Space Saving Ideas for Industrial Construction Projects

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 30, 2019 9:00:40 AM
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How to Save Space on Your Industrial Construction Project

Your industrial metal building plays a key role in your business, so designing it in a smart and organized way will help save space and streamline efficiency.

When people think about saving space in their industrial metal building, the first thing that comes to mind is typically the physical layout and organization of the facility, but things like labeling, a management software, and pallet racking also play a vital role.

No matter what space-saving tips you implement, the ultimate goal of each decision should be made to support increased productivity, reduced costs, optimized space, and an improvement in customer service delivery.

To learn more about space-saving ideas for your industrial construction project, keep reading the five space saving tips below!

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Vertical Storage Solutions

Most industrial construction projects are erected using metal. This type of steel framing usually allows for very tall ceilings and a one-story layout.

While metal buildings are completely customizable, this is the most common design for industrial buildings.

Therefore, it is essential to make use of any and all vertical space in order to save as much room as possible within the building.

Pallet racking systems are essential in this type of building that houses an industrial business.

If you want to save space, design an organized pallet racking system not only to save space, but to also stay systematic and orderly.

Condensed Plumbing How to Save Space in Your Metal Building

One of the biggest mistakes many business owners make is designing their industrial business project to have plumbing throughout, or on opposite sides of the facility.

Keeping all plumbing condensed to one specific area can prevent the need for additional walls and piping to be installed elsewhere, consequently saving tremendous amounts of space.

Adopt Lean Inventory Practices

This tip may be tricky for some industries, but it is one of the best ways to save space in your industrial metal building.

Reducing the amount of actual product your business keeps in stock can help save on space more than any other tip on this list. While we understand it is important to not let your inventory levels get too low, it is also important to remember that they don’t need to get too high.

If the volume of inventory you have exceeds your amount of space, no extent of vertical storage space is going to be able to save you.   

While you do not need to run out of product before restocking, come up with a schedule that will allow you to reduce your stock to a reasonable amount before more arrives.

A well-developed, virtual inventory control system can drastically help keep everything organized. Labels are efficient for finding needed products but a digital inventory technology can keep track of what products are in stock and when they are running low.

This live system is automatically and continuously updated so you can eliminate human error and always be sure what is in stock.

Place Similar Items Together

Coming up with a storage solution that is organized and efficient is going to save your business thousands in time and money.

Therefore, placing like items together, in a logical manner, can help improve efficiency and reduce costs and wasted time.

This is a great space saving tip to implement in new industrial construction projects because it is easier and more effective when this type of design is started from the buildings beginning, rather than having to change over after years of doing it a different way. Space Saving Ideas for Industrial Construction

Minimize Barriers

The less distance and time it takes your employees to maneuver around your industrial construction building, the faster tasks will be completed.

This concept saves not only time and money, but also space by eliminating walls and other structural barriers that are taking up abundant floor space. 

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