How to Know If a Pre-Engineered Metal Building is Right for Your Project

Posted by Ben Sparhawk on Apr 25, 2019 9:39:29 AM

Ways to Know If a Pre-Engineered Steel Building Is The Best Choice for Your Next Project

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings are incredibly versatile and offer many money-saving benefits to business owners. It's one of the reasons real estate investors have begun moving into the metal building construction boom

There is a reason why so many different types of industries choose a pre-engineered metal building to house their base of operations.

From steel mills, factories, auto manufacturers, sports facilities, commercial businesses, warehouses, churches, airline hangers, and so much more, metal buildings have proven to be the first choice from conception to erection.

Typically, choosing a pre-fabricated steel building for your project is never a bad idea, but if you are still skeptical, keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of selecting this type of construction for your project.

Simply answer the questions below to determine if a pre-engineered metal building is right for you!

Choosing A Metal Building

Do You Need Design Flexibility?

Many industries require necessary specifications regarding their building's needs. However, some are fine with a warehouse-like design or empty airline hanger.

No matter what your design stipulations may be, a pre-fabricated metal building can be devised to work for you.

Technology today allows for unlimited flexibility in regards to your exterior design aesthetic or internal configurations and functionality.

Many industries require a crane for material handling, and there is no better option than a metal building when it comes to the internal installation of a crane.

As an added bonus, pre-engineered metal buildings can even reduce or eliminate the need for independent crane columns in your structure, saving you thousands of dollars.

Do You Want to Save Time on Construction?

One of the most significant benefits of choosing a pre-fabricated metal building for your project is the accelerated construction time.

Many business owners feel like their hands are tied while they are waiting for their new structure to be completed, and they often deal with many complications, unexpected costs, and long-term setbacks.


However, pre-engineered metal buildings are usually already sourced and manufactured, so with the expedited shipping time and construction you could be up and running in no time at all!

Pre-fabricated metal buildings are so much faster to complete because they are designed using state-of-the-art computer modeling software, like Building Information Modeling (BIM).

This type of engineering and planning allows for the entire process to be streamlined.

When you decide to build a prefabricated steel building, you will see and experience the difference with faster assembly and a condensed construction schedule.

Benefits to Constructing a Metal Building

Do You Want a Low Maintenance and Durable Building?

Because metal buildings are made from steel, they are often impervious to weather damage.

This means, that even when your steel building experiences high winds, heavy rain, and even flooding, it typically will not sustain the same amount of damage that a conventional wood-framed building would.

Mold and termites are another major concern when your primary building material is wood, but because your metal building is non-porous, mold and mildew will not be able to thrive or rot away your structure, nor will termites be able to destroy it.

When it comes to metal buildings, there truly is no other type of structure that demonstrates the same level of quality and long-term durability.

Do You Want an Economically-Friendly Structure?

Steel buildings are known for being economically and environmentally friendly.

If you do your research (and you should), you will understand the benefits of choosing a reputable builder that uses quality steel, rather than a foreign company that uses cheap steel with the potential to collapse.

Nucor Steel is one of the best options in the industry. They have seriously raised the bar for sustainability and recycling.

Their entire company is built on the business model of recycling steel and pushing recycled material into their steel products when it was never considered viable before.

So while having a green structure may not be your top priority, you should realize that metal buildings also save owners a substantial amount of money in utilities and endurance.

Many business owners were able to cut their heating and cooling bills in half when they moved their operations to a pre-fabricated steel building.

Metal buildings are extremely low maintenance, require little to no upkeep, and last a lifetime. This is just one more reason they are cost-effective, leaving more money in your pocket.

Make the right choice for sustainability and cost savings. A metal building sourced, manufactured, engineered, and built by a superior American company will more than pay off in the long run.

Settling for cheap materials from the start may save you a little in the beginning, but costly repairs, high utilities, and constant upkeep will have you regretting your decision by the end of the first year.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings | CDMG

Is a Metal Building Kit Right for Your Project?

My guess is, yes!

Unless you decided that you don’t want flexibility in design, like to pay more for utilities and enjoy waiting long periods for construction to be completed, I bet that a metal building kit is perfect for your project.

After considering the facts stated above, a pre-engineered metal building should be the obvious choice for your new construction project.

If you are ready to take the next step but don’t know what to get started, CDMG is here to help.

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