How to Ensure Quality While Building Commercial Construction Projects

Posted by CDMG Team on Apr 25, 2019 12:22:48 PM
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Quality Assurance for Commercial Construction Buildings

Constructing a new commercial metal building for your business is a significant investment.

We understand the concerns you may have about taking on a project of this magnitude, but we want to ease your mind by providing ways in which we ensure quality while building commercial construction projects.

Any type of construction, but especially commercial, can turn into a real headache if not every element and division are working together as one cohesive unit and communicating effectively.

Therefore, the tips below are ways that we have worked to ensure quality during construction projects on new commercial buildings.

How to Ensure Quality on Your Metal Building

Communication is Key

While communication is essential in every industry, it is necessary when working on large-scale commercial construction projects.

Because there are so many moving pieces, it is essential that the line of communication is kept open.

Also, many different individuals are working together to build the same building, but each of their roles is drastically different.

For example, the engineers and designers must communicate effectively with the manufactures in order to produce the pre-fabricated metal needed for the construction phase.

Then the construction team must communicate well with the design engineers and other contractors to ensure the building is being designed according to plan inside and out.

Contractors outside the project, like plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, and carpenters must also be included in the planning and design of the building, so they know at which point their services are needed and where exactly they are to work and input their specific piece of the puzzle.

However, keeping an open line of communication on your active construction site is often times easier said than done. Therefore, hiring a professional and experienced project manager is a good idea.

A construction site manager will be in charge of the entire project and oversee each step of the building’s construction. He or she will be the one to relay messages to different teams and fix any problems or issues before they become major setbacks.

Planning Before Procurement

Another way to ensure everything in your new commercial building is up to par is to plan the entire construction project in advance. The saying "walk before you run" really hits home in this section.

Engineers should plan and design every step of the project and facility layout before product procurement even begins.

This ensures everything will be perfect before actual steps are taken to begin the construction project.

Your entire new commercial facility should be laid out and designed using a 3D technology, or Building Information Modeling software.

This type of design software allows for the building owner, manufacturers, project managers, construction workers, and everyone else involved in working on the project to see the end result before actually lifting a finger.

This type of pre-planning will prevent mistakes, save money on waste, and force any potential issues that may arise with the building’s design and structure.

Therefore, it is crucial that you ensure the engineering and construction company you choose to produce your new commercial facility uses a planning software to ensure quality and prevent costly mistakes that waste time, resources, and money.

Steel Building Quality Assurance

Automate Automation When Possible

Automation can be a lifesaver. Often times, a single project manager has so much on their plate that it can be hard to sift through, filter out, and determine which items are of the utmost importance and should be focused on first and foremost.

Therefore, an automation tool can help with this problem!

Automation tools are meant to:

  • Filter Important Emails
  • Budget Costs and Expenses
  • Manage Scheduling
  • Create Reports to Present to Stakeholders

There are many other tasks an automation tool can assist with, but these are just a few of the primary duties an automated tool can help with, receiving some stress from the project manager.

Don’t stress about prioritizing every little thing throughout the day. Get your commercial construction project an automation tool and let it do the hard work for you.

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