What To Expect From The Building Process

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What To Know About The Steel Building Process

Are you new to the metal building process?

If you are looking to start a metal building construction project, it is crucial to understand what the process is going to look like from conception to completion.

The information below is what you need to know and what you should expect during your upcoming steel building project.

This article takes a look at the breakdown of what occurs from beginning to end during a steel building construction process.

Planning Phase

Of course, before your project gets underway with construction, you will need to have a thoroughly thought-out plan.

Taking your ideas to the engineers will be helpful in the design phase, so it is essential to write down for what your building is going to be used, the size you want the structure to be, and other necessary specifications and information.

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You can take note of the style type you want your steel building to imitate, where you'd like your building to be located, and customizations you would like to have included.

There is no need to decide on all the customizations at this stage, as adjustments can always be made during a later stage.

This information is what you can reference when you have your initial consultation with the engineer. It is also important that you establish a budget that you are comfortable with.

Engineering Phase

After you have a tentative plan for your commercial building, you can bring it to an engineering company to review in an initial consultation meeting.

The engineers will take your plan and formulate a building design on their building modeling software. When you choose to work with a professional engineering company, your building will be composed of pre-engineered steel material, which means that your overall costs on the building will be reduced.

The engineering phase is crucial because it brings to life your customized plans for your commercial building and helps to plan out the future erection phase.

Working with an engineering company that specializes in steel building design allows you to rest assured that your building will be produced in compliance with local building requirements, standards, and codes.

Ordering Phase

Once your design has been completed and has been approved by the local code authority, the order for all necessary materials will be placed.

During the procurement, you may be sent construction diagrams that will allow you to prepare the job site ahead of time.

Manufacturing Phase

As the construction team is preparing the site, your steel order is being fabricated.

This prefabrication process allows for a shorter erection time because there will not be any steel cutting or preparation needed on the job site.

Prefabrication also helps with less waste after erection is completed.

Delivery Phase

It is crucial to coordinate with your erection contractor on the delivery of the steel materials.

Ensure that your contractor or construction manager is there during the materials' arrival to double-check that every piece has made it to the job site.

Any shortages should be noted immediately for correction.

Erection Phase

Since you've hired a team that does it all (design, erection, and construction), you can sit back and relax while your steel building is brought from design dreams to reality.

Steel Structure Erection

The erection phase is the initial construction process that includes framing the steel structure. The general erection process consists of putting together the columns, the ribs (purlins and girts), and the roof and wall sheeting.

At the end of the erection phase, you will begin to see your building take true form for your commercial facility needs.

Construction Phase

The erection phase completes the steel skeleton of your structure. The construction phase allows your commercial building to take the form of a completed, closed-in building.

During this phase, temporary plumbing, doors, windows, floors, and ceilings are all placed within the metal structure.

This includes installing and securing wall panels (both interior and exterior) to the secondary framing. As walls are put up, insulation is installed as well.

When the roof is installed, it is important that the contractor ensures that weather stripping around the roof panels is included in order to protect the roof from inclement weather.

Finishing Phase

Once the construction phase is finished, the interior and exterior of your metal building will be completed. Every detail will be put together − this includes laying floors, painting walls and ceilings, and the final installation of plumbing and lighting.

Any additional customizations that you have included in the building plans are placed during this phase. Once this phase is complete, your building is prepared for use.

Final Walkthrough

After all construction is completed, you will need to schedule a final inspection walkthrough of the entire facility with a local building inspector.

Following the walkthrough, as long as everything is up to par, you will be issued a Certificate of Occupancy, which allows you to officially use your building.

Commercial Steel Building

You will also have a walkthrough with your contractor to make sure that the completed building is finished to your needs and satisfaction.

If you find that something needs to be fixed or replaced, you can give a to-do list to your contractor to complete quickly and efficiently.

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