How a Construction Manager Can Keep Costs Down on Your New Metal Building

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 25, 2019 2:22:25 PM
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Benefits of Hiring a Construction Project Manager

When you decide to purchase a Pre-Engineered Metal Building, you have a management decision to make.

Will you plan, budget, and construct the building yourself with minimal or no help, or will you take advantage of a Construction Project Manager?

Some metal building suppliers offer project managers at a steep cost.

Others provide experienced, professional Construction Management services for a fair price.

Before you decide to opt-in or opt-out of management services, consider the following ways a Construction Manager can help reduce the cost and construction time of your new Metal Building construction.

Efficient Workflows

Inefficient workflows and inadequate planning will cause construction delays for your metal building.

Delays can be problematic for businesses that depend on tight deadlines.

Time is money, after all.

Delays drive up project costs and interfere with short-term plans for the building.

When you hire a project manager, you won’t have to worry about project delays.

The project manager will work with your team to make sure all project decisions are in alignment with your preferences and are executed promptly.

Construction managers also monitor workflows and plan every last detail of your project out before construction begins.

A competent construction manager will be equipped to make the moment-by-moment decisions necessary to keep your building project rolling. Construction manager for metal buildings | Project Management services

Without a construction manager, many businesses run into delays due to poor management.

If there is only one point-person assigned to overseeing your building construction and that person is unavailable at any point during construction, everything stops.

When only one person has decision-making power for your building, the construction crew is often forced to put everything on hold before construction can continue.

Having a skilled professional around to check your workflows and to make decisions when they come up will keep your project moving forward at all times.

Having a two-person system will minimize error and speed up construction time to keep costs down.

Handle Plans and Permits

A qualified construction manager will oversee all aspects of your building construction from beginning to end.

Your construction manager will handle all of the back-office work that business owners don’t have time for.

This work includes acquiring construction plans and obtaining the proper approval and permits from local building authorities.

Your project manager will help to secure quality materials for your building and will ensure your building is erected with optimal structural integrity.

Throughout the design process, numerous revisions and changes are made to building plans and the different versions can easily get mixed-up on site.

A project manager will make sure the most current version of your building plans are referenced and used during construction. Designing a custom metal building that aligns with customer preferences and building code standards is an enormous job.

A construction manager will also shoulder the responsibility for big picture tasks like permitting as well as the more minute details of tracking hours and progress.

Deal with Subcontractors

In addition to handling details big and small, project managers facilitate open communication between contractors and project owners. On occasion, contractors create issues with construction deadlines and project flow.

Whether it is because of a bad attitude or inadequate skills, a low-performance worker can set back construction productivity and drive up costs.

If other employees have to pick up the slack for a lazy worker, or a contractor has poor management skills, your project and budget will suffer.

A good project manager will hire reliable contractors to get your job done right the first time.

A well-connected manager not only has the industry experience to recommend and schedule quality contractors, but a good manager will also encourage high-morale on the job site and handle any difficult conversations that need to take place with subcontractors.

Provide Design Advice and Recommendations

Project managers have a wealth of industry experience related to metal buildings.

They have managed numerous construction projects and have the experience to help owners make crucial decisions regarding the design and build process. 

Your construction manager will be your go-to person.

You can pose all of your questions to your construction manager and learn about the endless possibilities for your building.

If your project manager doesn’t know the answer, they will be connected to someone who does and can find the information you need quickly.

From choosing eve heights and concrete mixes to picking out siding, working with a professional project manager typically yields a better building. 

Project manager for steel buildings | Construction management for metal buildings

Pay Attention to Safety Standards

OSHA mandates a set standard of safety requirements for the construction industry.

These standards are designed not only to protect workers, managers, and business owners but property owners as well. 

Construction managers take responsibility to meet OSHA safety standards for the construction of your metal building.

A construction manager will enforce safety training, safe equipment use, and general safe practices in and around your job site.

These safety precautions keep workers safe and help to prevent lawsuits related to construction error.

Secure Construction Site Against Vandalism

A project manager will make sure your private property is protected against vandalism during construction.

Deliberate damage to your building will need to be assessed and repaired properly which can cause setbacks and drive up costs for materials and labor. 

Depending on the extent of damage, your building project may even need to be closed for a police investigation before construction can resume.

Project managers are well-versed in the techniques of vandals and will make sure the necessary precautions are taken to keep your project safe and secure during off-hours.

Project managers will plan ahead to determine the best way to secure the site, this might include security cameras, fences, or locks. Project managers will be responsible for making sure everything is locked up and secured before leaving the site.

Is a Construction Manager Right for your Metal Building Project?

If you decide to hire a construction manager to shoulder responsibility for your Steel Building construction, the following elements of your project will be covered:

  1. Subcontractor Management
  2. Document Version Control
  3. Efficient Workflows
  4. Protection against Vandalism
  5. Proper Permitting
  6. Accurate Design Advice
  7. Price Negotiations
  8. OSHA Compliance and more.

If you are a detail-oriented person with a lot of time on your hands, or if you have experience with building construction, a project manager may not be the best option for you.

However, if you are a business owner or manager crunched for time who thrives on big-picture ideas rather than details, a project manager may just be the best choice you make regarding your building.

If you want to ensure all of the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed for your building project, project management professionals know how to get the job done to the last detail.

If something goes wrong or a mistake is made, your project manager can catch it and find an immediate solution.

A quick, professional response from a project manager is often the difference between a harmless job snafu and a full-scale lawsuit that costs tens of thousands.

Every building owner prioritizes keeping costs down, which can make hiring a project manager off-putting.

However, the dollar amount you spend on construction management services is quickly rectified by the cost-savings of avoiding a lawsuit, securing reduced prices, and maintaining efficient workflows; not to mention the stress a project manager subtracts from your life.

Hire A Construction Manager with CDMG!

At CDMG, all of our Pre-Engineered Metal Building Kits give owners the option to work with your own personal Construction Manager who will monitor, measure, and oversee all of the various elements of your large or small construction project.

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