The 6 Most Efficient Ways To Light Your New Metal Building

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 11, 2019 9:11:06 AM

You're designing your new building.

You've thought of everything.

You've nailed down the size, the shape, the safety requirements, picked out colors, laid out a floor-plan, everything.

And you've made the very wise decision of using a metal building. Good for you.

But how much thought have you put into the lighting of your building?

Most people are content with screwing in whatever lightbulb they can find at home depot and calling it a day.

Lighting is very often an underestimated facet of buildings, outdoor spaces, and interiors.

Metal buildings are no different.

Your lighting can enhance, detract, annoy, highlight, or even hide certain areas and features of your building.

Even more importantly, lighting plays a huge role in energy consumption and the environmental footprint of a building or space.

No matter what you plan on doing with your building, you want the lighting to be as efficient as possible.

You'll be helping the environment and your wallet.

Below we'll talk about the most efficient ways to light your metal building.


Perhaps the most efficient way to light your structure is to use the sun.

Skylights are an attractive alternative to electric lighting and create an ambiance unmatched by windows.

A few quick benefits of skylights are:

  1. They can prevent heat loss or allow for more heat to be transferred to the interior.
  2. They can reflect heat while letting in light
  3. They increase comfort and visibility and have options to control the amount of light that enters
  4. People are typically more productive working under natural light as opposed to electric lights.

Skylights also reduce your need for electrical lighting and heating, therefore lowering your energy bill.

Most skylights today are designed to allow the amount of light entering the building to be controlled.

And, unlike light bulbs, you only have to replace a skylight every 30 to 50 years. 

If you have other questions about metal buildings, check out our Complete List Of Steel Building FAQ's to see how a steel building can help you.


LED Lights

Before we jump into electrical lighting, let's talk about LED lights for a minute.

LED lights are a relatively new technology, but they're now at the forefront of many lighting applications both residential and commercial.

LED lights can be found everywhere - in your home, your garden, your car, and even on the screen of your smartphone.

LED lights are slowly phasing out other lighting technologies because of their superior light quality and brightness, their energy efficiency, and their longevity.

They also generate much less heat than traditional bulbs, which reduces your energy consumption because you're using your air conditioning less often.

They're also a much more environmentally friendly option due to their energy efficiency and minimal carbon footprint.

Hanging LED Bulbs

The first type of LED light we'll talk about are hanging LED bulbs.

These are a very popular option for steel structures because of their cost-effectiveness and ease of replacement.

Like all LEDs, hanging LED bulbs are eco-friendly and require very little power consumption.

They last longer, so they don't need to be replaced as often, and can hold up in just about any weather condition. 

LED T8 bulbs are a great choice for your metal building

T8 LED Lights

Next up are T8 LED lights.

These lights are ideal for garages and workspaces alike because they help ensure you get your work done at minimal cost and with minimal disturbance.

These energy-efficient and long last lights won't burn out like incandescent bulbs, and they come in a robust, shatterproof casing that ensures they hold up under all conditions. 

LED Panel Lighting

Another great option for steel buildings is LED panel lights.

LED panel lighting is found in offices, warehouses, stores, and sports facilities alike, making them very versatile.

These lights provide general lighting (as opposed to targeted/focused lighting), but that doesn't mean they're any less effective in contributing to a more productive work environment.

Due to their natural lighting effects, longevity, and cost-effectiveness LED panel lights are one of the best options available for metal buildings.

Mobile LED Lighting

Depending on what you plan to use your building for, mobile LED lighting might be a great option for you.

The options above will provide you with adequate lighting, but if you're doing something that requires attention to detail and good lighting, you can supplement with mobile lighting.

Mobile lighting is simply LED lights on stands that you can move around and light specific areas.

Let There Be Light

When you're in the initial planning stages of your new metal building, be sure not to underestimate the importance of proper lighting.

Good lighting is better for the environment, easier on the wallet, and can actually improve the work environment inside of your building.

So before you head to home depot and pick out the first bulb you see, do a bit of research and find out what kind of lighting will be best for your metal building.

If you need help with selecting the right metal building kit, or for any design concerns you may have, click on the link below and we'll be able to help you!


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