the best prices in the industry.


In addition to supplying you a building that is 100% recyclable and made in America, CDMG can also help you shorten your construction phase.

CDMG is a subsidiary of STEVENS, the largest privately-held construction firm in the industry. This valuable partnership allows us to offer you a full-service construction experience that mitigates construction breakdowns and helps your project stay on schedule.

When you choose CDMG and STEVENS to not only design and supply your building materials but erect your steel mill, you cut out the middleman. This means there is no broker and, therefore, no unneeded markup. We will see your project through from conception to erection.

CDMG takes pride in making your job easier by offering a multi-disciplined, full-service engineering company to have at your disposal. When the materials, design, construction, and project management are all under one roof, CDMG and Stevens will ensure the job is finished on time and within budget. 

Metal Buildings for a Steel Mill

The Benefits of Using a Prefabricated Metal Building for Your Steel Mill?

Every industry can appreciate efficiency, and using a prefabricated metal building kit for the construction of your steel mill is probably the most efficient and cost-effective way to build.

A steel mill from CDMG can provide a strong and reliable building for your steel operations. Whether you are producing steel from scrap metal in electric furnaces or hot rolling it for use in buildings, cars, and appliances, our customizable metal building kits can meet your needs.

In addition to being the most efficient and cost-effective way to build, our prefab metal buildings are also versatile and environmentally friendly.

CDMG’s metal buildings are all assembled to be versatile, so only minor and easy changes are necessary if the time comes to expand or remodel.  

Lastly, CDMG takes pride in only constructing and supplying metal buildings made with Nucor steel, which is 100% recyclable and made with 90% recycled material.

When you select a prefabricated metal building from CDMG, you have decided to build a structure that is going to last.

Why Nucor?

Nucor Building Systems is a leading producer in the steel industry, supplying steel to over 4,000 buildings and metal structures.

Nucor has provided quality and sustainable steel that is 100% recyclable and made with 90% recycled materials for the last 30 years. But they didn’t stop at being environmentally friendly. An added bonus is that all of Nucor’s steel is also American-made.

For these reasons and more, CDMG has continually chosen to work with Nucor Building Systems for all of its steel construction needs. In fact, CDMG has actually become the biggest authorized building of Nucor.

Being the largest authorized builder of Nucor comes with its perks, and we can offer our customers the best prices in the entire industry.

So if you are looking to purchase a metal building kit that you know is quality, choose CDMG and Nucor and be confident in your new steel mill.

Nucor Authorized Metal Builder for Steel Mill Erection


What Is BIM and How Does It Benefit Me As A CDMG Client?

One of the biggest perks of working with CDMG and Nucor is the access you will have to the BIM 3D technology.

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling, which is a 3D digital software that allows us to virtually design and layout your steel mill prior to building construction.

This advanced software allows our engineers to design your building inside and out to your exact specifications accurately before the physical structure is actually built.

This preview can potentially save you thousands in unforeseen issues and construction delays while also ensuring all of your mill equipment, machinery, coking processes, blast furnaces, and iron ore inventory fit accordingly.


Contact CDMG For Your Steel Mill Building Today!

If you are ready to take the next step, CDMG’s experienced team of metal building suppliers, designers, contractors, and builders are ready to get started on your new steel mill today.

Choose CDMG, together with STEVENS and Nucor, to engineer, produce, and build a top-of-the-line new metal building for your steel mill.

Rest easy knowing you are investing your money in a structure that will last the test of time.

Contact the building and supply experts at CDMG now to get started on your new steel mill.

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