What Are The Tax Benefits to Steel Building Construction?

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Can A Metal Building Be A Tax Credit?

There are a lot of benefits to building a steel building.

Between customization, faster construction times, low maintenance, durability, and value, there are many reasons to choose a pre-engineered steel building for your business.

Another benefit to choosing a steel building is the tax credits you could receive from owning one. There is a variety of ways to set up your metal building for maximum tax credits and rebates.

Let's take a look below at what tax benefits you can receive from erecting a pre-engineered steel building.

Do Your Homework on Metal Building Tax Incentives

It is important to understand the tax laws that will pertain to your steel building. Be sure to do your research to gain a thorough understanding of the tax benefits that you will be eligible for with your building's purpose and any accessories or customizations you opt-in to add.

For example, tax credits have recently been added for various energy-saving additions that you implement. Keep an eye out for tax credits that could come from incorporating clean energy solutions into your steel building.

Remember that tax laws may change from year to year, so it is essential to keep an eye on what the tax laws are for that year.

Steel Building Tax Benefits

Consider Local and Federal Tax Credits

Come tax season, look for any tax credits your steel building may allow you to qualify for when you are filing taxes.

When you file, look into both state and federal tax benefits.

Focusing on Making an Energy-Efficient Steel Building

You have probably chosen to construct a steel building because of its sustainability and durability.

Steel buildings are known for not collapsing or rotting like a wood building is expected to, therefore, the long-term savings you get because of this are great incentives.

Your metal building will most likely not need a lot of repair, replacements, or renovations in the future. 

Another great incentive to build a metal structure is the tax credits because of the energy-efficient solutions and possibilities.

Since steel buildings are considered perfect structures for implementing green power, these tax incentives are offered to encourage more construction projects with steel materials.

These tax credits are often viewed as incentives for more business owners and construction companies to erect more metal buildings that are energy efficient and help to raise awareness for more green energy options.


Of course, just like any other tax incentives, these have the potential to change yearly.

These metal building tax breaks help to offset the cost of constructing and renovating a steel building. Tax savings can be available to the building's owner, architects, contractors, and engineers through the building's design and selections.

However, it is important to note that meeting particular building certifications (like LEED) does not mean that you automatically qualify for tax benefits.

Be sure to enlist the assistance of a tax professional to look into your taxes and determine what benefits and credits you qualify for through the different levels of the government.

When you construct a steel building that is made with energy-efficient materials and design, you are more than likely eligible for tax savings.

Examples of energy-efficient materials and designs include plans that allow natural light, additional insulation, improved ventilation, air conditioning, and heating.

Other renewable and alternative energy solutions that you incorporate into your steel building can potentially qualify for tax breaks.

For example, consider adding solar energy systems, wind turbines, and geothermal heat pumps. Adding these components can also save you money on your energy bill throughout the year.

Solar powered metal building roof

Another bonus to building a metal structure is that a metal roof system is designed to increase energy efficiency as well. This comes from the special coatings that are customized to your geo-location and climate.

Having a metal roof will help you not only potentially qualify for tax breaks, but also reduce your spending in yearly heating and cooling costs.

Consider heating your water with a solar water heater. This energy-efficient solution may also help you receive a tax credit or rebate.

Again, it is crucial to remember that tax breaks and laws change from year to year, so continue to stay up-to-date on any tax changes that you and your steel building may benefit from.

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Adding on to Your Steel Building

When you add on to your steel building structure, like a steel garage, you can raise the value of your property.

This capital improvement could help save you money during tax season if you plan to sell your structure in the distant future. For this to become a tax benefit, your capital investment needs to be at least a year old before you sell.

Energy efficient Metal building structure | CDMG

Remember to save your receipts that prove what capital improvements you made to your steel structure.

As with any steel building, it is crucial to do your homework if you want to build a structure that qualifies for tax benefits.

Are You Ready To Start Constructing A Metal Building?

With the many tax benefits that can come from a steel building, a lot of people are putting in their requests for the top construction company to design and erect their custom metal building structure.

Are you incentivized by the possibility of the above tax credits to jumpstart your next steel building project?

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