The Best Options For Insulating A Metal Building

Posted by CDMG Team on Mar 13, 2019 12:40:00 PM
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If you're thinking of a new CDMG metal building for your business, you're making a great choice.

There are several reasons metal buildings will work for your business.

First of all, the assembly is quick and easy. You can shave months of time off of traditional build with a metal building.

Our most valuable resource is time, and a metal building will save you a lot of it.

They are also very durable, flexible, and versatile.

Moreover, in addition to saving you time, they are also very cost effective and energy efficient, able to save you money for years to come.

If you do opt for a metal building, and why wouldn't you, you need to keep insulation in mind.

Insulation is essential for any building, not just metal buildings.

However, not all metal buildings require an insulation package.

There are reasons you should get an insulation package no matter what, and we will discuss those below.

Why Insulation Is Important For Metal Buildings

If you live in an area with extreme temperature swings, or if you want to save money on heating and cooling, you should get your building insulated.

Sometimes when buying a metal building, especially if it's your first time, insulation never crosses your mind.

However, insulating your metal building is essential if you want your new building to last for generations.

Insulating your structure will help it maintain a comfortable temperature by keeping warm air out in the summer, and warm air in during the winter.

It also creates a barrier in the roof and walls of your building that will protect against condensation, something we'll talk about more later.

Where Should You Insulate?

If you do nothing else, you should at least install insulation in the roof of your building.

If you do live in an area with varying temperatures and four distinct seasons, you should insulate the walls as well.

If there's a chance that a massive wall of snow will pile up against the side of your building in the winter, you need to insulate.

Likewise, if the temperature and humidity in your area skyrockets in the summer, you should insulate.

Insulating will break the steel-to-steel contact that in-turn prevents condensation and rust.

The Water Threat

Rust is caused by condensation and the water it creates. Rust is your buildings worst enemy.

Your buildings structural integrity will be compromised if rust collects around your buildings connections, bolts, and screws.

Not to mention the mold and mildew the will almost assuredly appear in the enclosed, moist environment.

The good news is that rust is an easily preventable problem if you choose to insulate your building.

Getting your metal build insulated ensures its longevity


The Creation Of Condensation

The condensation is created when warm air inside of your building connects with a cold surface, like your roof or wall panels.

The mix of the warm air and cold surface causes water vapors in the air to condense, allowing moisture to congregate.

The insulation you choose will prevent condensation in your roof and walls of your building from forming.

Again, you don't want to let condensation form in your building because it creates rust, and rust will shave years of life off of your building. 

Purchasing an insulation package is essential to the health and longevity of your building.

Nucor Building Systems

As a Nucor Authorized Builder, we think their systems or the best option for insulating your building.

Nucor offers a full line of insulated metal wall and roof panels that have cutting edge energy efficiency and embody attractive styling.

The Nucor panels are designed with the latest scientific breakthroughs, making them lightweight and durable while maintaining an ease of installation and visual appeal.

There are several ways Nucor separates themselves from all the other installation options:

They Are Attractive And Lightweight

Insulated wall panels and insulated roof panels offer a clean, high-quality appearance that will immediately add value to your building.

As one of the most sophisticated building products on the market, insulated panels enhance the appearance of your building all while reducing the structural requirements and installation costs.

They Are Sturdy And Durable

Nucor insulated metal panels incorporate a finished interior liner, and a factory applied air and vapor shield.

They also incorporate an insulated foam core finished exterior weathering surface into a single cladding unit.

The composite action resulting from a chemical bond between the injected-in-place foam core and steel skins creates a lightweight, rigid unit with exceptional spanning capacity.

They Have Reliable Thermal Performance

With Nucor panels, you get 100% reliable thermal performance and insulation continuity.

No cavities, gaps, crushed insulation or thermal bridges.

The insulated core is the most thermally effective insulant commonly available today.

The panels have been tested under a variety of North American Standards to ensure compliance with various building codes and industry standards.

They Are Superior To Tilt-Wall

Insulated metal panels are a much safer and cost-effective alternative to tilt wall construction.

IMPs are recyclable and can be installed in virtually any weather condition.

Tilt wall construction is both costly and time-consuming, requiring the use of heavy equipment.

Insulated Metal Panels offer sustainable construction, with far less construction time and higher insulation values.

Insulation Is Vital, Make Sure Yours Is Done Properly

If you're thinking of a metal building, and you want it to last into the foreseeable future, you need to have it insulated.

Nucor Building Systems offer the best insulation on the market with their insulated metal panels.

Before you get started with your build, contact CDMG, and industry expert.

CDMG will be sure you get everything you need in your new building, including insulation.

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