The Top Metal Building Kit Supplier


For over 30 years, CDMG has been supplying custom-engineered metal building kits for many industries. Our metal building team can design and supply your prefab metal building kit from metal medical clinics to warehouses, metal indoor sports facilities, data centers, aircraft hangars, and more.


Our steel building kits help you save money and gives you the best space for your business to operate out of.  As the largest authorized NUCOR dealer, our pre-engineered metal building kits are designed to meet your specific requirements. 

If you are tired of investing in buildings that cost you money due to high maintenance costs, or costly repairs due to old age or mother nature, it's time you upgraded to CDMG's Metal Building Kits. 

CDMG is the Top Choice for a high-quality, customizable Pre-Engineered Metal Building Kit at industry-low prices, due to our connections with Nucor, that results in a durable building that meets your exact dimensions, specifications, and needs.

If you're looking for the best metal building supply company, look no further.  We can help you get started on your metal building kit project today!