Do Metal Buildings Sweat? 5 Tips To Prevent Condensation

Posted by CDMG Team on Jun 25, 2019 9:33:22 AM

Eliminating Condensation Problems in Metal Buildings

While rot and termites don't pose a threat to metal buildings, metal buildings can still suffer damage from excessive moisture.

Damp insulation is less effective at regulating temperatures in a metal building and may promote mildew growth, making the buildings interior smell musty and potentially contribute to allergy or asthma problems.

Wet insulation that's in contact with metal surfaces can cause corrosion, even on surface-treated metals.

The panels and fasteners may begin to rust, leading to premature failure of these materials.

So why do metal buildings sweat?

How can we prevent or stop our metal buildings from sweating?

In the article below, we examine those questions.

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How Are Metal Buildings Insulated?

Posted by CDMG Team on Jun 19, 2019 2:17:40 PM


With metal buildings, insulation does two main things.

It stabilizes the structure's interior temperature, and prevents moisture from entering or collecting via condensation.

It is critical to insulate your metal building, because metal is a much better heat conductor than wood.

If you don't insulate your metal building, it won't be able to retain heat in the winter, and the summer months will be unbearably hot.

When the temperatures vary a lot from inside to outside, condensation forms.

That moisture will allow unhealthy mildew and mold to grow, and that will be particularly harmful to people with allergies.

WIthout proper building maintenance practices, the moisture will also cause rust and erosion, the last thing you want in your metal building.

In traditional timber buildings, insulation is installed between the stud.

In metal buildings, insulation is typically installed over the framing to provide continuous coverage.

That prevents any transfer of energy and/or moisture between the framing and the exterior roof and wall panels.

There are several different types of insulation used for metal buildings.

The costs and benefits will vary between them, so it's important to do your research before deciding what the best option is for your metal building.

In the article below we will discuss the different types of insulation available and how they work.

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Using Solar Energy to Power your Metal Building

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 26, 2019 8:50:13 AM

How Solar Power Works for Steel Buildings

Solar panels are one of the fastest-growing energy systems in the United States.

Studies completed by the Solar Energy Industries Association show that the solar market is expected to become a 4.5 billion dollar market by 2023, doubling in size.

As solar power has increased in popularity, innovative methods for accessing solar energy have been developed.

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How to Choose an HVAC System for Your Metal Building

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 25, 2019 2:45:02 PM

Picking a Heating and Cooling Method for Your Steel Building

Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC) are different for every metal building project.

Some metal workshops only require a small stand up heater, while other commercial structures demand a robust HVAC system with multiple units and a sprinkler system.

Your HVAC system will entirely depend on your building's purposes and temperature control demands.

For the best outcome possible, start thinking about your heating and cooling technology as soon as possible.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Metal Building?

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 24, 2019 10:45:19 AM

The Advantages of Steel Building Construction

With the many benefits of steel buildings, traditional construction is becoming less and less popular.

Pre-fabricated and pre-engineered metal buildings have many advantages over other building materials.

With the ability to customize, the speed of construction, and the decreased maintenance and insurance costs, nothing else can compete with a metal building.

When you choose to build with steel, you save money, get a sturdy and secure structure, and have the most energy efficient and environmentally-friendly material to construct with.

Those are just a few of the benefits of metal buildings.

Let's discuss these benefits and more in detail. 

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FAQs about Metal Buildings for Heavy Industry

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 23, 2019 4:32:13 PM

Frequently Asked Questions About Heavy Industry Metal Buildings

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the STEVENS construction company, CDMG designs and manages your metal building project, whether small or large, from conception to erection.

CDMG uses the latest technology and software to develop your customizable steel structured building efficiently.

As a business that specializes in designing steel buildings, current and potential clients want to know more about pre-fabricated metal buildings.

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The Safety Benefits Of Metal Buildings

Posted by CDMG Team on Mar 26, 2019 1:59:57 PM

Although there's a laundry list of reasons of why you should opt for a metal building, there is one benefit that stands out above the rest:


Steel is widely recognized as one of the safest options for construction in part due to its natural strength and fire resistant nature.

People are also discovering that metal buildings meet the highest standards when it comes to protection from the elements, natural disasters, and pest infestations.

Because of those reasons, steel is often used in high-rise and industrial buildings where safety is a top concern.

And if you needed any more convincing, there is a reason they call Superman, the most powerful superhero, The Man Of Steel.

Below we will talk about a few of the reasons why a metal building is your safest option.

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What Are the Benefits of Buying and Building a Pre-Engineered Metal Building?

Posted by CDMG Team on Mar 19, 2019 12:05:19 PM

If you need a new facility for your business or even your home, a pre-engineered metal building is a great choice.

And, don't think because they are called "pre-engineered" buildings that your choices will be limited.

A quick Google search of pre-engineered metal buildings will show you that there is a wealth of options available to you if you decide to build a pre-engineered building.

Most of us at this point have heard of, and most likely seen a pre-engineered metal building at some point.

They're not hard to spot, and they are becoming more and more popular as time goes by.

But do we know why they are becoming so popular?

What makes them better than a traditional building?

There has to be something that is making pre-engineered metal buildings a top choice for all new construction projects.

In the article below, we will talk about just a few factors that make pre-engineered metal buildings the top choice for your next project.

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The Best Options For Insulating A Metal Building

Posted by CDMG Team on Mar 13, 2019 12:40:00 PM

If you're thinking of a new metal building for your business, you're making a great choice.

There are several reasons metal buildings will work for your business.

First of all, the assembly is quick and easy. You can shave months of time off of traditional build with a metal building.

Our most valuable resource is time, and a metal building will save you a lot of it.

They are also very durable, flexible, and versatile.

Moreover, in addition to saving you time, they are also very cost effective and energy efficient, able to save you money for years to come.

If you do opt for a metal building, and why wouldn't you, you need to keep insulation in mind.

Insulation is essential for any building, not just metal buildings.

However, not all metal buildings require an insulation package.

There are reasons you should get an insulation package no matter what, and we will discuss those below.

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5 Ways To Lower Energy Bills In Metal Buildings

Posted by CDMG Team on Mar 13, 2019 10:38:33 AM

Metal buildings are becoming increasingly popular.

In fact, steel buildings account for 65% of all commercial construction in the United States.

There are many advantages that steel buildings can offer that make them popular choices in the construction industry.

These include cost-efficiency, strength, and durability, just to name a few.

Steel buildings can also be used for residential structures as well as commercial construction.

It's very common now to see garages made from steel materials.

It is also common for homeowners to choose steel buildings for things like storage and garden sheds.

Gymnasiums, churches, schools, sports arenas, warehouses, airplane hangars, and retail infrastructures are all constructed using steel building materials.

For a full scope of industries that use metal buildings, check out this link.

Since steel buildings have seen a rise in popularity, there's also a new interest in finding ways to decrease energy usage in metal buildings.

This benefits the planet as well as your bottom line.

There are several ways you can reduce the amount of energy you consume in your steel building.

Below we will talk about five things that will have the greatest impact on preventing energy losses.

These tips will apply to new construction, as well as existing structures through retrofitting.

Let's get started.

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