How a Construction Manager Can Help Keep Your Project on Schedule

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 24, 2019 9:32:56 AM

How Does A Construction Manager Help The Building Process?

If you are in the middle of setting up a steel building construction project, you've probably heard the words "construction manager" thrown around.

A construction manager oversees and leads building processes from start to finish.

Professional engineering and building firms provide clients with the ability to hire a reputable construction manager to oversee the process of the metal building project in addition to designing and engineering the custom-made steel structure.

Before signing on to have one oversee your job site, it's a good idea to fully understand how a construction manager can help keep your building process on schedule.

They Help With Quality Management

Construction managers have the number one priority of making sure that everyone working on building your structure is producing quality work.

For the durability of your tailor-made steel structure, it is crucial to ensure that no construction worker, electrician, plumber, and anyone else working on the project is cutting corners.Steel building project construction manager on site

Without a construction manager to worry about quality management and ensure the integrity of the structure, the process of erecting your project could take longer.

Or worse, your plan may need to have additional work done in the future if important structural work was not done correctly the first time around.

If there are any defects in your newly constructed facility, the result could be substantial costs to fix or replace the damage.

Even with minor flaws, reconstruction may be required, which is also an additional price on top of the construction budget.

A great construction manager works to oversee that the job is done correctly the first time.

A construction manager is the extra set of eyes and ears needed to ensure that the work being produced is of the utmost quality and will not require reconstruction in the future.

They Help With Cost Management

Cost management tends to go hand-in-hand with quality management.

If the construction workers are consistently producing work that is at or above company standards, then there will not be any additional costs that need to be allocated for reconstruction.

Before construction begins, architects and designers will develop and plan the structure and framing of the steel building. The building information modeling (BIM) software that is used during these stages helps to save on costs of extra material and labor.

The cost of the entire project is further managed by a construction manager when they oversee the construction site. They will ensure processes and exact design plans are being followed.

Construction managers make any necessary adjustments if unexpected complications arise.

As every work detail in the construction phase matches the design plan, the building process should experience no setbacks or delays in the set timeframe for completion.

They Help With Contract Administration

Another benefit to having a construction manager on site and ensuring that the building process is kept on schedule and below budget is their task of ensuring that all aspects of the contract are met and all parties involved with the contract are satisfied.

Contract administration involves construction managers following a process of making decisions to manage the design while following contractual agreements, and passing on information. Without a project manager, there is a higher risk of contract disputes and unnecessary claims.Construction manager | CDMG

With an expertly trained construction manager, proper contract administration will be completed, which further helps to ensure that your metal building project will be completed within budget (cost management) and on time.

Construction managers help the project stay on schedule because they look over the project to ensure that all contract provisions are being met.

They are able to detect if there are any inaccuracies or inconsistencies in the design or at job site.

They Help With Safety Management

Beyond ensuring that the construction workers are producing quality work that matches the design plan, construction site managers must tirelessly make sure that proper safety measures are being taken.

A lot of the safety on a construction site relies on education, cooperation, and vigilance during the erection process. Construction workers should be cooperating fully to the safety rules and regulations.

As long as workers are constantly alert to any potential safety risks, injuries and accidents are avoided.

It is the job of the project manager to identify and eliminate any possible hazards, accidental collisions, and other unsafe working environments to protect the safety of every worker on the job site.

Overall, construction managers work to ensure that the building process of your next steel building structure is a streamlined process.

When a project manager is hired, you can rest assured that no unnecessary costs or accidents occur.

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