The Benefits of Using a Pre-Fabricated Metal Building Construction and Design for Your Commercial Establishments and Facilities

In the recent decade, there has been unprecedented growth, and changes in the commercial building industry experienced not only in the United States but in the rest of the world as well.

Not only have these transformations affected how commercial establishments now look and feel, but technological advancements have also changed how modern commercial buildings are designed, constructed and managed in general.

One of the most standout trends in commercial building design and construction is through the use of pre-fabricated metal buildings.

The concept is not new; however, as the term "pre-engineered" or "pre-fabricated" has been coined as early as the post-WWII recovery and reconstruction era.

Commercial Metal Building Construction and Design

However, the main difference of pre-fabricated metal buildings in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s from new pre-engineered establishments is on how they were built and constructed.

Back in the old days, these pre-engineered commercial buildings all look the same with their standardized shapes, sizes, and configurations.

Fast forward to the modern era, and we see a wide variety of metal building designs and construction methods, many of which cater to the specific intricacies a particular commercial market is operating on.

Advancements in materials and fabrication methods gave rise of metal building components that are more massive in scale, but are more customizable and "customer-friendly" in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

The improvement of such metal building products has attracted the support of engineers and architects, like the experts at CDMG, who have quickly learned to adapt to the advantages of pre-fabricated metal buildings.

From offsite commercial construction scenarios to large structural steel fabrications that are designed to handle heavier payloads and foot traffic, there are several pre-fabricated metal building design and construction options that can cater to the whims and preference of commercial establishment and business owners.

The flexibility and versatility of using pre-fabricated metal buildings provide both the owners and customers with greater convenience, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and energy efficiency.

Let CDMG work with you in understanding the benefits of using pre-fabricated metal buildings for your commercial endeavors. 

Why is CDMG the Correct Choice for Your Commercial Metal Building Construction and Design?

No matter what industry or commercial nature business is engaged in, they would want to work with partners that will provide them with the highest levels of dependability and reliability.

Most would want to work with an established entity like CDMG that can deliver the highest-quality services and deliverables at the highest possible speed while maintaining full control of their budget.

CDMG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the privately-held Stevens company, one of the largest firms in the construction industry.

With such backing of experience and resources, customers are ensured that they are working with a fully competent team of professionals that can deliver the goods, whatever the size of the project may be, with the client's interest and the targeted results in mind.

In terms of pre-fabricated metal building technologies, CDMG would only work with the best in the industry, and who would be more appropriate than Nucor Building Systems. Nucor has been at the forefront in delivering high-quality pre-engineered metal buildings for several commercial establishments across the country.

This partnership between CDMG and Nucor would work best in the interest of the commercial building client, not only in delivering the fast and reliable design and construction of commercial metal buildings but in completing the project well within the timeframe and budget allocation.

Choosing CDMG as the metal building contractor, customers can gain up to 20% cost savings, without compromising on aesthetics and quality.  

Custom-Designed Commercial Metal Building using Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Designing and constructing metal buildings for commercial applications requires builders to be adaptable to new trends in design and market adaptability.

The requirements are quite stringent as businesses here involve direct interaction with commercial consumers whose opinions matter significantly in the success, or failure, of a particular commercial venture.

CDMG understands this well, so it is taking an extra step in giving more considerable attention to details as well as adding that special personal touch and individual attention. Doing so ensures that clients receive the commercial metal building precisely as they have envisioned it.

Partnering with Nucor gave CDMG an added advantage towards this end as they can fully utilize the features and capabilities of the  Building Information Modeling (BIM) 3D digital modeling software.

Using this software technology, CDMG can present to clients a virtual, 3D visual design representation on their commercial metal building.

With such technologies, clients can look at the full design and a more detailed look of the project, as if they were looking at an actual photograph of the structure once completed. This is done during the design phase, so every aspect of the build are looked at intensively even before the actual building process takes place.

BIM makes it easier for the builders and the clients to conduct a walk-through of the planned structure using 3D drawings and graphical representations.

Looking at it from an almost real-world representation makes it easier to create changes, corrections or customizations in the design. Once the design is finalized, the final construction phase can commence.

Using Nucor Building Systems for Commercial Metal Buildings and Facilities

Nucor Authorized Metal Building Contractor

As an industry leader with more than 25 years of active service, over a thousand partners and authorized buyers, and servicing up to 4,000 customized pre-engineered metal buildings across the country, Nucor Building Systems stands at the forefront in designing and constructing commercial metal buildings.

Partnering with Nucor, CDMG ensures to its customers that it delivers only high-quality materials and American-made steel for use in the construction of their commercial metal buildings.

As a Nucor partner, CDMG follows and applies the F.O.C.U.S. concept initiated by Nucor -   Fits, On-time delivery, Competitive pricing, Unbeatable services, and Solutions that work.

Choosing the Right Metal Building for Your Commercial Establishments and Facilities

The commercial market is highly competitive, and businesses try several means in getting that competitive edge, and this includes how their commercial establishments and facilities are designed and constructed.

CDMG understands this well and is committed to delivering high-quality products and services to their clients, partnering with Nucor and using sophisticated BIM technologies, and deploying highly-skilled and very capable architects, engineers, project managers, staff and other personnel.

The level of quality service is maintained throughout the duration of the project - and even beyond.

Choosing CDMG is choosing the right metal building design and construction of your commercial establishments and facilities. We are excited to learn more about your commercial building project and how a prefabricated metal building can meet your needs.

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