Why Use CDMG For Your Data Center Building Needs?


The everyday technology user may not understand the full benefit of Server Farms or the investment. 

However, those within the industry understand the importance. Facilities are needed to support online data storage, proxy use, gateways, data processing, and distributing and securing large amounts of data for organizations. When you partner with CDMG for the design and supply of your Server Farm, you are never left by yourself on the project.


Every day spent designing, engineering, and waiting on a middleman to construct your building is lost profit. CDMG's Experienced Metal Building Team will work quickly and efficiently, all the while keeping your budget, timeframe, and specifications in mind.

The outcome of every CDMG Metal Building Project is a sturdy, high-quality facility that will be cost and energy-efficient.

Most companies may offer one or two standardized metal building options that you can "choose" from. At CDMG, we allow creativity and customization for complete ingenuity.

Whether you need a relatively small Server Farm or a 1.4 million square foot facility like SUPERNAP, CDMG will match the exact dimensions you need for optimal performance. CDMG's experience covers a vast amount of facilities, such as caster buildings, fieldhouse complexes, metal shops, warehouses, compressor stations, distribution centers, transportation buildings, industrial offices, crane buildings, process enclosures, and many more.

CDMG is excited to be your metal building partner for your data center.

When you partner with CDMG for your Server Farm building, there are two main routes you can take:

1. CDMG can design and supply the Prefabricated Metal Building with our customizations for your Server Farm.

2. CDMG can also help you erect your Data Center too. As a subsidiary of STEVENS, we can cut out the middleman. Combined with STEVENS, we provide project management, engineering, and installation. We highly recommend taking this approach to benefit from all CDMG has to offer.

Additional benefits included in CDMG's full-service offer is:

Professional Services:

  • Experienced Contractors
  • Designing/Building Capabilities with STEVENS
  • Scheduling
  • Procurement and Expediting
  • Construction management
  • Commissioning, start-up, and operator training

Engineering Services:

  • Site Development and Server Farm Facility Planning
  • Handling of Materials
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Automation and Control Systems
  • Machine Design

CDMG will meet all local codes and the MBMA/IAS requirements.

Cohesive customization, project management, building construction, and installation are at your fingertips with CDMG without needing to coordinate or plan with any other company.

If you envision it, CDMG assists in making it a reality.

Why Is A Metal Building A Better Choice For A Server Farm?

A Server Farm is a considerable investment. You need to weigh all of our options. It's our goal to enlighten you why a Steel Building is perfect for your cluster computer facility.

Cluster Computing Steel Facility

Let's discuss the benefits of a Metal Building from CDMG. 

  1. Energy/Cost Effectiveness: We understand that a lot of energy is used to keep Server Farms powered. When you start considering terawatts, you know it is significant. Metal Building efficiency helps your facility from overheating, thus preventing shutdowns.
  2. Sustainability: Our metal buildings require less maintenance and energy consumption, as stated, which increases overall longevity.
  3. Significant Durability: You house large quantities of expensive technology in Server Farms. Having a building that can withstand Mother Nature is critical and harsh environments are critical for keeping the computer, data, and electrical parts safe.
  4. Less Repair work: Compared to other conventional building materials, metal structures require fewer repairs.
  5. Shorter Construction Phase: Metal buildings, especially when constructed using CDMG's full-service, are built quickly, which means faster profits and usability for you!

What Are the Benefits of BIM?

How beneficial would it be to tour your Data Center before a single element or process of construction takes place?

With the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), this is a reality for our valued customers. This 3D digital modeling software provides our experienced contractors, Nucor builders, engineers, and architects a massive edge over our competitors.

The tool will effectively detail, design, manufacture, and help construct metal buildings. The building data is generated and collected even throughout the life of your Server Farm.

BIM takes the following factors into consideration:

  • General Geometry
  • Spatial Relationships
  • Geographic Info
  • Properties and quantities of building components to develop an accurate conceptual model of your athletic complex
  • A precise scaling feature to represent the actual dimensions of materials used

The conceptual design of your Server Farm that BIM provides is vital to every project manager's peace of mind.

How so?

The BIM can potential defects and flaws you could encounter during the design phase. This will make the construction go much more smoothly and save time and money. The ingenuity accompanied by utilizing BIM leads to reduced construction time, increased productivity, and a powerful working model for your Server Farm's fabrication.

About Nucor

CDMG is a Nucor Authorized Builder and uses the Nucor FOCUS for every project we take on. The FOCUS acronym stands for Fits, On-time delivery, Competitive pricing, Unbeatable services, Solutions that work.

Nucor Authorized Metal Builder

For almost 30 years, Nucor Building Systems has been a top leader in manufacturing Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings.

With a strong belief in open communication and integrity, Nucor has three core commitments when it comes to project sustainability:

  1. People: Nucor is comprised of more than 25,000 dedicated teammates that are focused on providing reliable and worthwhile service.
  2. Places: When it comes to recycled materials in our metal buildings, the environmental awareness Nucor Authorized Builders display is second to none.
  3. Partnerships: Nucor's ultimate goal is to continually grow successful and long-term partnerships with our highly valued customers.

We work to ensure that innovation is always at the heart of our Prefabricated Metal Buildings. With CDMG you can have an environmentally friendly Server Farm.


Contact CDMG For Your Pre-Engineered Metal Building For Your Data Center Today!

CDMG will design and supply you with a prefabricated metal building for your Server Farm that is built to last and is cost-efficient.

The benefits of choosing CDMG to construct your Steel Server Farm Building include:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Decreased cost from eliminating the middleman
  • A durable steel building
  • A metal building with years of experience
  • BIM 3D Software advantages
  • A full-service company that includes project design, management, and construction

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