Pre-engineered Metal Buildings For Aircraft Hangars

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Every plane in the aviation industry represents, at the absolute least, a multi-thousand-dollar investment.

Without a properly built aircraft hangar, owning even the smallest plane increases the risk of natural disaster damage and deterioration from exposure.

In order to increase the lifespan of your airplane, you should think about investing in a metal aircraft hangar.

Metal airplane hangars protect planes, aviation equipment, and personnel (like mechanics) from the elements and can help your investment last longer. 

CDMG can design and construct your hangar, which eliminates middlemen and shortens the construction timeline. 

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Key Takeaways about Metal Buildings For Airplane Hangars

  • Metal buildings are the best choice for aircraft hangars because they last a long time and have minimal upkeep and maintenance.
  • Steel aircraft hangars can be designed to meet all local codes to ensure that airplanes and other aviation equipment is protected.
  • Some of the factors that determine the cost of an airplane hangar are the size, specific coding needed, like fire suppression properties, and the location of the hangar.
  • CDMG Metal Buildings has the experience and knowledge to design, supply, and build pre-engineered metal buildings for aircraft hangars. 


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Why Choose Prefabricated Metal Aircraft Hangars Instead Of Traditional Building Structures?



Steel is the strongest building material available. That's why it's one of the most popular choices for aircraft hangars.

Prefabricated airplane hangar kits feature a substantially bigger open space without internal columns thanks to the clear span design.

Strong winds, hurricanes, and earthquakes won't harm prefabricated aviation hangars.


The Construction Process Is Fast

Prefabricated airplane hangars are made of panelized steel and modular pieces that can be quickly and simply put together on the project site.

We can construct your private airplane hangar more quickly than if we used other materials because drilling, welding, and cutting are all done in the factory.

As a result, construction for a prefabricated metal hangar takes less time than it would for conventional wood or concrete structures.

Even if you need to add office space to your hangar, construction time will still be significantly faster.


Easy Maintenance

Your metal aircraft hangar kit will also be easier to maintain.

Besides the occasional power washing of the exterior, your hangar-building kit will require less maintenance than wood or concrete structures.

This makes metal the perfect solution for busy aircraft owners.

Anti-Corrosion And Termite Proof

Prefabricated steel is often coated in molten zinc or protective coatings such as paint and acrylic finish, making them anti-corrosive.

Galvanized steel is impervious to termite damage due to its inorganic composition.

Our aviation metal buildings are energy-efficient and offer limitless functionalities to suit your requirements.

Our design team will personalize the hangar doors and interior of your private aircraft hangar to your needs for better functionalities and aesthetics.

Door configurations typically include swing, accordion, bi-fold, hydraulic, overhead, and sliding options.



What's A Standard Aircraft Hangar Size?

Hangars that are built on-site must meet a number of regulations that are common to many airfields and airports.

For these structures to offer the level of protection that contemporary aircraft require, they must also satisfy a number of wind ratings, structural requirements, and other requirements.

For aircraft owners who want the best aviation hangars, CDMG prefabricated steel buildings are the best option.

CDMG airplane hangars offer performance where other suppliers can't, thanks to their design and engineering for energy economy and the best use of inside space.

Depending on the size of your plane and the number of aircraft you intend to store within, you will require a certain size airplane hangar.

There can be size restrictions at the airfield or airport where you store your aircraft.

A prefab steel airplane hangar can range in size from 30 x 40 to 240 x 250 and any size hangar in between.

And our steel structures feature clear span framing, allowing for column-free interiors that maximize space.

What Factors Influence The Cost Of A Steel Airplane Hangar?

CDMG provides steel hangar construction structures that are affordable and reliable.

If you're wondering how much it will cost to build a prefabricated aircraft hangar or what the cost of building a hangar is, it depends.

Your specifications and the size of the aircraft hangar will determine the cost of your aircraft hangar.

Your price will also be heavily influenced by the degree of customization you need, like whether you have bi-fold doors, insulated wall panels, your roof type, and other design features.


What Are The Requirements Of A Good Aircraft Hangar Site?

Working with an engineering professional might be beneficial when deciding where to put a new airplane hangar.

An expansive hangar, one that is close to other structures or hangars, or one that serves a particular role can need pricey firewalls or code-driven fire suppression equipment.

The distance between utilities and the hangar, the stability and ability of the soil to sustain the construction, the requirement for demolition, and many other factors might also impact the project's expense.


Work with CDMG on Your Steel Aircraft Hangar

A metal aircraft hangar kit is a necessity for aircraft owners, and you need the best airplane hangar possible. 

CDMG can design and build a steel airplane hangar that meets your specifications and is affordable, strong, and energy-efficient.

And the metal aircraft hangar we design for you will surpass current local building codes.

When storing your aircraft, CDMG can provide you with the peace of mind you need by offering the greatest protection currently available for your aircraft.

And along with our expertise in the prefabricated metal building industry, we have exceptional customer service that is truly unmatched.

A metal building kit is the best option for your private aircraft hangar.

To begin your metal airplane hangar project with CDMG, click the button below.




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