Why Churches Are Moving Into Metal Buildings

Posted by CDMG Team on Sep 9, 2019 9:43:11 AM
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If you've been paying attention, you've noticed that a lot of religious congregations are choosing to build their churches with metal.

Every cost-conscious religious group has made the switch from traditional timber to prefabricated metal buildings; but why?

It's simple, really. Only prefabricated metal buildings can supply the soaring ceilings and wide-open space that is needed in a church sanctuary. And they do it without breaking the budget.

Additionally, when the church needs to expand in the future to house a bigger congregation, expansion is much easier with a metal building.

To put it simply, metal buildings are the most logical and economical choice for new churches.

We'll explore why in the article below.

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Prefab metal churches maximize space

They Maximize Space

The church is much more than just a sanctuary.

It takes a lot to put on a sermon every Sunday, or Saturday, or Wednesday.

There is a need to be efficient and maximize every inch of space available to fulfill the needs of the church.

Every church needs space for things like: 

  • Administrative offices
  • Audio/video production units
  • Child care centers
  • Choir rehearsal halls
  • Church gyms
  • Youth centers
  • Fellowship halls 
  • Multi-use buildings
  • Open air pavilions for outdoor activities
  • Sunday school buildings

With a prefabricated metal building, you can make room for all of these needs and more.

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They Save Money Right Away

When you're talking about organizations like churches, it's important to stretch every dollar as far as it can go.

Building with a metal building will do just that.

Economical steel buildings are perfect for churches because they offer the most structure for the least amount of money.

Affordable metal church buildings save their congregation's thousands of dollars over other construction methods, and the savings start on day one.

They can also get into their new church much faster. When you build a church with a pre-engineered system, you can cut the construction time by about 33% on average.

That faster construction time can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on labor.

You also don't have to worry about the weather slowing down your project because most of the construction is done inside.

That means there is less time waiting and more time worshipping in your new structure.

Prefab metal churches go together like a giant erector set, so the construction is straightforward.

Every piece of the kit arrives clearly marked and ready to go.

And believe it or not, but many church congregations can erect smaller church buildings themselves with a little bit of supervision from an experienced builder.

You can imagine how much money that saves the church.

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They Continue To Save Money

Apart from the immediate savings, prefab metal buildings are also economical to operate.

With premium insulation systems you can slash your churches utilities in half.

The thick insulation also reduces traffic and other distracting noises from penetrating the structure so you can enjoy your sermon in peace.

Prefab metal buildings are also much safer than traditional wood buildings. They stand up to fires and natural disasters much better, and that in turn saves you money on your insurance.

They also require little to no maintenance.

There's no need for frequent repainting, repairs, or costly insect treatments that are necessary for wood buildings.

And, as we mentioned earlier, successful churches will eventually need to grow again.

Metal churches can expand exceptionally quickly, so you don't have to worry about building a brand new building all over again.

Just adding matching framing bays on either endwall is economical and will expand your church to suit your needs in no time.

For more info on how steel buildings save you money even after they're constructed, click here.

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Even More Reasons To Construct A Prefab Metal Church

If that wasn't good enough, there are even more reasons you should build a prefabricated metal church.

Firstly, they are built strong. The strength of the steel allows for wide-open spans of open space without the needs for support walls or beams.

That leaves you enough space for your sanctuary, and it gives you complete design freedom.

It also provides added protection from lightning, wind, earthquakes, snow, fire mold, termites, and premature aging.

Your new prefab metal building will last for generations.

As we just touched upon, prefab metal churches are incredibly versatile, providing unlimited design choices.

You can design the interior of the building any way you can image, and steel panels, brick, stone, glass, tilt-up concrete, stucco, or wood may grace the structure's exterior.

And, by taking care of your congregation by building a prefab metal church, you are also taking care of the environment.

Metal church buildings use resources wisely because steel is the most recycled material on the planet.

So, if there ever comes a day when you no longer need your church building, it can be recycled and used again without creating any waste.

Steel never loses any of its strength no matter how many times it's recycled, so it can be used over and over again.

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Build your church on a solid foundation

Use A Solid Foundation To Build Your New Church

There's a reason most new churches are choosing prefabricated metal buildings to house their congregation.

They save money when you build, they save money month after month, they are versatile, and they are good for the environment.

They are the most efficient and cost-effective option when it comes to building a new structure, and churches everywhere are starting to take notice.

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